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Dr. Kent Show December 17,2017


You don’t pick and choose who you love.  You just love them.  That is all there is to it.

ADOC (false) allegations of sexual harassment.

Wrongful termination.

Murders of inmates.

Fraudulent Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP).

Inscribing Bibles as (life time) gifts for Christmas.  Call Kerby (517) 888-3688 or (517) 547-7494 to order the PNV KJV..

Dr. Ernst Martin’s widow Ramona Martin and three of her husband’s books can be ordered at (503) 292-4352 by ASK Publications.

My mission giving free psychological consultations.

Dr. Kent Show December 3, 2017

Dr. Kent Show November 19, 2017


I have to admit I was not very happy with this show.  With too much on my mind I bounced from subject to subject and my flow of consciousness was not even at all.  Perhaps this may be reflective of my lack of inner peace.

I called for the dismantling of the FBI and the CIA.  We covered a bit how “one hand washes the other.”  I spoke about a Civilution and the American Revolution and the lies about it.  We covered the fact it was an act of self defense and not a rebellion.  King George put a triple bounty on long blond hair.

I introduced “The Elite Serial Killers of JFK, RFK, MLK and Lincoln” and mentioned how the author did not get Lincoln’s killing quite right as Mary Todd Lincoln had killed her unfaithful husband and framed John Wilkes Booth for her crime.

Likewise, 100 years later the number one Vatican Assassin sat next to our president and blew his brains out with her weapon she affectionately nick named “Lamb Chop.”  BOTH Lincoln and Kennedy were killed by their wives although the CIA had a team assembled laying down cover for the real assassin and providing insurance just in case Jackie choked.

I called for the immediate resignation of ADC Director Chuck Ryan for his constant refusal to upgrade the locks over a period of years that directly resulted in the deaths of both Corrections Officer Brent Lumley and Deputy Warden Ron Warden.  I think I failed to mention that their team at Perryville was so tight it was like family and Ron suffered a heart attack upon hearing that Lumley had been killed as a result of the game he and Ryan played.

Charles Ryan also ran interference when I attempted to report my Information Reports (IR’s) to ADC’s Inspector General after several inmates had been killed and ADC decided to cover up those crimes and to destroy me in the process.  The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners went along with ADC’s diabolical plans and went after me.  I have more to say on this.

I told of my financial plight in part and offered my services as a mission as a psychological consultant and I asked for gifts to keep my show on the air past January 2018 and in order to be able to afford more air time to expand my coverage to expose and begin remediation of the prevalent brainwashing.

I explained that psychology’s symbol is the Greek letter Psi which is the pitch fork or Neptune’s trident and that we manage the world for the owners.  I identified The Tavistock Institute of Behavior as the central think tank and Stanford as its subsidiary.

I mentioned Martin Seligman and his inclusion in Carroll Quigley’s hardback publication “Tragedy & Hope” as part of the “New World Order.”  Seligman’s experiments in “learned helplessness” were the basis for mass programming of the American public to render US unable to respond to the attack of the enemy and defend ourselves.

I committed myself to telling the truth and invited the audience to join me in helping me in the future in researching many of the questions I have.  And we will have an eye witness to the CLINTON SEX TAPE next show YHVH willing.

And I ask once again for your monetary gifts and support in keeping my show on the air and eventually expanding it.  Please mail your gifts to:

Dr. John Taylor Kent

PO Box 707

Apache Junction, Arizona 85117


This is the only way we can reclaim our freedoms and reclaim America and SAVE THE PLANET!  The Devil owns the Earth and everything and everyone on it, and they are not going to give up ownership and return things to their rightful owners without a fight!

They will, as they have before, destroy the northern hemisphere with Nukes before they give up!

According to Eastern philosophies, these Bastards have destroyed the planet FOUR TIMES WITH NUCLEAR BOMBS and according to Western wisdom, those Bastards have destroyed the face of the earth at least SIX TIMES!

Their god is Shiva and Kali, DESTROYER OF UNIVERSES!

What do you think Cern is about?

Why do you think it is so important for them to deny us past history?

Because we will discover who the fuck they are and what they are about!  More importantly, we might discover who we are and take back the Earth and rule it as Our Father Yahweh the Creator mandates!

The Earth groans for her saviors!

Yes, that is PLURAL!

Paul Manafort to be (Wrongly) Indicted Monday!

