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CIA Training MS-13

Friday I received report from outside the controlling confines of our once great nation very disturbing news.  My friend had been watching videos on the internet of the CIA training the infamous gang the MS-13 to occupy America.

When I asked for links, I was informed that the videos are on a separate internet and that I would have to buy access to it.  It is very expensive. Besides, I have enough trouble getting regular internet locally.  Furthermore, I doubt our keepers with DHS, the NSA, the FBI and the CIA and all other alphabet soup agencies would allow access to such videos.

This is not the first time I have heard of our government using gangs to rape, pillage, murder and occupy US.  The first time I heard of something like this was 20 years ago. At the time it was presented to me as the FBI using the drug gangs as “cannon fodder” to oppress the population at large. The gang members would launch the initial attack against citizens with the promise they could keep all they could steal and have at us in any way they wanted.

Today, however, this does not apply. Why? Because the tactics of the MS-13 are different. First, the MS-13 are trained in guerilla warfare tactics to terrorize. Second, and far more important, the MS-13 do not “recruit” members. They prefer to conquer exiting gangs, take them over and enslave them.

So, MS-13 gang members will not be cannon fodder. Rather, the members of the gangs they take over will be thrown at us.

While it is best to take this report with a grain of salt, the fact is those who illegally occupy the US and assassinated JFK and many others and pulled off 9/11 and thus far have gotten off without an accusation are behind this. When we solve one crime, we solve them all. Right now it appears folks are wanting to know the truth about so many things that their cover is falling apart. From 9/11 to Fast ‘n Furious to Benghazi to the IRS to this illegal invasion Amnesty by our “acting President,” The American people are furious at both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Drills Should Be Made Illegal to Avoid “Going Live” False Flags

I propose ALL DRILLS be banned in order to prevent a drill from “going live” and enabling a “False Flag” event!  This is quite simple.  If there are no drills, then responders will know that what they are facing is always a real emergency.

Our Enemies are Listed in the Bible (Psalm 83)

Read the Book of All Knowledge and know your enemies!

The Bible is the Book of All Knowledge and is the great intertext.  If one wants to know the truth about something, check the Bible and what the Bible has to say about it.

In the case of the current conflict, the real war, the conspiracy, Psalm 83 is very clear.  God lists our enemies in this grand conspiracy which the Bible calls a “confederacy” in the order of danger and importance.

Our second enemy are the Ishmaelites.  Those are easily identified and handled (if we ever wake up).  Today’s Ishmaelites are the Muslims.  In general, the Muslim populations are the descendants of Ishmael.

Ishmael was the son of Abraham and Hagar.  This is how the Muslims (rightfully) claim Abraham as their father.  In fact, there are some descendants of Ishmael who are pure Adamic.

But the followers of Islam are readily identifiable (and wrongly blamed for 911) and are almost polite in that they tell us to our faces that we must convert to Islam, submit to  paying dhimmitude (which is part of our law in ObamaCare, the Affordable HealthCare Act!) or be killed.

These are those who can merely kill the body and not the soul.  These are the Muslims and that’s Islam.

Much more importantly, the Bible lists our number one and most dangerous enemy as the Edomites!  These are the sly, sneaky bastard spawn of Satan (Cain and Canaan) who want to kill both your body and your soul.

How your soul?  It’s simple yet profound.  They control America today and control the world.  They have taken over all major institutions including the churches!  They have force fed us with lies and half truths and have perverted Biblical Christianity.  They have given the world an alternative christ  (lower case “c”), the anti-Christ!

But the Edomites are much harder to recognize and identify today.  Why?  In part, they resemble us but they are not the same.  For examples of Edomites today look at George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Henry Kissinger, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.  Look at the international bankers and the folks in Hollywood.  Look at almost any of the leaders in any American institution today and they are either Edomites, Edomite lackeys or traitors working for the Edomites.

An example of an Edomite lackey is Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas.  Now, she is so dumb that she does not realize she is being used, manipulated.  She is primarily Enoshe or Enoshwe and has no idea she is not acting in the best interests of her people and her country!

Worse yet, but not mentioned in Psalm 83, are those Adamic people who have crossed over and serve the enemy.  Those are harder to detect.  An example of such a traitor today is Senator John McCain.  Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts may be another traitor.  Senator Ted Kennedy was also another traitor.  There are many other examples of traitors in our government, past and present.

