Fools would not hear me when I declared there would be a new game.  That of shooting one’s congressman.  It’s coming.

Citizens are fed up and they know that the entire US Congress is traitor!  They are not going to announce.  They are not going to show up.  They are merely going to shoot, then they are going to shut up!

Moreover, all y’all thought I was a mad man when I declared the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was going to SPIT OUT THE BONES OF THE ALPHABET AGENCIES UPON THE MOUNTAINSIDES.  Well, that Mountain, the LORD’s chosen is here, and we are about to see the sheer destruction of the CIA, FBI, NSA and all of the other Alphabet Soups that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  All are going down the drain.

Peccato!  That’s too bad!

I do not recommend these courses; I merely declared them long ago, but you fools would not listen to me.  It is all coming to fruition.  It is all God’s plan; there is nothing I can do about it, and there is nothing you can do about it!  Nothing.  Nada.  Niente.

Why I Hate Porsche Spyder 918 (And You Should too)

Whenever Porsche builds a “halo” supercar, their main excuse is that they lose money and its new technology filters down across their cars for years, even decades to come.  Well, that may have been true with the 959 but it certainly is NOT true for the just under $1 Million dollar Spyder 918 Hybrid which now sells for no less than $2 Million per copy.

What Porsche built is an amazing car but it is so far beyond the grasp of the average Porsche driver.  I never thought I would be writing “average Porsche driver” because there is nothing “average” about Porsche owners!  That Spyder 918 is so far beyond the grasp of the normal Porsche owner/driver, that the Spyder is a monumental study in failure.

There are two types of failure.  One, the hopeful failure of such complicated technologies to ever hit the streets on a large scale, and two, the collapse of reliable service at many Porsche dealerships!  This is SERIOUS, folks!

As recently as two years ago I was getting great service at one of my favorite Porsche dealerships, that being at Porsche of Fort Wayne also known as the O’Daniel Automotive Group.  Let me say at the outset NEVER BUY A CAR, NEW OR USED FROM THE O’DANIEL AUTOGROUP on the north side of Fort Wayne, Indiana!  NEVER!  Certainly don’t buy a Porsche from O’Daniel.

Two years ago before the onslaught of the Porsche Spyder 918 Supercar, Porsche service at that dealership was outstanding.  It was among my favorite.  I would often save work on my Cayenne Turbo and have it done at O’Daniel Porsche because it was done well and it was a tad more affordable than the great service I get in the Greater Phoenix Area at both dealerships.  Porsche of North Scottsdale has always provided me with excellent service and the brand spanning new dealership at Porsche of Chandler is developing into another excellent service provider.

But if you own a Porsche in northern Indiana, forget it.  Likewise, if you own a Porsche in Boise, Idaho and have to rely upon Porsche of Boise also known as the Lyle Automotive Group and Lyle Pearson, you might as well take a match and burn your Porsche because you will get lousy service at either!

I would never own a Porsche in Idaho.  In fact, Porsche should suffer demise in ownership and interest if what I have experienced at either location indicates a trend in deterioration in service at Porsche dealerships across the nation.  Porsche of North America and Porsche AG need to take notice of this.

There are two 918 Spyders in sleepy little Fort Wayne, but it seemed every time I was in their shop there was one in service and it takes an entire team to service this complicated marvel of technology.  It takes an entire race team of technicians to service one.  So, Porsche of Fort Wayne pulls all of their good mechanics and places them in the race pit “treating” the one queen bee while the O’Daniel Automotive Group fails to put good Porsche trained technicians on our lowly Porsches including my Cayenne Turbo.

It is an older car, a 2005, but never has a more highly optioned Cayenne Turbo been seen at any dealership.  The techs all marvel at my car, the heaviest of the modern Porsches ever made by Porsche AG, because they see things on my Turbo that they never see on any other car.

Never mind that, the Porsche component of O’Daniel Automotive Group treats my first generation Cayenne and me terribly!  With disrespect.  They do not even put Porsche mechanics on my car by maybe their second string or even their third string on it!

And the way Porsche of Fort Wayne handles my car?  It is tantamount to criminal.  I have a black leather interior and I have a wonderful Porsche sunscreen but when O’Daniel gets my car, they fail to use the sunscreen and as a result of sitting in that hot sun and humidity my seat backs have come unglued not once but twice!  Each seat back glue melted because of the neglect while my SUV was in their possession and the seat backs fell off.  One of them breaking the latches.  If their fiberglass patchwork fails to hold, then I will be required to order all new seat backs from Porsche AG.  I can’t wait to see what that is going to cost!

And when Porsche O’Daniel returned my car after servicing the battery and the alternator, they broke several cowling holding pins (which were intact when I left Porsche of North Scottsdale because they replaced them just before my long cross country trip).  Moreover, there was a bubble in my turbo engine’s cooling system requiring I add coolant (after purchasing and mixing Porsche coolant) over two days that took a massive ONE GALLON of anti-freeze!

To say that was negligent upon the part of the mechanics is an understatement!  I surmise Porsche of Fort Wayne did not even put their Audi mechanics on my Porsche but their third string.  No wonder they were unable to diagnose my SUV and take care of my battery problem under warranty—even after I appeared TWICE telling their service advisor that my brand new Porsche battery that I had just replaced at a cost far exceeding $600 was bad.

In short, this is a bad dealership.  It should have its franchise pulled, but I recommended to Porsche Cars of North America that they require O’Daniel to send their techs to Porsche training so they could adequately service Porsches.

