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Lessons From Minnesota

Do not be deceived.

Do not take sides.

It’s another lie. We are not violent enough for the elite so they decided to start the Civil War with or without us.

I suggest you lay back and make no judgment(s). Why? Because the White police violence upon a supposed Black victim was a hoax.

Why did they do this? To start massive civil unrest and if possible a Race War. Why? So they have an excuse to crack down on us and disarm us.

Why? What is behind this?

This is Edomite George Soros’ last attempt to Destroy America! By backing all of these well orchestrated, well organized “protests” (which are really riots featuring looters) Soros is hoping to avoid charges for himself and againt Obama for High Treason!

Tighten down the hatches. Do not protest or even do to look at the damages. Don’t play into their hands!

This is another massive public PsyOp manipulation. Just like the (fake) COVID-19 “plandemic!”

President Obama has been running an illegal operation right along side the legitimate Trump Administration. Obama committed high Treason and I hope he hangs!

The problem is none of us knows which side President Trump is really on. Right now Trump looks like he is an “Israel Firster.” Trump appears to be a Trojan Horse for the NWO!

If President Trump does not reveal “COVID-19” for what it really is and investigate the “pandemic” hoax fully, then he is not “America First!” There is no way out of this! Either Trump does what is right and proves he is for America or else he is just another puppet for Israel and we all about to be genocided. G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E-D!

We are about to be killed en masse and reduced to merely 69 million as foretold by the Degal website until those two pages were taken down last winter. As foretold by the Georgia Guidestones!

Let me make this clear, Degal for years said that the USA with 326 Million people would be reduced to merely 69 Million survivors by 2025. And the Georgia Guidestones advocate for reducing the earth’s population to merely 500 Million! We are almost 7.8 Billion people. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates want to reduce our population with their vaccines!

Again, my advice: Don’t take sides. Do not let them start a Civil War or a Race War. Stay law abiding. Pray and read your Bibles. Bible readers know that the times are evil and the deception is great. Jesus the Messiah warned us clearly and often:


The Left Launches First Phase of their Revolution and Wins!

While we’ve been arguing “if the COVID is real” we’ve missed the point! The Left decided to destroy our economies so that the Left can remake the world in their “GREEN IMAGE” which means that “green horse” in Revelations has finally taken meaning. Berle was the Muslim color but more importantly it is the “green revolution.”

My question is: What are we going to do about it?

We can’t fire the return shot. To resort to firearms only plays into the NWO Evil Ones who want to cull the herd.

Don’t tell me Tom Hanks and his wife are being truthful when they claim they have the Covid! The pedophiles have locked ranks with the rest of the “Left” in order to beat the rest of us who have been on the heels of getting justice for the 800,000 children who go missing annually in the USA!


Truth about this Corona Pandemic and COVID-19 is it doesn’t exist!

It’s a hoax!

This is the attempt at take down for the entire world by the Edomites, the international banksters, the false Jews and all of their secret societies and all of the dominions of evil!

The lungs and deaths look like severe altitude sickness and are what would be expected should a person be suddenly abruptly dropped at the top of Mount Everest or lose all ability to oxygenate!

What else interferes with breathing and the transfer of oxygen into the body? That’s right. My money is on 5G.

If people don’t wake up and start burning the 5G towers, big and small, it’s over. Their weaponization of the earth’s surface and low earth orbit will be complete.

The Earth groans for her saviors!

Fear not the Collapse of this Beast System

is the time of the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth.

This is not about the End of Life on Earth or the End of the World. This is the culmination of great actions set in place eons ago and spoken about in most religi-cultural peoples before us leading up to us.

We have been living in a degrading time to deceptions and frauds and greater lies. This world we are in is closer to “Hell” than what life on earth should be about!

As their web ensnares they are exposing themselves. If their “credit” system is the first to go, welcome it. It means our lives get better, faster and sooner.

Collapse of this Beast System allows us to have “honest” transactions. And we have the means, the tools necessary directly in our hands!

So, embrace the unknown. Accept the adventure. Imagine spending more time on a face to face transaction in which there is full disclosure and “honesty.” And I include “honest money.” And you and I will soon, by our simple faith of taking all transactions outside of their Beast System, will watch the revolution and the return of our Republic in America!

Worldwide Corona Virus Deaths Approach 80,000

In China alone deaths from this novel “Bioweapon” Cornona virus exceeded 79,000 this week. When my brother went to click on the real statistic suddenly it was deleted and an error message was put in its place. This number appears conservative and accurate by other watchers who have YouTube channels.