Sadly, our American history is strewn with Edomite lackeys.  Perhaps the worst was President Woodrow Wilson who was completely contolled by the Edomites and his handler who really ran the government from behind the scenes, Colonel Edward Mandell House.  Col. House actually lived in the White House.

In fact, almost all Presidents since Wilson have been controlled by Edomite handlers.  President Richard Nixon was controlled by Henry Kissinger.  President Obama, although a mix of Edomite and Ishmaelite himself, is handled by Valerie Jarrett.

However, I am convinced President FDR was himself an Edomite.

Herod the Great. was an Edomite, an Idumean.  And we all know what Herod did to babies under the age of two!  That is the general disposition and character of the Edomites or at least their leaders.

Now, you may call them “New World Order” handlers but there is nothing “new” about them.  In fact, they are the “old” world order.  They just repackaged themselves to market themselves and make them more appealing to you.  They are all from the evil Satan did to Eve in Genesis 3:14-15.

But you don’t know all this because you remain illiterate.  You remain uneducated because you don’t read the Bible.  That is about all I read or half of my daily reading at the least is in the Bible.  A man or woman can not consider themselves educated if they’ve never read the Bible.

Besides, that’s the last thing they want you to do.  Why?  Because if you’ve read the Bible as I have and continue to do, you would know who the bad guys are.  More importantly and what they fear the most is that you will find out who you are.  Then you would rise up against them and throw their yoke off!



The Next Red Flag . . .

. . . event will be orchestrated to create total dependence of Americans upon the central federal government and to solidify the Democrats in a Democratically controlled House of Representatives under Nancy Pelosi!

This will occur at a time to manipulate the vote for the elections this fall and will be well in advance of November 2014.  The purpose of this Red Flag crisis will be to manipulate the elections of 2014.  It is likely to occur during or after July 2014.

Do not be surprised if the powers that be sacrifice 100,000 Americans to pull this manipulation off!  That will be a small price to pay in their eyes and it might be necessary to seal the deal.  The devil is in the details.

The Battle Must be Spiritual

For some time I have been wanting to post this and EMPAHASIZE THE FUTILITY OF VIOLENCE! There can be No Violent Revolution. Why? Because the Bastards that occupy and control America Illegally are in total power. They have all authority except over the individual consciousness and will. They not only control law enforcement and the courts, they also control our Weapons of Mass Destruction! That’s right. They control the nukes and our ICBM’s, EVERYTHING!

Moreover, they want US to fight. Their news media are manipulating US to hate and to rebel–that puts US right where they want US!

The only fight can be Spiritual with the Holy Spirit of the God of Israel. That’s all that will work. Even at that we know from the scriptures that those Bastards will succeed in establishing a World Wide Government. However, the Bible also tells US it will not last long, only about an hour.

We must humble ourselves to our Lord and God. We must strengthen our personal relationships with Jesus on an individual one-to-one basis. Nothing short of this will work.

Don’t shoot! Don’t rebel! Submit to the authority God has placed over you. There is no other way to survive and that is what this is all coming down to.

Hold until Jesus returns. It will not be long. This is the time of Jacob’s Trouble and all flesh will perish except God will cut this time short. Then the enemy and the victory are His!

How Do We Protect Ourselves from Future Attacks?

This is very simple.  We stop allowing all third world immigration, especially from Muslim countries.  We stop worshipping the false god of “diversity” and recognize that the false Jews (Rev 2:9, 3:9) gave US this errant policy designed to destroy US from within.

We cease all Affirmative Action.  We call a stop to all forced integration.  We stop all preferential treatment based upon race and so-called minority status.  We rescind all so-called “Hate Crime” legislation and truly make all people equal under the law.

We end all this “protected class” status which really is reverse discrimination and stop all this weird immigration from non-European and non-Caucasian peoples.  We need to seal the  borders, make it a felony to be in our country illegally and start sorting people out for prosecution, deportation and a very few select routes to earning citizenship such as six years of service in our military.

We deport all persons who are Muslim who have been granted asylum.  We can not afford to be generous with our security in the name of some nonsense “white guilt.”  We need to recognize the advantages of a homogenized society.

Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag

Within 90 minutes of the bombing today I perceived the Boston Marathon Bombing as a False Flag event designed to help bring further forward the American Police State heading US towards Marshall Law.  How could I discern this?  Simply, the broadcasters on FOX News, which I affectionately call “FAUX News,” brought forward the hype that we in America had better get used to it (bombing) because ‘we are going see more bombings from this moment forward.  We are going to see more bombings in the next few days.’

Now, what expertise and intelligence does FOX’s Shepard Smith have that he can proffer such an ominous prediction?  None!  This “terror speech” was obviously from on top at FOX from the head honchos who determine the verbiage of the outgoing messages to the public.  So, we are told that this is a new phase in American life.

There has been no pattern of bombing, so FOX News can NOT make such a broad sweeping prediction–unless the public let’s FOX News get away with it!  There are no reasons and there is no reason for Americans to expect more bombings–unless this is how our would-be keepers are announcing their new campaign of terror upon the America people!

I call FOUL!  This smacks of manipulation of the masses and I wish others would pick up on these things, not just me.  Listen carefully to the words they employ and ask yourself upon what basis can the news broadcasters make such an ominous claim?  

This also proof that all of our precious news inside America is controlled by our would-be masters.  It’s time to pull back the curtain and expose these bastards for what they are!  Shut off your televisions and radios if these broadcasts bother you.  There is no sense allowing them to manipulate you and cause Acute Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This is exactly what these broadcasts are intended to do–keep the American public stressed, terrorized!

It figures such a heinous deed would be committed on Patriot’s Day, also Tax Day, the Ides of April, April 15th.  I smell something foul in the state of America!

On Day One in Office as President of These United States of America

On day of my administration, as President of These United States of America, I will restore the actual fully enacted Original 13th Amendment to the Constitution expanding it to nullify the American citizenship of all dual citizens without recourse subject to immediate deportation, stripped of all rights like felons and barring every one with the audacity to insult our nation by holding dual citizenship from entering our nation ever, with the exception that those holding only dual citizenship in Canada who were originally American citizens will be allowed to disavow their Canadian citizenship.  All such persons will be seized and deported post haste.

Members of Bar Associations will no longer be considered American citizens.  No attorney, as an officer of the court, shall hold office in either of the two other branches of our triune government.  The attorneys got us into The War of 1812 and they need to be reminded of that forever.  Henceforth, no attorney will continue in office or ever be allowed to run for any elected office in either the Executive Branch or the Legislative Branch of our government at both the federal and the state levels of governance.  All attorneys as officers of the court are already members of the judicial branch of government.

I will declare the 14th and 15th Amendments null & void because of the failure to allow the South proper representation while it was occupied and exploited.  Furthermore, all subsequent Amendments will be out of order and shall be null and void.  All legislation having authority vested in any of those amendments shall be rendered null and void.  This includes all errant legislation based upon so-called “Equal Rights” which are inherently unequal and the notorious 16th Amendment abolishing the IRS.

I will call the Joint Chief’s of Staff for our military instructing them they are to put all resources to securing our borders under the US Coast Guard.  We are going to seal our borders.  US troops shall come home.  No one enters of leaves until they have been properly identified and cleared.  There will be NO foreign aid whatsoever.  All Crimigrants will be fully prosecuted.

I will send home all of the Senators instructing the states to send proper Constitutional Senators to represent their state governments.  Senators are to be elected from their states’ legislatures subject to instant recall.  Moreover, senators and their staffs shall be compensated fully and completely and only by their state governments as each state deems fit.

I will send home all Congressmen instructing the states to send volunteer Congressmen who shall only be paid a per diem while Congress is in session.  I will order the cessation of all federal pay and benefits for Congressmen and Senators.  Congressmen are meant to give of their time and serve their country.  When they can no longer afford to support themselves and give their time, they are to leave office.  Hence, there is no need for term limits.

All pay and benefits to previous presidents, vice-presidents and legislators shall cease.  All protections except for protective custody will cease for former US presidents and vice-presidents.

I will dismiss every judge on the US Supreme Court who at any time while on the bench has demonstrated bad behavior.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say justices are appointed for life.  Rather, the Constitution says that justices may serve while under good behavior.  Failing to recuse one’s self from cases upon which one has previously worked on or rendering nonsense decisions such as Justice Robert utterance that he was unable to judge on ObamaCare means that Mr. Roberts and most of the current Supreme Court judges will be removed from office post haste.

