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My Commitment to Police Officers

Whenever I hear the news or an officer say he shot a man because he had a gun, I shudder. Why? Because I have a gun, many citizens in the US have guns. So, the idea that you merely shot a man because he had a gun or you thought he had a gun is terrible!

If on the other hand, you shot a man because he was threatening your life or about to take your life or that of another, then I hear a justification for lethal force. However, that is not quite what my letter is about.

My friends and I have talked about whether or nor we would draw our weapons to defend another and for the most part we are in agreement. We would not draw our weapons to protect strangers because of the troubles we could face as a consequence. Nevertheless, I have resolved to draw my weapon to protect one class of strangers.

Should I see a police officer down or under serious duress or a fireman being attacked by anyone with a gun or a knife or any weapon that could pose lethality, I WILL DRAW MY WEAPON IN DEFENSE OF A POLICE OFFICER or fireman.

Should I see a man with a gun who is actively shooting people without cause and there are bodies down (people are injured) and he continues to shoot, I will draw my weapon and attempt to stop him.

Other than for my own self defense and that of people I know, those are two scenarios in which I can imagine drawing my weapon to defend others including fire fighters and especially policemen.

So, don’t think you are alone and be glad citizens like me and my friends carry arms. We’ve got your back!

Stay safe.

Go home when your shift is done.

Thank you for your service.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Kent

An Open Letter to Fidel Castro in Cuba

Dear Fidel Castro,

Never did I think I would be addressing a letter to you.  Then I thought of the problems in getting a letter delivered physically to you.  And that would activate several branches of our governments’ oversight agencies including the US FBI and CIA and our illustrious (sarcasm) Department of Homeland Security as well as the intelligence agencies and policing forces of your government in Cuba.

But I am already on a few lists and I, like very American today, am watched and there is no privacy and maybe even less freedom of thought.  So, I write you openly on the internet hoping that Cuban intelligence will find this letter and convey my request to you.

As a small side note, our paths have almost somewhat crossed.  More recently I have visited a tiny church building in Amish country outside Fort Wayne, Indiana.  My friend informed me you were a featured guest and spoke there sometime in the 1950’s when it was a Baptist church.

Also, there is another family matter which I dare not make public here.  Let it suffice to say I am grateful no one I know participated in the Bay of Pigs.  One man dear to me decided not to accept the invitation to join that most unwelcome party that was so ill fated!  That would have been very bad for me had he volunteered.

I have a favor to ask of you and I have nothing to offer you in return, but I think you will like what I propose as it challenges the establishments against which you rebelled and facilitates establishing your legacy.  Please give it full consideration.

Would you, Fidel Castro, consider revealing the full histories and the files you have on the assassination attempts on your life and the assassination attempts and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

Please consider this.  I think it is in your best interests in several ways.  First, it clears the air and as the survivor of many assassination attempts revealing this would lend itself well to your place in history.  Second, having the truth released in my country would cause such a firestorm of activity and disbelief that it would actually light up the world as people around the world became much more aware of those people behind the scenes who have been running the world for years—and reveal those outsiders who now illegally occupy the USA.

Information is power and having such knowledge places you in a situation in which you could change the world for the better and have a tremendous impact.  Please consider making the facts and records available.  It could change the structure of the world and its governing bodies forever.  Truly, this act upon your command would shake up the world to a much greater degree than anything you have done previously.  Such a move would allow our solving of the Kennedy assassination and make that public, and such a move would facilitate establishing your legacy.

If I might offer you my expertise or assistance in any way, please call upon me.  I am a man who loves the truth and enjoys returning favors, and I would be indebted to you should you find wisdom in acting upon my advice.


Dr. John Taylor Kent

Lone Wolf Propaganda

The purpose of the entire concept of the LONE WOLF is to blunt the will of the public and protect the Muslims from us defending our selves!

Remember, even wolves hunt in packs. Moreover, half of DHS is staffed with Muslims. Our president is a Muslim.

Don’t buy into the LONE WOLF TERRORIST propaganda! It is designed by the sociopaths who rule us to lull us into a false sense of security so that the Muslims can flood our country and destroy us!