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Phoenix Police Perform Admirably

The Phoenix Police Department should be awfully proud.  They’ve been in action far too much lately but they have really been doing a great job.

Yesterday, the Phoenix Police reacted so quickly and were right on the scene so fast, one must ask, “How do they do that?”

I know we’ll never be able to repay them for their service.  They are doing a wonderful job under extremely serious conditions and the quick action of the their brave officers certainly has saved several lives yesterday and during the horrible shoot out last week.

All I can say is I salute you.  A lot of people in the Greater Phoenix Area are extremely grateful for all the training and hard work Phoenix Police bring to task.

You’ve my support and admiration.  Certainly, if I saw a Phoenix Police Officer under duress I would do whatever possible to support that officer, even drawing my own weapon to defend the life of an officer of a Police force that has done and does so much to maintain law and order in The Valley of the Sun.


Protecting Your Data from an EMP

A microwave over makes a good faraday shield.

Put your computer and your spare drives inside it to protect your data from an Electro Magnetic Pulse.

This will prevent you from losing all your computer files should an EMP pulse from a powerful explosion occur. A rare event indeed but a little prevention goes a long ways.

You’ll have data and computing power while others will be left floundering.

The US on the Brink of Destruction (edited, corrected)

The United States sits ever so closely on the brink of destruction as we have an insane man at the helm who has a bunch of insane observers and cheer leaders in Congress and the Senate and THE NEWS MEDIA!  Even the News Media falsely attributes Sarah Palin’s statements when she said nothing remotely close to demanding the US nuke Russia over this!

But, if it keeps up and our leadership goes unchecked, which it will with the prick John Boehner as Speaker of the House and John McCain as our death provocateur abroad, and America refuses to wake up and realize it HAS BEEN MEDDLING IN THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS in the Ukraine and many other countries abroad, there is a good chance in all of this that THE FEDERAL RESERVE DOLLAR WILL BE DESTROYED!

Now, can you imagine if overnight your currency had merely 25% of its buying power left?  Would that not be humbling or even hobbling the American people?

Could a more effective war be waged against the American people?

The answer is no, a more effective war could not be waged against America!

The problem is all of those in office and those who would be our leaders and masters are certifiably mentally ill.  They are insane.  They are extremely mentally ill!

The solution is for the Israelite descendants in America to wake up, realize who they are, and turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.  Only by repenting and begging the God of Israel can America survive!

This requires loving the truth and justice, in that order.  Abiding by the Ten Commandments as best we can with the help of the Holy Spirit Jesus sent.  And reading our whole Holy Bibles so that we can know the truth and come to terms with an angry God!