Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s Sedition Caused the George Floyd Riots & Murders!

Attorney General Keith Ellison is responsible for the 30 plus deaths and the riots which continue to this day. AG Keith Ellison’s decision to withhold the first eight minutes of police video resulted in and CAUSED these 30 plus murders and all of this damage which continues to this day!

Keith Ellison is a devout Muslim extremist and needs to be charged and taken into custody immediately! This sedition is purposed to destroy America from within and I would say this Muslim Attorney General has done an excellent job and his crime merits the full remedy under law–death by a public hanging!

I call upon President Trump and Attorney General Barr to take action immediately! We need to arrest Keith Ellison and make an example of him. Plus we need to quell these riots as fast as possible! We need to QUELL THIS INSURRECTION!

Would we really had a Second Amendment which holds or held that the many Militia’s of the States were tasked with quelling insurrections and defending our borders, but this errant Beast of a Central Government which passes for a legitimate “federal government,” which it is not! Denied US our well organized militias with the passage of The Militia Efficiency Act of 1902 otherwise known as The Dick Act!

It was misnamed “Militia Efficiency” and was in reality the DESTRUCTION OF OUR SECOND AMENDMENT as one step along the long road to conquering America! That act was and is unconstitutional–which is what most of the actions that occur in Washington the “District of Criminals” are!

We have a central communist government and it is actuality working with all of our enemies to make America formally a communist country! Our governments support BLM and the Antifa otherwise those criminal organizations would never exist.

Still, the task remains at hand to bring AG Keith Ellison’s sedition to the public and to try his ass as fast as we can. And we need to quell this insurrection. And I don’t think Trump is going to do it because he’s become another worthless politician! He’s no statesman and I am tired of merely electing “the lessor of two evils.”

Joe Biden needs to be handed over to the Ukraine for prosecution for his crimes and AG Barr is a lousy Attorney General for failing to prosecute Biden and his son for their high treason with the Chinese Communist Party.

Treason at the State Level

Folks had better start thinking of charging their errant governors with treason for all of their economic destruction without cause. There is no reasonable scientific basis for their un-Constitutional Edicts!

At the least folks has better start holding governors to their oaths of office. Those errant governors need to be run out of office and perhaps prosecuted, sued and put in jail if not PRISON.


I would prefer to see the Original 13th Amendment researched and considered for possible restoration as I think it was fully ratified. With that the remaining should be considered for nullification.

This is one way to restore self rule and our Republic. I rely upon others to look at this and consider it. It was mentioned by Eustace Mullins in one of his books. It is not an original idea of mine.

The Foundations Have Been Destroyed

What an amazing time we live in. The foundations have been destroyed and now we are beginning to understand. We thought we had “license” to get away with anything. Now, we realize that we are paying the price for our failures to do the right thing(s).

How did this happen? We were deceived and then we deceived ourselves! We let this filth in and these are the rewards we reap!

Eustace Mullens’ mentor referred to those who have illegally occupied America and own the USA and everything & everyone in it as “filth.” Boy, was Ezra Pound right!

So, you and I, we get to watch and live through the take down of the USA. We deserve it. We earned it!

What can one do at this point? It is so late in the game.

We can pray to Creator Father. We can read our Bibles and should. Why? Because it is the foundation from which Western Civilization was born!

Bible readers may be deceived but certainly not as easily nor as often as non-Bible readers. Importantly, no one can read it for you. One must read it for one’s self!

That’s how we got into trouble! Even the major prophets wrote of this time with our “lying pastors.” They did not have pastors back then. All they had were priests.

So, can anybody tell me what time it is?

Does anybody really care?

The Genocide of the Caucasians!

The Caucasian people peaked in approximately 1930 at approximately 30% of the world’s population. The remainder divided between Asian and Negro peoples.

In approximately 2010 Caucasians were down to only 7 and 1/2 per cent and falling rapidly. In order to hide this genocide the US Census rolled in Hispanics with Caucasians to keep the public from becoming aware of the trend. Gerald Celente should take note!