Another brother reported to me that he has a reliable source that there are 1,000 cases of “Wuhan” in New York City. The CDC can not sit on this and keep it covered up any longer. The CDC has begun blaming this outbreak on “cruise ship” passengers.

However, it appear that this Bioweapon was release purposely in China and now the USA and probably around the world. “Wuhan” is three times more deadly than the “Spanish Flu” of 1918 which by the way was a US Army biological agent which began in Kansas.

Both George Soros and Bill Gates were talking publicly about the Corona Virus fiver (5) years ago. 600-800 Million world wide deaths are expected from this “escape” that Harvard had a part in!

I urge everyone to be prepared to hunker down and stay put for up to two months. Eye protection is going to be the key to escaping this aerosol as well as voluntary isolation until the Bioweapon completes its second pass around the world.

$4.5 Billion to Iran not $1.5 Billion

President Barrack Hussein Obama did not give merely $1.5 Billion cash to Iran but more than treble that! Of that $4.5 Billion cash, Obama took millions for himself.

That cash went to fund all of our enemies in the Middle East except for Israel which gets money directly from the USA.

Yes, “Israel” is our enemy, our mortal enemy!

That money went towards giving Iran nuclear weapons and towards all of the various proxy groups fighting the USA on the surface. The inner dynamic is they all have been working for US and our corrupt congress–

The Deep State!


We need a THIRD TERM for the following reasons:

Number One

Due to the obstruction of the Communist Democratic Party and the Deep State, we have been fully deprived of President Trump and President Trump’s policies for his entire first term to date. And we need a THIRD TERM to make up for this treasonous interference. Besides, it will take at least four years to prosecute their Treason and their High Crimes.

Number Two

In order to RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC we need to roll back the Treasonous Error of President Abraham Lincoln. Indeed, the Congress on March 3, 1813* violated the newly fully ratified Original 13th Amendment when they sat attorneys in clear violation of the new 13th Amendment which was ratified to preserve the “separation of powers” and to prevent wars such as the War of 1812 which attorneys caused!

When we restore the Original 13th Amendment (which barred Lawyer Abraham Lincoln from the office of the Presidency) all subsequent Amendments must be challenged on the grounds that the 14th & 15th Amendments were illegally ratified as the south States were NOT represented, and on the grounds that all subsequent Amendments are OUT OF ORDER and hence NULL AND VOID.

Then we can have more that two terms for President Trump and we can restore the Senate to its original Constitutional intent of representing the State Governments’; thereby, restoring the Republic.

While we are at it (Restoring the Republic) we can take away all pay & benefits for the Congress and return to a simple per diem for each day served with no missed votes!


*I am relying upon memory and may have the day wrong. The fact is both the States of Virginia and New Hampshire adopted the Original 13th Amendment which gave it one more vote than it needed to be passed. The fact is copies of the Constitution were found with the 13th Amendment indicating that it had been ratified in the State Capital in New Hampshire.

Another fact is that people have been saying the minutes of the State of Virginia need to be consulted in order to verify that the State of Virginia adopted the 13th Amendment. But the hand written notes of that session of the State of Virginia remain under lock and key in England because the British seized those notes!

It is time Britain returned our property because failure to do so is an Act of War!

CIA Coordinating Take Down of Chile with George Soros and Chinese Communist Government

At the time of this writing our CIA is conspiring with George Soros and the Chinese Communist Government to overthrow the Chilean government and install a Red Chinese directed puppet in the next election two years from now.

Soros is paying “demonstrators” in Chile $20 an hour to disrupt Chile. That is approximately the equivalent of $80 per hour compared to the standard Chilean’s wages. The World Revolution gave its identity away when they attacked a Catholic Church and took out all of the old beautiful art work including huge statues of Jesus Christ and burned them. This is the tell tale sign of every “revolution” coordinated by the Illuminati, the Zionists (Soros) and the Communists!

During the last two weeks the Chilean Peso has lost 15% of its value. The Chilean Peso will continue to lose value; moreover, the daily afternoon riots in Chile will continue until the next presidential election for two years. During the next election expect a Communist to be elected President of Chile.

This is the World Revolution in action. The two parties behind it are the Zionists and the Communists. These two groups always work in tandem and they are each controlled by the Hidden Hand.

As far as I can tell the Hidden Hand consists of the Rabbi’s who espouse the Babylonian Talmud. This is not “the end of the world.” What we are witnessing is the end of the Beast System that came out of Babylon.

Read the Bible. Also read Admiral William Guy Carrs “Pawns in the Game” and Douglas Reed “The Controversy of Zion.” The diaries of Secretary of State James Forrestal are also evidence of this Hidden Hand in American affairs. Both political parties, the Republicans & the Democrats, remain under “their” control!