Hillary’s Health

Hillary’s advanced health disease information has already been leaked by the secret service.  Soon (within the week) you will see foreign media organizations printing this information in America.

This regards Hillary’s health.


Hillary officially has Parkinson’s Disease. They have already spent $250,000 to alter the vans so she can enter them. Hillary cannot do ANY live media (press) news conferences because the photo flashing lights will bring on a major seizure. She cannot physically climb stairs. She is beyond possible treatment. There will have to be an announcement in the U.S. soon. She is deteriorating fast. She falls a lot. A Black Doctor is constantly following her with a anti-seizure medication and she injects her when she has seizures. The secret service has leaked this.

Donald Trump Seals his own Death Warrant!

By naming a Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump sealed his own death warrant because the people behind the scenes and all of the players in both parties will support, allow and cover up for Donald’s assassination. It’s all over. Trump will win then all of the alphabet agencies will participate to murder Donald and put in a far more palatable President. Vice President Pence will assume office once Trump is poisoned and the Secret Service, which participated in both the Kennedy Assassination and the attempted assassination on President Ronald Reagan will assist in killing this American President as well.

Trump made a bad decision. Actually, he made a terrible decision when he selected those men from which to choose a running mate. The only life insurance would have been a true conservative such as Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, but it’s all over for Trump now. Donald will sacrifice himself.

A Personal Note

I feel better this morning partly because I found out it was not BLM that called for Friday’s chaos but Anonymous which I have always regarded as a CIA endeavor. :-( Also because I have taken action sending out a salient video about a possible invasion and I have been loading mags for the last two evenings. :-) Yes, I am prepared to defend and I have more! :-D New gear needs breaking in and I need practice.

I suggest you do the same. Take action by preparing and practicing. Doing something helps one to get relief.

We are living in very precarious times. With an ENEMY in the Oval Office and all of our Legislators TREASONOUS, we need to be taking all action available and necessary to bring the CRIMINAL ELEMENTS down.

My recent dreams indicated we are in for a long and slow take down. The enemy learned well, too well from Germany and the World Wars. They are going much slower with America and their trap upon USA is so complete that it drives the majority into denial. Denial is the step before God’s wrath is leveled and history repeats itself.

God is permitted the same Bastards to destroy the USA for the same reasons he allowed the destruction of the northern half of Israel. Since we are the Israelites (prophesized in Genesis) we are repeating past mistakes and continuing in our errant ways. Nothing will work for USA until we repent and return to the LORD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and renew the Covenant which means the 10 Commandments.

We don’t need perfection. All we need is the Holy Spirit and there are two ways to get that blessing: Daily reading the whole Holy Bible and extra-Biblical books AND establishing our relationship with Jesus. Both are personal individual activities. When enough of us are able to pull ourselves together, then God says He will fight our battles. Of course, that means following orders.

Kill a Crisis Actor Month

What would happened if we had a kill a crisis actor and actress month?

Would that not put a stop to these HOAXES and FALSE FLAGS and HYBRID FALSE FLAGS?

We need to put an end to these hoaxes and government drills before a lot more people get killed!

Eliminating the Department of Homeland Security who runs these “drills” and hires “crisis actors” would be a good idea.  Let’s hope Trump and Congress recognize the wisdom in this and make DHS go away.  We don’t need to fund Homeland Security!

Coming Civil War in America

If Hillary puts her hand on the Bible, the Civil War is on!

Once she takes the oath of office and lies about that, then you know the final Civil War that George Washington saw in his visions is on!

Whether or not Washington’s dreams as reported are true or false, that Civil War will happened until the Book of Obadiah in the Bible, all 21 verses of it are fulfilled.  READ THE BIBLE!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a SOCIOPATH and the elite and their international bankers are a SOCIOPATHIC CULTURE!

Read Martha Stout’s (2006) book entitled “The Sociopath Next Door” to understand that these are evil people with purely malevolent intent who enjoy damaging others!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Must be Disbarred!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch must be disbarred!  Completely stripped of any and all ability to practice law!

Lynch’s recent meeting with impeached former President Bill Clinton was designed to purposely torpedo the FBI and DOJ investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Since Lynch has demonstrated such poor judgment and totally muddied the waters in a way purposely to delay the investigations and charges against Hillary Clinton, she must resign or be terminated and be disbarred.

DHS Director Admits Crisis Actors Are Used Everywhere!

This morning I had one of the oddest conversations I have ever engaged in. My personal trainer and I get into some really weird topics. And I have always thought our conversations were somewhat private but now I know better. He is a private party so I will refrain from publishing his name or any names since I am not sure of the name of the local head of Homeland Security but I now know that the local head of DHS knows my name and about me.

I figure there are FBI records and now DHS records on me and I am certain the US Army has files upon me. So, I write about part of our conversation as it really shook me up as it may shake you up!

My personal trainer disagreed with me about the Orlando shooting. Actually, he disagrees with me about a lot of things. He seems to support Hillary for one. When I called the “Homocaust” at Orlando a False Flag event or some sort of hybrid event, my main point is that these things certainly do NOT happen the way our government and their news propaganda system reports them, he responded that he knew the director of Homeland Security in Fort Wayne and that the director would be in and he would ask the director directly and personally about crisis actors.

