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FBI and CIA using Gangs

While it may seem incredulous that the CIA would be currently training MS-13 gang members, remember the people who are illegally occupying America have been  planning this for a long time. In fact, the first I heard of anything involving gangs was the FBI planning to use gangs as cannon fodder to go after us and seek out those who would be most resistant.

That was 20 years ago exactly!  And these folks have a way of planning and finessing their diabolical plans over long periods of time. They have the think tanks behind them with many psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists working for them contributing to their knowledge base. They run constant experiments upon US gathering data about our responses.

They have this down to a science!  And these are the same people who did that to Germany and Russia and China in the last century. They are getting ready to do it.  Actually, THEY ARE DOING IT TO AMERICA RIGHT NOW!

They have been conducting their psychosociopolitical warfare for decades in the United States and around the world.

They are a combination of descendants of peoples described in the confederacy God details in Psalms 83.  READ THE BIBLE!

CIA Training MS-13

Friday I received report from outside the controlling confines of our once great nation very disturbing news.  My friend had been watching videos on the internet of the CIA training the infamous gang the MS-13 to occupy America.

When I asked for links, I was informed that the videos are on a separate internet and that I would have to buy access to it.  It is very expensive. Besides, I have enough trouble getting regular internet locally.  Furthermore, I doubt our keepers with DHS, the NSA, the FBI and the CIA and all other alphabet soup agencies would allow access to such videos.

This is not the first time I have heard of our government using gangs to rape, pillage, murder and occupy US.  The first time I heard of something like this was 20 years ago. At the time it was presented to me as the FBI using the drug gangs as “cannon fodder” to oppress the population at large. The gang members would launch the initial attack against citizens with the promise they could keep all they could steal and have at us in any way they wanted.

Today, however, this does not apply. Why? Because the tactics of the MS-13 are different. First, the MS-13 are trained in guerilla warfare tactics to terrorize. Second, and far more important, the MS-13 do not “recruit” members. They prefer to conquer exiting gangs, take them over and enslave them.

So, MS-13 gang members will not be cannon fodder. Rather, the members of the gangs they take over will be thrown at us.

While it is best to take this report with a grain of salt, the fact is those who illegally occupy the US and assassinated JFK and many others and pulled off 9/11 and thus far have gotten off without an accusation are behind this. When we solve one crime, we solve them all. Right now it appears folks are wanting to know the truth about so many things that their cover is falling apart. From 9/11 to Fast ‘n Furious to Benghazi to the IRS to this illegal invasion Amnesty by our “acting President,” The American people are furious at both the Democrats and the Republicans.