I can not recommend Port of Fort Wayne for anything and I do not recommend Porsche of Boise.  One can only hope and pray that the complex technology on the Porsche Spyder 918 never gets passed on to our regular Porsches because they will be forever in the shop requiring a team of technicians to keep them on the road.

I have more complaints against Fort Wayne Porsche and can tell several stories about the O’Daniel Automotive Group from a Cadillac that went in there ending up with a $10,000 repair bill that was unmerited to a Honda in that area that caught fire after oil change because a mechanic left a rag on the engine.  And Porsche of Fort Wayne can not align a Porsche—they screwed mine up not once but twice!  Take your Porsche’s elsewhere and avoid the headache.

To close on a much more positive note, I have also experienced excellent service at Porsche of Anchorage, Carerra Motors in Bend, Strong Porsche in Salt Lake City, Prestige Imports in Denver, Euroclassics in Midlothian, and my experience at the new Porsche dealership in St. Louis was extremely promising.

Nevertheless, PorscheAG must do a better job in building the Cayenne and all other models because this is the most unreliable car I have ever owned.  I am about to put my fourth set of rear hatch struts in at a cost of $700.  Why can’t Porsche build a decent rear hatch strut?  I seem to only get 60-70,000 miles out of a set. 

The most reliable Porsche to own remains the normally aspirated 911—which almost doesn’t exist anymore.  I can’t wait until the Trump Administration relaxes emissions standards across the board and utilizes a much more real world accurate measure of emissions per mile travelled rather than emissions per gallon consumed.

Allowing auto manufacturers to do what they know best and to have the freedom to innovate rather than strap us with inferior gas, constricting catalytic converters that actually increase toxic emissions and all sorts of things that reduce engine reliability.  I would not buy anything new today.  Why bother when all of the current offerings will soon be obsolete and their replacements will offer more power, greater fuel mileage and much great reliability for even less money than the current government dictated and controlled inferior models?


Shields Up!

Right now the Earth has dropped her shields allowing large amounts of gamma radiation to reach the surface of the planet and the evil one’s heinous deeds are resulting in further radioactive poisoning of our oceans and the northern hemisphere.  Therefore, the phrase “shields up” applies on an emergency basis.

First, between now and this coming Feast of Tabernacles [Israelite not Israeli nor Jewish] it is best to keep your individual shields up!  This means wearing sunglasses, preferably polaroid, in order to protect your eyes and avoid blinding during this period marked by signs and wonders in the sky. [READ THE BIBLE]

Second, one needs to intake more iodine and iodine containing products [Kelp, nascent iodine and Dr. Tennant’s RAW MATERIALS].  Not only will this protect one’s thyroid and help avoid the thyroid cancers that will become epidemic, but this helps to fend off heart disease, other cancers and ailments caused by excessive radiation and water fluoridation.  This is especially important in America where we are forced to drink poisoned waters bitter with fluoridation.

DNA mutation will be especially high during this period meaning that anyone who reproduces during this time frame is exposing their children to subsequent birth defects.

Some unfortunate individuals are going to go absolutely blind and may become stark raving mad.  Don’t let this happen to you or your family!  All are at great risk right now, particularly those in the northern hemisphere.

Be advised.

Senator Jeff Flake is a Fraud! [MAKING AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN!]


Stay tuned for what I am going to write about my former Congressman, the current junior Senator from Arizona. I assure you, you are going to be floored!

Senator Jon Kyle, wonderful man as he was, made a grave error and I held him accountable as well. Y’all did not think I was very fair to Senator Kyle but Kyle yielded to the beaconing of the Deep State and sponsored “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which was the death knell to his life as a professional politician.

It’s time we got rid of Jeff Flake. He’s no statesman! He’s a “professional politician” and he is a part of the problem! We need to drain the swamp and, even though he is a Republican, this old lizard has to go!  It may be time to kill that errant Republican Party!

Flake is not merely a flake but a fraud. He is another poster boy for repealing the 17th Amendment! I am taking no prisoners on this. Surrendering is not enough. Senator Jeff Flake should surrender. But restoring the Republic and Making America Great Again requires sending all these traitors packing and . . .



My concern over Antarctica is the elite are about to pull their grand deception. Do not be surprised if you suddenly find you have lived to see the return of Jesus but it is not the real one.

We are approximately 17 years out from the true return. But that is only my opinion and is not an inspired message. When do you think Jesus, the real one, returns?

To the Marines Fighting for us in the Earth (Secretely)

Semper fi!

Your secret is safe. Thank you for your incredible courage and efforts. While I am not a Marine I am a casualty of the Cold War.

We Americans, the entire planet! is indebted to you!

Should you ever need my services, I am forever indebted to you. Feel free to call upon me, even for just a sounding board.

Please don’t suffer with poor sleep or even thoughts of harming yourself. Give me a call.

Julian Assange: I was Wrong

While I am glad Assange remains with us, I am happy to admit I was wrong. I did detect a radical shift in character for Wikileaks and I think I have an understanding of why Julian has changed the demeanor of his website.

It appears Assange has finally gotten close to the root of evil on the planet and one dares not speak too openly about those devils least they kill one. We are all on the same boat. We are ruled, dare I say owned, by Satan and his spawn.

I know many of you think I am crazy and perhaps you are right, but I remain crazy and zealous for my God and the truth. My God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I suggest you access His Word, His Mind, His Will, and His Law by immersing yourself in the Bible.

While the evil one was able to change our Bible, there is still enough in there to come to an understanding of the truth. Sadly, you will ultimately learn that the state of our nation is not the fault of the evil one, but our own fault! We turned our backs on God and God has decreed judgment upon America! It is not good!