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Trump: We Are Totally Screwed

No matter how I look at it, we are totally screwed and we, the USA, will be destroyed.  The “Jews” (and they are NOT Jews per Jesus in Revelations 2:9, 3:9) have told us what they were doing to US and we let them do it!

Now, we have a man we did NOT elect in office.  Yes, we elected Trump but THAT is not the same man!

Trump and his family have been threatened and Trump and his family are being held hostage!  The look of fear on the faces in that family tell everything.  They are petrified.  They know Donald’s life is on the line and so are theirs.

The moment we lost General Flynn it was over.  And when his replacement McMaster opened his mouth I knew the deal was sealed!

General Michael T. Flynn was set up and knocked off by the Obama Administration.  And once I heard the new National Security Advisor say that ‘the words “radical Islam” do no one any good,’ I knew we were screwed!  The enemy had forced this jackass off on Trump as the new National Security Advisor!

As a result of his ego, the enemy got to Trump and manipulated Trump into doing their bidding.  Trump has flaws.  Hell, we’ve all got flaws, but this time it might have cost US all!   With our very lives!

The fact is WE ARE THE PROBLEM.  Not the Jews.  Not the Muslims even though THOSE TWO ARE WORKING TOGETHER.  The problem is us!  We turned our backs on God and failed to read our Bibles and we allowed ourselves to be deceived and to become deceivers–just like all of our pastors in the government 501(c)3 churches!

ObamaCare, RyanCare, TrumpCare

Whatever you call the Affordable Healthcare Act and its expansion, it is still a pig.  And that pig won’t fly!  In fact, if it passes, then it’s all over for the United States!

Our economy continues to contract even though Trump is at the helm.  It’s as if nothing’s changed because nothing has!  In fact, it is worse, far worse at this moment because Trump has doubled down of the deployment of our forces around Russia.

Trump is doing the bidding of the Edomite False Jew Israeli’s to the absolute detriment of the US.  The “Jews” have to destroy US because they know it is either US or them.  Look out World War III.

Facebook Scammer “Dannah Haryl” (469) 565-5562

Guys, don’t you hate it when a female in whom you have confided threatens you with the police?  I certainly do.  That’s why I am putting out this public warning on this young woman.

She tried to shake me down long distance for $400.  I can’t tell if she is just a con artist or a prostitute.  Most likely she is BOTH!  So, she is best to avoid.

I am not sure of her name but her Facebook profile is “Dannah Haryl” and she claims her real first name is “Madison” named after the president.  She claims she is 31 and has a one year old son.  She reports that the father is not on their son’s birth certificate, so she is a welfare queen.

She claims she is 6’1″ tall and very thin at 175 pounds.  She claims both her brother and sister reside in Newport, CA and they have taken over total control of their mother who suffers from dementia.  She claims her sister is a musician in some somewhat famous girl’s band but I can’t remember the name except that it is not “Vixon.”  She claims her brother is a retired NBA basketball player.  She says both are well off financially.

She says education should be free and she has student loans which she submitted to the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program but she has not checked on the status of her application.  She refuses to work to support herself which is anti-social.

She claimed she was in Dallas and was taking a bus directly to meet me and she was supposed to arrive on Sunday, but she refused to meet me for coffee or at all because I failed to send her $400 cash blindly and supposedly we had “an arrangement” but heck if I know what she was talking about!

We had only talked on the phone one evening and had a total of one Skype call–and that was an arrangement!  She said it was an “intergenerational thing” but I wasn’t buying it or sex or anything!

She is supposedly unable to remain in Dallas but I don’t know why.  She claimed she quit her job working some sort of beauty makeup counter when they cut back her hours and her benefits.  She supposedly is going to remain in Tempe with her female friend from high school and will make her way to northern Idaho where she has arrangements to teach folks up there on a farm how to farm organically.

It was when she threatened me that the ATF wanted me and things would not go well for me because the police would come out here that I laughed because the police in Tempe already know about me selling my ammunition and the local police know when I am and that I am a good guy.

So you need to know because she appears to be a sociopath and may make herself dangerous to other men by filing false police reports.