True to form for a sociopath Hillary has managed to project her crimes upon Paul Manafort in her psychopathic pursuit of President Trump.  Hillary really wants to kill Trump then seize power in the USA.

Hillary should be charged with high treason for selling the uranium.

Manafort is being charged with colluding with the Russians in order to win the election.

The fact it was Hillary who colluded all of the time with the Russians!  Hillary did it to get rich and sell out America!

The Return of the Dr. Kent Show

All y’all I will return to the air after an absence of eight and a half years.

Tune in Sunday November 5th at 10:30 AM AZT.

Broadcasting on KFNX 1100 AM Independent Talk Radio out of Phoenix (Cave Creek) streaming live concurrently on the world wide web for one half hour of commercial free truth programming.

My first show will give my accounting of why and how I left the air on Valentine’s Day 2009 and my recovery and discovery of the truth in the Bible.  After telling my story I will deliver an address on The Big Picture.

That is my first show.

My new show will focus on the truth in the Bible and understanding how and why the world is the way it is today.  If you want to understand, tune in and tell your friends.

We will focus upon current events and upon the brainwashing and deception that has seized the world.  The earth groans for her saviors.  The planet’s ability to support life has been challenged!

You will NOT want to miss “Giving Psychology Away!”

The Gospel in the Skies — September 23, 2017

Yesterday, God the Creator announced in the heavens above us what John described more than 2,000 years ago in The Book of Revelations in the Bible.  Contrary to those who think they know the Christian faith, this was no bad omen.  This announced the Great Awakening and The Calling of the Earth’s Saviors because the earth is groaning.

Jensen ASA Electronics and Camping World Come Through

At the beginning of my travels this year, ASA Electronics was kind enough to authorize a replacement 32″ Jensen LED 12v TV and Camping World installed it. It was the right thing to do. The original TV was bad early during the warranty and Camping World missed it.

The new one has a slightly different bezel and it works flawlessly. This is a major improvement in my lifestyle since I use my TV as a computer monitor and this helps greatly.

I have to thank Jensen ASA Electronics in Elkhart and Camping World in Mesa for their help in making this all possible. If I were to part with my travel trailer I am keeping this 12 volt TV and the articulating arm wall mount.

Both Jensen ASA Electronics and Camping World made good on this one. They deserve a most positive public report.

Why I Hate Porsche Spyder 918 (And You Should too)

Whenever Porsche builds a “halo” supercar, their main excuse is that they lose money and its new technology filters down across their cars for years, even decades to come.  Well, that may have been true with the 959 but it certainly is NOT true for the just under $1 Million dollar Spyder 918 Hybrid which now sells for no less than $2 Million per copy.

What Porsche built is an amazing car but it is so far beyond the grasp of the average Porsche driver.  I never thought I would be writing “average Porsche driver” because there is nothing “average” about Porsche owners!  That Spyder 918 is so far beyond the grasp of the normal Porsche owner/driver, that the Spyder is a monumental study in failure.

There are two types of failure.  One, the hopeful failure of such complicated technologies to ever hit the streets on a large scale, and two, the collapse of reliable service at many Porsche dealerships!  This is SERIOUS, folks!

As recently as two years ago I was getting great service at one of my favorite Porsche dealerships, that being at Porsche of Fort Wayne also known as the O’Daniel Automotive Group.  Let me say at the outset NEVER BUY A CAR, NEW OR USED FROM THE O’DANIEL AUTOGROUP on the north side of Fort Wayne, Indiana!  NEVER!  Certainly don’t buy a Porsche from O’Daniel.

Two years ago before the onslaught of the Porsche Spyder 918 Supercar, Porsche service at that dealership was outstanding.  It was among my favorite.  I would often save work on my Cayenne Turbo and have it done at O’Daniel Porsche because it was done well and it was a tad more affordable than the great service I get in the Greater Phoenix Area at both dealerships.  Porsche of North Scottsdale has always provided me with excellent service and the brand spanning new dealership at Porsche of Chandler is developing into another excellent service provider.

But if you own a Porsche in northern Indiana, forget it.  Likewise, if you own a Porsche in Boise, Idaho and have to rely upon Porsche of Boise also known as the Lyle Automotive Group and Lyle Pearson, you might as well take a match and burn your Porsche because you will get lousy service at either!

I would never own a Porsche in Idaho.  In fact, Porsche should suffer demise in ownership and interest if what I have experienced at either location indicates a trend in deterioration in service at Porsche dealerships across the nation.  Porsche of North America and Porsche AG need to take notice of this.

