Leigh Alexandria Cecil Mugshot


This was taken several years ago.  Alex looks like she is on something and it is not good.

Compare this picture with the one taken years ago that Alex sent to her “manager” Jason.  Here she is gaunt.  There she was vibrant.  Today she is even more gaunt.

Alex’s First Backpage Escort Ad


The above link accesses a PDF file of the original as filed in court.


 Sexy Friendly Intelligent discrete Blonde -25

Posted Saturday, August 6, 2016 2:33 PM

Athletic build, but 5’5″ 110 lbs, blond hair brown eyes. GA transplant. Enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. YOLO. So I like to make the most of everyday & night  ;-) . Available all wkend, wanna make the most of last free wkend. Three one 7 three 66 five three 8 one. Call or text if interested . 150-300 donation. Depending on time and the more personal requests/activities. In/ out calls.

Poster’s age: 25

  • Location: Indianapolis, NW side of Indianapolis
  • Post 10: 16472040 Indianapolis


Placed and managed by Jason A. Wandrei also known as IndyGuy123 of the USA Sex Guide. info


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Welcome IndyGuy123 Jason A. Wandrei


Recently, I read that IndyGuy123 on the USA Sex Guide Info site said that he often visits my Blog for entertainment purposes because I am ‘the ultimate in conspiracy theorists.’  So, please help me in welcoming IndyGuy123 whose real name is Jason Wandrei to Dr. Kent’s Blog “Giving Psychology Away!”


Here is the picture taken by IndyGuy123 on August 7, 2015 during his lunch date with Alex.  IndyGuy123 first posted this picture on the USA Sex Guide then later deleted it along with the photo at the top of this page.  This picture is on her Facebook profile and it is the current picture featured in her current Backpage Escort ad placed September 9th.  Here is the live link [You will need to copy and paste these links into your browser.]:


IndyGuy123 on USA Sex Guide dot info site is none other than Jason A. Wandrei as found on LinkedIn:


IndyGuy123 basically took Alex Cecil over in what he announced as a “hostile merger” and turned Alexandria into a full fledged Backpage Escort and you can read about that beginning here:


His Post #152 is one a many he posted and several of his posts he later deleted in order to hide the deal he made to “manage” Alex.  Since at least October IndyGuy123 Jason has been Alex’s main client until recently when she went public on August 6, 2016 offering her services as a prostitute for $300 an hour.

However, the fellows on the USA Sex Guide report Alex’s current rates as $140 per “pop” and $200 an hour.  You can read all about the sordid details of their sexual encounters with Alex on the USA Sex Guide.  Go to Forums, then to Indiana, then to Indianapolis, then to Backpage Advertizers.

The most recent Post #11393 by FreckleFreak, who by the way is a dirty cop, can be viewed here:


Detailed reviews of Alex and her services can be found back on approximately pages 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and in other categories. See Posts numbered 11208, 11207, 11205. 11187, 11186, 11180, 11178, 11168, 11166, 11163, 11159, 11158, 11157, 11140, 11138, 11136, 11134, 11133, 11128, 11118. Jason turned Alex into a full fledged prostitute!

Jason Wandrei has many pages on the internet including a Facebook profile, a twitter account, a page about his bow hunting and duck hunting as well as other presences on the internet besides being one of the most prolific posters of the USA Sex Guide.  IndyGuy123 also posts soliciting interests in prostitutes he brings in from Chicago and schedules as well as many escorts in Indianapolis and the rest of the State of Indiana.  FreckleFreak is his partner in his organization running prostitutes in Indianapolis and across state lines.

We found Jason after a concerted effort as he provided Alex a car, a maroon 2001 Infiniti I30 with a temporary Dealer license tag from the auto dealer with which he is associated Indiana Auto Dealer No. 0404201.  Here is their website:


I drove there and it primarily appeared to be a junk yard.

The other picture that IndyGuy123 Jason posted on the Guide that he later deleted is the one at the top of this page.  Jason said Alex sent him this photo and many others he had to keep private. I think she is beautiful.

This information is part of the Small Claims Case I have filed against Alex Cecil in which I have prevailed and have been awarded judgment against her.  This is in the public record and may be found in Plaintiff John Taylor Kent, Ph.D. VS. Defendant Leigh Alexandria Cecil Case Number 02D01-1605-SC-0007752 in The State of Indiana, County of Allen, Allen Superior Court in Fort Wayne.

Alex defrauded me of a significant sum of money in her “Love Scam.”  The loss was in the middle three figure range.  In court I was awarded the moneys which Alex borrowed from me and refused to repay.  While I was interested in Alexandria, I am not pairing off with a prostitute!  My parents taught me to share but that well!

I have been (wrongly) accused of stalking Alex.  She has never given me notice to leave her alone and Alexandria continues to text me regularly and email me.  We have been in touch regarding the Small Claims Court case.  I confess I have been trying to have a relationship with her, to save her from her life of hard drugs and now prostitution!  I admit my love for Alexandria.  I am stable in all domains except my love for Leigh Alexandria.