At this time we are less than 6% of the world’s population. Now, tell me if this is not a concerted effort, a well-organized effort to rid the world of the White race?

Who does it benefit?

Why it benefits the “supremacists.” Now, how can it benefit the “White Supremacists?” It can’t. It doesn’t.

Who is it? Which “race” claims they are to “rule the world” and the rest of us are to serve them?

The Jewish Supremacists!

Now, why would those nice Jewish people want to kill off the White people?

Might it be because they merely say they are Jews and are not? Let’s see. Where did I see this before?

That’s right! In the Bible! Everything is in the Bible! It’s “the Jews those who ‘say’ they are Jews and are not!” In Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 John the Apostle is writing at Patmos the words spoken by Jesus. Look it up. Read it!

Now, it’s not ALL Jews. If there are fake or false Jews, there must be real ones, true ones.

If we read the Bible carefully we find out our enemy is descended from Cain and from Esau who became known as Edom. The Book of Obadiah tells us they are Edomites.

These are Fake Jews! They are not Israelites! They are not descendants of Israel the man. Rather they are descendants of Cain who was fathered by the serpent!

Who are the Israelites? Why they are the people from the House of Israel who bolted across the Caucas Mountains and broke into Europe and the rest of the world. They never went back home to Israel the land, the promised land.

The Israelites today are scattered across the world. There are many great Israelite nations and the US is or WAS only one of them.

Today, all Israelite peoples are under siege. We are being attacked by the flood of peoples being foisted upon us by the Jewish race!

The other people are not our enemies but they are being used against us. Moreover, they are not able to defeat the Edomite Jews, and we Israelite Caucasians are able to defeat the Evil One and his children the Edomites!

That is why the false Jews are in America and that is how the false Jews are using America. Don’t believe me. Don’t take my word for it! Read your Bibles! Educate yourselves! Free yourselves and SAVE yourselves from the Enemy of the World!

PS If you are Jewish, then you are obligated to ferret out the evil ones from among you and do justice. I suggest you start with the obvious ones.

And if you do not do this or will not do this, then people are going to burn you all and they aren’t going to give a rat’s ass about the real descendants from the House of Judah.

My suggestion is you come clean and weed out the evil ones for prosecution and justice. At this point in time I think we have reason to demand you show cause as to why we should not burn you out along with the Evil Ones!

You have allowed them to hide among you and behind you. They have sacrificed Jews before. What makes you think they won’t do it again?

You are protecting them and the world is waking up fast to the Evil you condone!

1913 The Death of America

With the advent of three institutions the fate of the American Republic was sealed. The foremost of these was the “Federal Reserve System” which handed over all of the labor of the last century to the Rothschild’s and their cronies.

It was and remains a system of fraud and theft. There is NO MONEY! It was all stolen by the International Bankers!

The other was the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, whose sole purpose is to DEFAME others! B’nai B’rith was started before the Civil War under the auspices of representing the “Children of the Covenant” which is a serious fraud and misrepresentation since in actuality their purpose if to hunt down and destroy the real children of the covenants, the real descendants of the Israelites, the real chosen people.

Bear in mind that the methodology of the ADL is to slander, libel and “defame” others whom they identify as “anti-Semitic.” The fact is majority of Jews today are NOT descendants of Shem. They are not “Shemites.” The Yiddish language is not a Semitic language!

The third organization that was founded in 1913 was the Bureau of Internal Revenue which became the IRS. The fact is that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified! It was merely announced by the acting Secretary of the Treasury as having been passed when it had never been voted upon!

At the same time the Income Tax was reimposed tariffs & duties on imports were lowered from 40% to 25%. Prior to this the Federal government was funded by those tariffs & duties. Now, we were forced to support this Central Communist Government and we were forced to compete with foreign labor.