There are two 918 Spyders in sleepy little Fort Wayne, but it seemed every time I was in their shop there was one in service and it takes an entire team to service this complicated marvel of technology.  It takes an entire race team of technicians to service one.  So, Porsche of Fort Wayne pulls all of their good mechanics and places them in the race pit “treating” the one queen bee while the O’Daniel Automotive Group fails to put good Porsche trained technicians on our lowly Porsches including my Cayenne Turbo.

It is an older car, a 2005, but never has a more highly optioned Cayenne Turbo been seen at any dealership.  The techs all marvel at my car, the heaviest of the modern Porsches ever made by Porsche AG, because they see things on my Turbo that they never see on any other car.

Never mind that, the Porsche component of O’Daniel Automotive Group treats my first generation Cayenne and me terribly!  With disrespect.  They do not even put Porsche mechanics on my car by maybe their second string or even their third string on it!

And the way Porsche of Fort Wayne handles my car?  It is tantamount to criminal.  I have a black leather interior and I have a wonderful Porsche sunscreen but when O’Daniel gets my car, they fail to use the sunscreen and as a result of sitting in that hot sun and humidity my seat backs have come unglued not once but twice!  Each seat back glue melted because of the neglect while my SUV was in their possession and the seat backs fell off.  One of them breaking the latches.  If their fiberglass patchwork fails to hold, then I will be required to order all new seat backs from Porsche AG.  I can’t wait to see what that is going to cost!

And when Porsche O’Daniel returned my car after servicing the battery and the alternator, they broke several cowling holding pins (which were intact when I left Porsche of North Scottsdale because they replaced them just before my long cross country trip).  Moreover, there was a bubble in my turbo engine’s cooling system requiring I add coolant (after purchasing and mixing Porsche coolant) over two days that took a massive ONE GALLON of anti-freeze!

To say that was negligent upon the part of the mechanics is an understatement!  I surmise Porsche of Fort Wayne did not even put their Audi mechanics on my Porsche but their third string.  No wonder they were unable to diagnose my SUV and take care of my battery problem under warranty—even after I appeared TWICE telling their service advisor that my brand new Porsche battery that I had just replaced at a cost far exceeding $600 was bad.

In short, this is a bad dealership.  It should have its franchise pulled, but I recommended to Porsche Cars of North America that they require O’Daniel to send their techs to Porsche training so they could adequately service Porsches.

I can not recommend Port of Fort Wayne for anything and I do not recommend Porsche of Boise.  One can only hope and pray that the complex technology on the Porsche Spyder 918 never gets passed on to our regular Porsches because they will be forever in the shop requiring a team of technicians to keep them on the road.

I have more complaints against Fort Wayne Porsche and can tell several stories about the O’Daniel Automotive Group from a Cadillac that went in there ending up with a $10,000 repair bill that was unmerited to a Honda in that area that caught fire after oil change because a mechanic left a rag on the engine.  And Porsche of Fort Wayne can not align a Porsche—they screwed mine up not once but twice!  Take your Porsche’s elsewhere and avoid the headache.

To close on a much more positive note, I have also experienced excellent service at Porsche of Anchorage, Carerra Motors in Bend, Strong Porsche in Salt Lake City, Prestige Imports in Denver, Euroclassics in Midlothian, and my experience at the new Porsche dealership in St. Louis was extremely promising.

Nevertheless, PorscheAG must do a better job in building the Cayenne and all other models because this is the most unreliable car I have ever owned.  I am about to put my fourth set of rear hatch struts in at a cost of $700.  Why can’t Porsche build a decent rear hatch strut?  I seem to only get 60-70,000 miles out of a set. 

The most reliable Porsche to own remains the normally aspirated 911—which almost doesn’t exist anymore.  I can’t wait until the Trump Administration relaxes emissions standards across the board and utilizes a much more real world accurate measure of emissions per mile travelled rather than emissions per gallon consumed.

Allowing auto manufacturers to do what they know best and to have the freedom to innovate rather than strap us with inferior gas, constricting catalytic converters that actually increase toxic emissions and all sorts of things that reduce engine reliability.  I would not buy anything new today.  Why bother when all of the current offerings will soon be obsolete and their replacements will offer more power, greater fuel mileage and much great reliability for even less money than the current government dictated and controlled inferior models?