I will restore our nation’s duties & tariffs established in the wisdom of George Washington expanding it to include every service and consultation over the phones and Internet.  In respect to Mr. Herman Cain, I would begin with tariffs & duties of 9% across the board, eventually increasing that to the full 30% upon which out federal government ran successfully for more than 125 years.  There will be no “Most Favored Nation” trading status nor will there be any “free” trade.

I shall appoint men to assist me in downsizing and dismantling our federal government.  I shall eliminate the Department of Education and the federal government shall be barred from offering any interference in education.  There will be no resources for research, grants or student loans.  Education shall revert to the states.  likewise, there shall be no federal welfare; all welfare will be at the discretion of each individual state.  Food Stamps will be eliminated because they are de facto “corporate welfare” artificially inflating the price of food commodities.

Roe versus Wade (1973) shall be overturned with the order that the federal government shall not interfere in the rights of each state to experiment with “true diversity” and we shall allow each state to run its course and determine what policies are best for their state irrespective of each other in regards to abortion.

Brown versus Board of Education (1954) shall be nullified because Chief Justice Vinson was assassinated upon the orders of Justice Felix Frankfurter.  Had Justice Vinson survived, the Vinson court would have ruled 6-3 ruling against forced integration.  If a people are free to associate, then they must also be free to choose not to associate; it must not be forced.

I will declare ObamaCare unconstitutional and null & void.  Moreover, we will take Mr. Obama into protective custody while we fully investigate the man and reveal every iota to the public.  Then, the Constitutional Congress shall make a determination of whether to try Mr. Obama in the Constitutional US Senate for crimes including high treason.

The charter for the Federal Reserve will be revoked and all central backers taken into protective custody while each is fully investigated for possible crimes.  However, we will NOT return to a gold standard.  Gold will be allowed to fluctuate in value according to market demand.  Rather, all money shall be coined silver per the US Constitution.  Only the US Treasury shall mint coinage.  No paper bills will be allowed.  There will be no more Federal Deposit Insurance.  Banks shall be private and banks shall be allowed to fail. Finally, the holders of stock in the Federal Reserve will be taxed retroactively 105% upon all profits since the inception of that beast system that enslaved US all and usurped the power of all institutions corrupting US all.

I will address a joint session of the Legislature asking for a Declaration of War waging a limited war against Mexico utilizing the US Army and Special Forces of all branches.  We will reclaim all territories given to Mexico between 1915 and 1917 continuing American territory proper directly west extending continuously from the southern most border of Arizona expanding the territory of both Arizona and California, thereby giving Arizona and California port access in the Gulf of Baja.  This will be a protective buffer for our country.

I shall send our Special Forces into Mexico to battle against the drug cartels.  America will occupy Mexico.  We will build an oil pipeline(s) from Mexico inland securely all the way to our new refinery in Yuma.  We will assess Mexico for the damages her people have inflicted upon America and we will collect crude oil in lieu of payment.  However, we will pay the Mexicans to build the pipeline and we will hand over royalties AFTER America has been compensated.  America will build four more refineries inland for our national security.  The Keystone Pipeline will be permitted.

I want to convene special investigations of possible War Crimes of previous Presidents and their administrators.  That woman who started the first Iraq War, April Catherine Glaspie, needs to be held to task.  However, her sentence will be moderated as she informs us who ordered her to lie & deceive and cause Saddam Hussein to enter Kuwait in order to recover oil that Kuwait was stealing from Iraq.

I shall order the rounding up of all duals.  Those involved in any way with 911 will be held while we investigate 911 fully.  Likewise, we are going to open the Kennedy Assassination.  Finally, we will demand that Israel return the 1,000 pounds of fissionable materials to the Hanford Nuclear Facility, 700 pounds of U-238 and 300 pounds of enriched Plutonium.  We are going open an investigation into the attack upon the U.S.S. Liberty and the murder of Americans by Israel.

The international bankers who have wreaked havoc on the planet shall be rounded up.  They will be held until fully investigated.  We will hunt down the Rots-childs and all of the bankers and George Soros.  We will wage war upon The City inside of London and Vatican City and only accept unconditional surrender.

There will be plenty of jobs created and many openings as incompetent employees are fired.  I will need good men and women to investigate the true facts of what has occurred throughout history correcting the (text) books that have been foisted off upon us by our would-be keepers.  We are going to prosecute each person fully for their crimes not forgiving any least we suffer the same treatment in the future.