Here is a photo of “Madison” (just like the movie about the mermaid!):

Here are her messages she surprised me with demanding money:

“Ill probably need some traveling $ for me and baby food and drinks too, does 400$ sound ok?”

“Have you seen the Cash app? Try it using my code and we’ll each get $10 when you send $50. FWKLCPB”

Gee, $400 for a day for meals and a little spending money sounds like a prostitute to me.  That is way above what I live on!

At the top of this post is her bus fare query which Madison texted to me.




Fools would not hear me when I declared there would be a new game.  That of shooting one’s congressman.  It’s coming.

Citizens are fed up and they know that the entire US Congress is traitor!  They are not going to announce.  They are not going to show up.  They are merely going to shoot, then they are going to shut up!

Moreover, all y’all thought I was a mad man when I declared the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was going to SPIT OUT THE BONES OF THE ALPHABET AGENCIES UPON THE MOUNTAINSIDES.  Well, that Mountain, the LORD’s chosen is here, and we are about to see the sheer destruction of the CIA, FBI, NSA and all of the other Alphabet Soups that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  All are going down the drain.

Peccato!  That’s too bad!

I do not recommend these courses; I merely declared them long ago, but you fools would not listen to me.  It is all coming to fruition.  It is all God’s plan; there is nothing I can do about it, and there is nothing you can do about it!  Nothing.  Nada.  Niente.

Trance-Formation of America

This material provided by a very courageous Cathy Obrien holds the key or at least a major the key to recovering America and saving our Republic!
What you need to know is these techniques of trauma based mind control are used on the public at large.  Please understand I am not claiming that all are sexually abused and programmed but that all are daily traumatized through our mainstream media and all are mind controlled.
Republished from
Published on Oct 16, 2016

Cathy Obrien was raped as a young child by Hillary Clinton. Cathy Obrien has done video interviews and written a book called "Trance Formation of America" detailing the rape by Hillary.

NYPD Clinton Sex Videos

A couple of days have passed since I was informed of what I am publishing on the sex abuse videos found on Anthony Weiner’s lap top.  Here is what my senior psychologist told me.

The New York Police secured these video and photos which are not legal to even possess in America.  So, I have not viewed this material myself and my colleague has not sent me the links because she knows that it is illegal in America, land of the not so free, to even possess one picture, one frame of these!

My peer accessed these videos from the government of Ecuador’s web site!  The Ecuadorians do not have this on their government website to provide titillation.  Rather, Ecuador is a family oriented Catholic Christian nation and they want the public at large to be able to view this sordid video and see for themselves the horror of it because they want to put a stop to it.

But in America, we are not free.  We certainly are not free to view these video ourselves and see for ourselves the evidence, the faces of Bill and Hillary and Huma and their victims–children who are forced to submit to acts they obviously do not consent to as they scream and cry!

She saw the video of Hillary performing oral sex on an apparently 13 year old girl against that child’s wishes!  Huma and Hillary we naked in bed with that 13 year old girl who protested verbally their actions upon her!  IT WAS RAPE!

She saw several videos of former President Bill Clinton raping different underage girls.  One was as young as five years old!  Others were seven and thirteen.  She reported that they must have been six or seven explicit videos of William Jefferson Clinton RAPING MINOR GIRLS!

In each video is was obvious he was raping these underage girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s island!  The girls cried and screamed.

I asked about other adults and if they protected the girls.  My confidant told me that there were many other adults but they were cheering Bill Clinton on and it appeared those adults were engaged in some sort of ritual, a Satanic cult celebration of sorts.

Do you feel protected by our Federal laws against child pornography?  I thought it a good idea to make such things against the law but in this case those laws protect the rich and powerful and the rapists and pedophiles!  We need the freedom in America to be able to view these videos and confirm these heinous deeds.  We need to know the truth and go after these bastards!

Leigh Alexandria Cecil Mugshot


This was taken several years ago.  Alex looks like she is on something and it is not good.

Compare this picture with the one taken years ago that Alex sent to her “manager” Jason.  Here she is gaunt.  There she was vibrant.  Today she is even more gaunt.