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The American Crusade Party

Shortly after midnight early in the morning of April 21, 2019 the American Crusade Party (ACP) was conceived and I am proud to announce the birth of the political party and movement which will restore the Constitution for These united States of America (sic). This sparks a return to self rule and seeks to re-establish the rule of law and the structure of the government of these States as originally founded.

This means the return of State’s sovereignty and the restoration of the sovereignty of the individual American as citizen of his State. This requires the restoration of the State Militias as originally conceived in which every able bodied man is a member of his State’s militia for the purposes set forth in our Constitution. Each man is a member of law enforcement and defense.

It also requires the elimination of all extra-constitutional government structures. This means the elimination of the CIA, FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Education, The Department of the EPA, the Department of Energy and the Department of Agriculture among others.

Specifically, this requires the ferreting out of every communist from the State Department of the United States. The restoration of the Original 13th Amendment is paramount and the elimination of the current fraudulent 13th Amendment and the 14th & 15th Amendments and all subsequent Amendments for a full reset of the American rule of law under our Constitution.

This means the elimination of all fiat money and the Federal Reserve along with completely abolishing the IRS and the Income Tax and a return to the universal flat 30% Tariffs & Duties established by President George Washington upon goods and services (labor) with equality, i.e with no most favored nation trading status. Only coined gold and silver shall be money.

Each and every able bodied man of sound mind shall be a member of his State’s Militia. This requires a repeal of the Dick Act of 1902. All media are to be American owned and there are many changes necessary to support a return to free speech and open dialogue.

The Bill of Rights applies only to those of the faith of our fathers which were and are established upon the Parchments and the Scriptures that went into forming the Bible. No other persons of any other faiths shall have First Amendment Free Speech rights because our rule of law came from the Bible and to extend equal rights to other religions undermines our rule of law!

No other religion shall be allowed to own any property or build any facilities for the purpose of fostering their religion on American soil. We recognize that our true enemy are descended from Satan and Cain as described in the Parchments and Scriptures, specifically the False Jews, those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9, 3:9) are our mortal enemies! Secondarily, the Muslim is our enemy. It is the Edomite Jews who cause(d) the invasion of America by Ishmaelite Muslims and we call for the total elimination of the entire threat and the presence of those peoples who represent this threat. They are to be banned forever from entering our borders!

Happy Birthday American Crusade Party! May we have victory in restoring the freedoms and the principles upon which our nation was founded: in the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Property (Estate) under our Father in Heaven. May we establish the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth.

Warning to Facebook

Now we live under the First Amendment for many reasons. One of which is to be able to tell the truth. Another is to have and maintain a good conscience. These serve our health, our sanity & well-being.

Review my report. Are you going to tell me I am not allowed to defend myself and my service animal? The woman practically attacked me! And you are going to (wrongly) rule my post as a Hate Crime? All you have given me are 30 days, no notice, no warning(s) & no discussion. I believe you have identified and targeted me. I can not wait for the law suits against FB.

The first person who successfully commits suicide because FB blocked me will have my services, expertise and testimony in pursuing FB for contributing to wrongful death. This is no joke!

I attempted to send Facebook this message through its appeal window when a mistake has been made.  I do not think this was a mistake; I think it is purposeful willful harassment and it must stop!  Facebook must provide a proper method for communication and appeals.   Whenever I attempt to contact FB during these episodes (three so far in the last six months) FB allows me to type in my response then blocks my submission!

So much for April Fool’s Day.  I think everyone has had it with FacistBook and Facebook’s lack of community standards.  You are on American soil and you are providing service as a public utility.  I look forward to the day of your ruin.  –Dr. Kent

Hacked and Restored

Earlier this month my site was hacked as well as one of my email addresses.  It took money and time and most of it is functioning but not all.   So, I lost posts and was out of commission for most of this month.

But, I am back.

History Repeats Itself

And it is the time of JUDGES once again.

Pray for guidance and deliverance and prepare to deliver!

This requires Wisdom and she is only obtained by Adam-kind from the Bible.  Sit with the Bible, the entire Bible and the books referred to in the Bible and read and pray.

Make the Government Shutdown Permanent and

Lay off those employees or should I use the communist’s term “workers?”

I would love to see Donald step forward and declare we need to save money and cut down the government.  We can start with those already laid off by this temporary shutdown.  Then we can go after the Department of Education.

The Department of Education does a lousy job.  The Department of Education has produced a defective product and should be fired!

Let’s send them all home and stop funding education at the federal government level because it has not provided us with a good return on investment.  I hope and pray President Trump will step up to the plate and cut government to the bone.

Until we start doing important things, there is no sense in doing frivolous things.  Fire the entire Department of Education!