The creation of the IRS is extremely difficult to understand as it was done over a long time and in complete subterfuge. I am completely inadequate to convey that story in a few paragraphs. One may find it in Melvin Stamper’s “FRUIT FROM A POISONOUS TREE” published in 2008. I highly recommend this book.

The USA is an Authoritarian Regime run by the Communist Deep State with its Two Parties, the Democrat & the Republican!

The USA is an Authoritarian Regime run by the Communist Deep State with its Two Parties, the Democrat & the Republican, owned and run by Israel!

Abraham Lincoln and his Republican Party DESTROYED OUR REPUBLIC! “Honest Abe’s” father was A.A. Springs who was a relative of the Rothschilds AKA Bauer.

In 1913 the undermining of the States was secured. It was finalized under Bernard Baruch who “advised” several Presidents and gave us the (fake) “Cold War” in order to further cement the total take over of the USA and bring us into this destructive period.

At our height Caucasians were approximately 30% of the World’s population. Guess what we are today? We are approximately 6%.
Why does the Evil One and his children want to destroy us Caucasians? Because we are the only ones who can stop them!

This is a well orchestrated Genocide of Caucasians world wide! They are all EDOMITES! They merely call themselves Jews and are not!


Lessons From Minnesota

Do not be deceived.

Do not take sides.

It’s another lie. We are not violent enough for the elite so they decided to start the Civil War with or without us.

I suggest you lay back and make no judgment(s). Why? Because the White police violence upon a supposed Black victim was a hoax.

Why did they do this? To start massive civil unrest and if possible a Race War. Why? So they have an excuse to crack down on us and disarm us.

Why? What is behind this?

This is Edomite George Soros’ last attempt to Destroy America! By backing all of these well orchestrated, well organized “protests” (which are really riots featuring looters) Soros is hoping to avoid charges for himself and againt Obama for High Treason!

Tighten down the hatches. Do not protest or even do to look at the damages. Don’t play into their hands!

This is another massive public PsyOp manipulation. Just like the (fake) COVID-19 “plandemic!”

President Obama has been running an illegal operation right along side the legitimate Trump Administration. Obama committed high Treason and I hope he hangs!

The problem is none of us knows which side President Trump is really on. Right now Trump looks like he is an “Israel Firster.” Trump appears to be a Trojan Horse for the NWO!

If President Trump does not reveal “COVID-19” for what it really is and investigate the “pandemic” hoax fully, then he is not “America First!” There is no way out of this! Either Trump does what is right and proves he is for America or else he is just another puppet for Israel and we all about to be genocided. G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E-D!

We are about to be killed en masse and reduced to merely 69 million as foretold by the Degal website until those two pages were taken down last winter. As foretold by the Georgia Guidestones!

Let me make this clear, Degal for years said that the USA with 326 Million people would be reduced to merely 69 Million survivors by 2025. And the Georgia Guidestones advocate for reducing the earth’s population to merely 500 Million! We are almost 7.8 Billion people. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates want to reduce our population with their vaccines!

Again, my advice: Don’t take sides. Do not let them start a Civil War or a Race War. Stay law abiding. Pray and read your Bibles. Bible readers know that the times are evil and the deception is great. Jesus the Messiah warned us clearly and often:


The Left Launches First Phase of their Revolution and Wins!

While we’ve been arguing “if the COVID is real” we’ve missed the point! The Left decided to destroy our economies so that the Left can remake the world in their “GREEN IMAGE” which means that “green horse” in Revelations has finally taken meaning. Berle was the Muslim color but more importantly it is the “green revolution.”

My question is: What are we going to do about it?

We can’t fire the return shot. To resort to firearms only plays into the NWO Evil Ones who want to cull the herd.

Don’t tell me Tom Hanks and his wife are being truthful when they claim they have the Covid! The pedophiles have locked ranks with the rest of the “Left” in order to beat the rest of us who have been on the heels of getting justice for the 800,000 children who go missing annually in the USA!