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Unsung Heroes

While I myself have retired due to disabilities incurred in 2006 while under inordinate serious fire from both my board, The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, and my employer, once in a great while I still get to help somebody.  I am so blessed to continue to serve our fine men

Last Friday night another of our country’s aging warriors opened up to me and I listened.  He told me (part) of his story and it shocks me.

We were so engaged in conversation that we closed the store down.  He thanked me as we parted because he was told he could not discuss this matter for 40 years!  It has been 40 years since he was captured in North Korea!

It was my privilege and honor to help him resolve those old festering wounds just a little bit more.  In spite of my Board’s terrible treatment of me, effectively prohibiting me from practicing psychology ever again, I have superior skills.

I understand the etiology of schizophrenia’s and mood disorders and I treat them effectively in extremely short order.  One talk with me is all it typically takes.  In fact, I don’t know of another psychologist who knows and understands the causes of thought disorders and bipolar disorders!

When I meet a man like this I do not seek to satisfy my curiosity.  I merely listen and I work quickly, then I do my best to forget so that their privacy is really preserved and respected.

I keep no records.  I charge no fees.  My office can be anywhere.  And most folks don’t even know what I am doing for them.  But they certainly can sense it.  And they walk off freer and jovial.

True, I act outside of the box and my thinking is outside of the box, but YHVH Father God has given me a skill set that no one can match.  I know what I am doing and I don’t have the time to educate the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners.  Heck they did their best to destroy me–just like libtards do.  And the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) is the most corrupt agency of the State!

Several men have opened up to me and many of them were not on the books.  They were so deep under cover that they were not regular Army or even CIA!  They were contractors.

I have been blessed to have been there for them and I know I helped.  I am glad I helped.  These men need to be left alone.  They need to be allowed to live out what is left of their days in peace.  They really accomplished a lot for us, they made serous sacrifices and they remain unsung heroes.

Senator Jeff Flake is a Fraud! [MAKING AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN!]


Stay tuned for what I am going to write about my former Congressman, the current junior Senator from Arizona. I assure you, you are going to be floored!

Senator Jon Kyle, wonderful man as he was, made a grave error and I held him accountable as well. Y’all did not think I was very fair to Senator Kyle but Kyle yielded to the beaconing of the Deep State and sponsored “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which was the death knell to his life as a professional politician.

It’s time we got rid of Jeff Flake. He’s no statesman! He’s a “professional politician” and he is a part of the problem! We need to drain the swamp and, even though he is a Republican, this old lizard has to go!  It may be time to kill that errant Republican Party!

Flake is not merely a flake but a fraud. He is another poster boy for repealing the 17th Amendment! I am taking no prisoners on this. Surrendering is not enough. Senator Jeff Flake should surrender. But restoring the Republic and Making America Great Again requires sending all these traitors packing and . . .


Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag

Within 90 minutes of the bombing today I perceived the Boston Marathon Bombing as a False Flag event designed to help bring further forward the American Police State heading US towards Marshall Law.  How could I discern this?  Simply, the broadcasters on FOX News, which I affectionately call “FAUX News,” brought forward the hype that we in America had better get used to it (bombing) because ‘we are going see more bombings from this moment forward.  We are going to see more bombings in the next few days.’

Now, what expertise and intelligence does FOX’s Shepard Smith have that he can proffer such an ominous prediction?  None!  This “terror speech” was obviously from on top at FOX from the head honchos who determine the verbiage of the outgoing messages to the public.  So, we are told that this is a new phase in American life.

There has been no pattern of bombing, so FOX News can NOT make such a broad sweeping prediction–unless the public let’s FOX News get away with it!  There are no reasons and there is no reason for Americans to expect more bombings–unless this is how our would-be keepers are announcing their new campaign of terror upon the America people!

I call FOUL!  This smacks of manipulation of the masses and I wish others would pick up on these things, not just me.  Listen carefully to the words they employ and ask yourself upon what basis can the news broadcasters make such an ominous claim?  

This also proof that all of our precious news inside America is controlled by our would-be masters.  It’s time to pull back the curtain and expose these bastards for what they are!  Shut off your televisions and radios if these broadcasts bother you.  There is no sense allowing them to manipulate you and cause Acute Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This is exactly what these broadcasts are intended to do–keep the American public stressed, terrorized!

It figures such a heinous deed would be committed on Patriot’s Day, also Tax Day, the Ides of April, April 15th.  I smell something foul in the state of America!

Jodi Arias’ Memory Problems

That Jodi Arias forgets the atrocity she committed murdering Travis Alexander in cold blood doesn’t surprise me.  Neither does it bother me.  More importantly, I don’t believe Arias.  She may be a pathological liar.  Indeed, Arias is doing all she can to preserve her life, but I’m not buying it.  Moreover, the jury is not buying it!

Nevertheless, let’s assume Jodi Arias is really unable to remember murdering Travis.  Still, that does not surprise me.  From my experience working in Level 5 Maximum Security with serious offenders, I have seen a convict with a less than perfect memory.

He worked as a janitor near my office inside “The Walls.”  You would know this as Central Unit at the Arizona State Prison Complex–Florence.  I saw this man often.  Plus, he submitted a Health Needs Request to see me for therapy.

Initially, he claimed that he “only fired the gun once” and was confounded when the prosecuting attorney claimed he fired six times into his girlfriend’s torso.  I don’t recall exactly why I saw him.  I don’t remember why he sought my help.  Perhaps he merely needed help adjusting to confinement in Maximum Security.

Later, much later, when he was being escorted into Cell Block 4 by two security officers, his hands were  shackled behind his back as the security officer guided him with one hand up the gray stairs, when he saw me he yelled at me aloud and all could hear.  But he didn’t care.  He had finally remembered firing the entire cylinder into his girlfriend.  He was elated to recall the murder he had committed and he had the officers stop so he could tell me of his recent revelation.  He was elated to have recovered his memory.

Nevertheless, I could not ethically desensitize him to his own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder least I risk desensitizing that man to committing murder!  It seemed to take a year before his anxiety had subsided and he finally was able to recall the dastardly deed which he had committed.

Most of the inmates I saw suffered from a multitude of maladies.  Each represented a rich case that was complex.  Almost all of the inmates I saw suffered from PTSD, most of them at the hands of others.  However, I found that a person could suffer PTSD at their own hands witnessing the horrible crime they had committed.

Perhaps this is associated with “splitting” or “dissociating.”  That is an area rich for research.

Jodi Arias in my humble opinion is and has been “blocking” others.  Her presentation is so variable, so self contradicting, that I believe Arias remembers everything.  Even if Arias doesn’t remember everything, Jodi Arias will always be a danger to others.  She has earned the death penalty.

I hope every jury member agrees with me.  I have yet to meet a person in the public at large who does not want to see Arias sentenced to death and executed.  Every woman I talk with expresses unequivocally without any reservation that they want to see Arias put to death.  I feel for the jury as they have had to demonstrate extreme patience, but I sense they jury is seeing Arias for the monster she is.  Jodi Arias must be made an example for any and all who would consider killing in such a terrible combination of lethal methods.

The sociopath believes they are superior to the rest of us.  They regard us as fish; food for them.  The one adjective the sociopath uses to describe others is “stupid.”