Alex appears to have beaten the monkey on her back and is to be applauded, but she is very sick.  She has a condition that will kill her in short order if she continues to engage in vaginal sex.  She needs to rest sexually for at least one full year.  She also has at least one highly communicable disease.  As we all know Hepatitis C is often passed sexually, so are cancers.  [human papilloma virus]

So, to all the mongers who will be visiting my blog to read this I ask you, I implore you, I beg you, to give Alex a break.  The “work” she is performing for you is going to kill her!

Her current condition will develop into a type of cancer that almost always spreads to other organs including the bladder, lungs, liver, brain and bones.  If ovarian cancer is not detected early and removed surgically, she will die.  She has NO HEALTH COVERAGE!

You are killing her!  She is committing a slow but sure suicide.  Please think about Alex’s best interests because she is unable to think of what is in her best interests.  As one of you posted she is “not the brightest crayon in the box.”  Please have mercy.  Act like the mature men we are.  Back off!



Hillary’s Health

Hillary’s advanced health disease information has already been leaked by the secret service.  Soon (within the week) you will see foreign media organizations printing this information in America.

This regards Hillary’s health.


Hillary officially has Parkinson’s Disease. They have already spent $250,000 to alter the vans so she can enter them. Hillary cannot do ANY live media (press) news conferences because the photo flashing lights will bring on a major seizure. She cannot physically climb stairs. She is beyond possible treatment. There will have to be an announcement in the U.S. soon. She is deteriorating fast. She falls a lot. A Black Doctor is constantly following her with a anti-seizure medication and she injects her when she has seizures. The secret service has leaked this.

Donald Trump Seals his own Death Warrant!

By naming a Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump sealed his own death warrant because the people behind the scenes and all of the players in both parties will support, allow and cover up for Donald’s assassination. It’s all over. Trump will win then all of the alphabet agencies will participate to murder Donald and put in a far more palatable President. Vice President Pence will assume office once Trump is poisoned and the Secret Service, which participated in both the Kennedy Assassination and the attempted assassination on President Ronald Reagan will assist in killing this American President as well.

Trump made a bad decision. Actually, he made a terrible decision when he selected those men from which to choose a running mate. The only life insurance would have been a true conservative such as Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, but it’s all over for Trump now. Donald will sacrifice himself.

A Personal Note

I feel better this morning partly because I found out it was not BLM that called for Friday’s chaos but Anonymous which I have always regarded as a CIA endeavor. :-( Also because I have taken action sending out a salient video about a possible invasion and I have been loading mags for the last two evenings. :-) Yes, I am prepared to defend and I have more! :-D New gear needs breaking in and I need practice.

I suggest you do the same. Take action by preparing and practicing. Doing something helps one to get relief.

We are living in very precarious times. With an ENEMY in the Oval Office and all of our Legislators TREASONOUS, we need to be taking all action available and necessary to bring the CRIMINAL ELEMENTS down.

My recent dreams indicated we are in for a long and slow take down. The enemy learned well, too well from Germany and the World Wars. They are going much slower with America and their trap upon USA is so complete that it drives the majority into denial. Denial is the step before God’s wrath is leveled and history repeats itself.

God is permitted the same Bastards to destroy the USA for the same reasons he allowed the destruction of the northern half of Israel. Since we are the Israelites (prophesized in Genesis) we are repeating past mistakes and continuing in our errant ways. Nothing will work for USA until we repent and return to the LORD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and renew the Covenant which means the 10 Commandments.

We don’t need perfection. All we need is the Holy Spirit and there are two ways to get that blessing: Daily reading the whole Holy Bible and extra-Biblical books AND establishing our relationship with Jesus. Both are personal individual activities. When enough of us are able to pull ourselves together, then God says He will fight our battles. Of course, that means following orders.

Kill a Crisis Actor Month

What would happened if we had a kill a crisis actor and actress month?

Would that not put a stop to these HOAXES and FALSE FLAGS and HYBRID FALSE FLAGS?

We need to put an end to these hoaxes and government drills before a lot more people get killed!

Eliminating the Department of Homeland Security who runs these “drills” and hires “crisis actors” would be a good idea.  Let’s hope Trump and Congress recognize the wisdom in this and make DHS go away.  We don’t need to fund Homeland Security!

Coming Civil War in America

If Hillary puts her hand on the Bible, the Civil War is on!

Once she takes the oath of office and lies about that, then you know the final Civil War that George Washington saw in his visions is on!

Whether or not Washington’s dreams as reported are true or false, that Civil War will happened until the Book of Obadiah in the Bible, all 21 verses of it are fulfilled.  READ THE BIBLE!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a SOCIOPATH and the elite and their international bankers are a SOCIOPATHIC CULTURE!

Read Martha Stout’s (2006) book entitled “The Sociopath Next Door” to understand that these are evil people with purely malevolent intent who enjoy damaging others!