So, today I got the DHS report through my personal trainer who spoke directly with the director and, apparently, other clients. I am not so happy about that.

He said that when he mentioned crisis actors to the Fort Wayne director of Homeland Security, the director laughed heartily. And the director admitted they use crisis actors and crisis actresses. They apparently always use crisis actors because they fear that the actual victims would not present well. And the local Director of DHS admitted they use the same crises actors around the country at different events!

The Director said that in particular because this population, the gay population, is not well educated and would not come across very well in interviews, they have the crisis actors and crisis actresses interview the real victims then mimic the victims (role play) on camera. My personal trainer reported that this population (LGBT) in particular is not well educated, that they are heavy drug users and would not come across very well. Also, the actual victims would be so rattled that they would not be able to talk and they would not want to talk about it at all.

Our conversation began when I told him that other people were insistent that there were at least two or three shooters because the amount of spent cartridges was impossible for one shooter to fire and there were most likely three shooters. Come to think of it, eye witnesses at San Bernardino attested to there being three shooters there as well.

Are there federal government Death Squads operating inside the US?

My personal trainer said that DHS and law enforcement were holding back on a tremendous amount of evidence because DHS and other law enforcement agencies were tracking down other shooters because the one shooter had not acted alone.

Acting is right! The shooter is listed as a crisis actor on the open internet.

Are there federal government Death Squads operating inside the US?

Also, there was a huge emphasis upon the superior intelligence and superior expressiveness of the crisis actors which I find preposterous! The crisis actors sound dumb as rocks and they are terrible actors, terrible mimickers and they certainly are not loquacious. I don’t find their crisis actors intelligent nor do I find them expressive.

They are below average in intellectual functioning and they are damned near histrionic in their presentations. In short, their crisis actors are unbelievable. They appear to be reading from scripts designed for sixth graders to ensure the greatest response at an emotional level—to convince people we need to disarm.

Finally, I have found the gay population to be well educated and most often of above average IQ’s. So, is it OK for DHS and our central communist government to paint all gays and lesbians as miscreants and long term drug users, as burnt out humans who are not articulate, who are unintelligent and would lack credibility if they were interviewed by the news?

Is it right or wise for our central government to withhold evidence and to employ crisis actors?

Death Squads Inside America

I coined this term “Hybrid False Flag Operation” to indicate that these are government operations in which people really die but not the way the government controlled news media reports.

In the Boston Bombing there were many crisis actors, yet still I think there may have been some who were killed or maimed. As a matter of fact, I suspect that Chris Kyle was murdered to cover up the operation because his men were on the scene providing security. Kraft International was there. All those men wearing their black shirts with khaki pants and black ball caps with their Punisher Logo were Chris Kyle’s men.

In Sandy Hook at Newtown, home of the second headquarters for Anton LaVey’s Satanic Church, no one died. Only the truth died. Perhaps one individual was sacrificed for the cause. The cause being disarming America in preparation to genocide.

At San Bernadino, it is difficult to tell who died. For one the patsies were found hand cuffed inside that black SUV. It is awfully hard to shoot a rifle when one’s hands are cuffed behind their backs! And kind of hard to shoot when one is dead. Besides, with the multiple eye witness reports which the media ignored of three large muscular White men doing all the shooting it certainly did not happen. At least, not as reported.

And we have Orlando or the “Homocaust,” another “False Fag” operation. The typos are intended. It is impossible to sort out. It is impossible to believe. With all the eye witness victim reports of two and three shooters and one barring the door holding them hostage inside that killing zone. It seems physically impossible for one man to spray all of those rounds reported.

The one overriding theme is DISARMING AMERICA. Now, why would over government want to do that?

I think we all know that the central government can not be trusted. It is apparent we have been taken over from the inside and we have been treated harshly. All know we need a reset, a return, a revolution in the same sense as our Founders used the term to apply to a return to self rule as it was before King George acted viciously by declaring a triple bounty upon long blond scalps, a double bounty on long hair scalps of other colors and a bounty upon the scalps of men.

Just as it was then, the enemy is advising those puppets in office to oppress us and to kill us.

GUN CONTROL is all about softening up the people so that they are unable to defend themselves against clandestine government DEATH SQUADS.

It is time we returned to the original 13th Amendment and reduced the power and scope of this central government. It is time we realized that the United States Federal Government is COMMUNIST in the worst sense of the term.

I hereby declare that the Death Squad which we used to attribute to third world banana republics in Central and South America operant inside of the United States of America!

I know you think I am a nut and you don’t believe me but it is true. We are no longer the home of the free and the home of the brave. We are prisoners and slaves in our own land. The conspiracy is detailed in the Bible in Psalms 83.

The Ishmaelite Muslim is not our most dangerous enemy but they are our second greatest natural enemy. The greatest enemy is the Edomite. Now, read the Bible. The truth is in there. Find out who the Edomites are. And, by the way, while you are there reading the entire Holy Bible ask yourself who the Israelites are and where they are today. Hint: there are vast differences between an Israeli and an Israelite!