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Is it Time to Bomb China?

Yes, it is!

The ChiComs have assaulted and waged war. The Chinese Communist Party has been waging BIOLOGICAL WARFARE and Unlimited Warfare by meddling in our elections AND undermining our nation ever since Nixon & Kissinger opened the doors to trading with the enemy!

Should we fail to respond soon and fully, we run the risk of CIVIL WAR and a SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Perhaps those are good ideas. For more than a century the electorate has NOT been in control of this errant government. This errant illegal government by the (false) Jews has been misusing American might & power to wage illegal wars across the world!

It really it time to pull the plug on all of the Israeli Dual Citizens stripping them of any & all citizenship in these United States of America and deporting them immediately to that illegal nation they created after stealing it from the Arabs! Send them home to “Israel” which really should be called “Rothschildland” or the “New Khazaria” or, what it really is, “Edom!”

Edom has infiltrated all western & eastern governments and holds the power across the entire globe! Edom is the “New World Order” which is not “new” at all! It is the Old World Order owned and run by the Devil & his children! It’s time to declare the Kingdom of Heaven of Creator Father YHVH Upon the Earth!


Welcome to 2020, Welcome to Hyperinflation

Folks, it is starting. We have begun hyperinflation and we are at the beginning of a recession. Only this one is different–this is going to make the Great Depression of 1929 look like child’s play!

Yesterday, I was going to buy a case of condensed milk because it is one of the safest forms of milk available. The last time I was in Costco, the last day of 2019, it was $11.97 a case and I passed on it as I bought a new set of ceramic pots & pans. Yesterday, that same case of condensed milk was a whopping $14.99!

Last summer I saw a price jump from approximately $10 a case of a dozen shrink wrapped cans to $13.97 before a $3.00 rebate at Costco. That (offering a manufacturer’s rebate) is often how price increases are introduced.

Then after the Thanksgiving sales the price for a case appeared to “normalize” at $11.97 a case before Christmas 2019. Now, however, we see the full effects of “business as usual” with this errant illegal unconstitutional central Communist Federal Government that is out of control fiscally.

Folks, we are seeing the results of central banking under the Banksters for more than 106 years! The purchasing power value of the US dollar has fallen to slightly over 2 cents! The US dollar has lost almost 98% of its purchasing power and sometime soon during 2020 the dollar will be worth less than 2 per cent of its original value before the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other (false) Jew EDOMITES took over the USA completely and destroyed our Republic!

Will Trump restore our Republic? Hell, no! Trump is totally under the control of Israel and the Banksters! He is putting on a good show and that is all it is.

Get ready for war and it’s going to be the biggest war the world has ever seen! The largest army in the world will march through Iran which is also known as Perisa.

The land we are on, North America, is the only place on earth where the “box tree” grows naturally. This is the land of the final war. You know the “box tree” as the Redwoods!

As far as food, the angels have announced that a loaf of bread will cost a day’s wages. What is a day’s wages? About an ounce of silver. What is an ounce of silver?

Folks, it’s coming. I expect that case of condensed milk to one day soon be valued at $30.

The Great Depression of 1929 was caused by a collusion by our US President and the Wall Street Bankers! It was not necessary but the Devil and his children wanted it. During that time, FDR kept it going purposely two more years so that his tribe could rape & loot US more thoroughly!

During The Great Depression of 1929 approximately 6 Million Americans starved to death–that’s where you get the real Six Million–the real sacrifice to Molech!

Welcome to 2020. This is no hindsight. You have been warned and fully informed.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Kent

Red Flag Laws

The one and only aspect of Red Flag Laws that makes sense is people on SSRI medications should be prohibited from possession of firearms because almost all of the mass shooters were on this one class of anti-depressants! What we have found over years of professional practice is that people who take SSRI’s lose the ability to attach to others normally. That is, THEY LACK THE CAPACITY TO LOVE.

It appears to us in professional practice that those unfortunate souls were deprived of the capacity to love over time. Common professional practice maintains that patients remain on the SSRI’s for life and I do not think this is wise.

With the preceding tricylclics the common recommendation was “a trial period of medication of not less than six months and no more than one year.” Why? Because tricyclic anti-depressants were addicting and they were dangerous as they could be lethal and many patients used them to overdose and commit suicide.

When SSRI’s came about they were considered a godsend because tricyclics were on the verge of being declared addicting. And Big Pharma could not have that! Sadly, SSRI’s demonstrated early on that they exacerbated suicidality and after 554 Prozac induced suicides I stopped counting. We hypothezised that Prozac gave them the lift (stimulation) that they needed to commit suicide.

SSRI’s were a scam! With 90% of the seratonergic system in the gut, in the enteric nervous system, what we found was devastating! Cell walls were made more insulin resistant which led to an increase in insulin and in diabetes. We found that the patients lost their sense of satiation, of feeling full so that could not stop eating. As a consequence patients overate causing obesity and a drastic increase in diabetes mellitus.

Perhaps professional practice standards need to be updated to recommending that SSRI medications be limited to one year of use. Moreover, it should be studied in order to determine a threshold at which after so many years of use one loses their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

I suggest there be a one year cut off. If a person has not addressed their depression in therapy successfully within one year of SSRI usage and they are going to continue on SSRI drugs beyond one year, then they should surrender their right to possess firearms.

What we have found is that long term use of SSRI’s causes a permanent chemical imbalance and it becomes very difficult for a person to quit using SSRI’s. It is not so much an addiction as it is a dependency that is extremely hard to give up without going through a lot of pain and panic. People ceasing SSRI’s immediately without tapering off that medication slowly experience all sorts of withdrawal and discontinuation effects including an upsurge in suicidal ideation and perhaps even homicidal ideation.

This is the only positive aspect of the Red Flag laws which I endorse for consideration.

Chile has been Destroyed!

George Soros and the Chinese Communist Government with the help of our CIA have DESTROYED CHILE!

Chile will forever be a Third World Nation after rioters broke at least 98% of the windows out of all private businesses in Santiago!

Here is the direct report from a witness on the ground in Santiago:

“Personally I believe the police have not been harsh enough. This city has been totally destroyed. These protesters are paid (by Soros and the Chinese Commies) rabble rousers from outside the country. I think the police need to use live ammunition.

“These assholes will not stop. They have now destroyed the entire economy and future of Chile. Chile will soon be a third world hell hole. Santiago is a war zone. 98% of ALL store and bank windows have been smashed. Graffiti is everywhere. Garbage is knee deep in the streets. There are riots EVERYDAY starting between 1 and 4 in the afternoon and lasting for most of the night.”