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My concern over Antarctica is the elite are about to pull their grand deception. Do not be surprised if you suddenly find you have lived to see the return of Jesus but it is not the real one.

We are approximately 17 years out from the true return. But that is only my opinion and is not an inspired message. When do you think Jesus, the real one, returns?

Julian Assange: I was Wrong

While I am glad Assange remains with us, I am happy to admit I was wrong. I did detect a radical shift in character for Wikileaks and I think I have an understanding of why Julian has changed the demeanor of his website.

It appears Assange has finally gotten close to the root of evil on the planet and one dares not speak too openly about those devils least they kill one. We are all on the same boat. We are ruled, dare I say owned, by Satan and his spawn.

I know many of you think I am crazy and perhaps you are right, but I remain crazy and zealous for my God and the truth. My God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I suggest you access His Word, His Mind, His Will, and His Law by immersing yourself in the Bible.

While the evil one was able to change our Bible, there is still enough in there to come to an understanding of the truth. Sadly, you will ultimately learn that the state of our nation is not the fault of the evil one, but our own fault! We turned our backs on God and God has decreed judgment upon America! It is not good!


I had two Hillary Voting Libtards in my face this month and they were angry and ugly. They do not understand that the general public has had it with them and we are on the verge of CIVIL WAR!

Get out of my face DEMOCRATS and Libtards and Republicans! We are way beyond Locked ‘n Loaded!

May I be Wrong about Julian Assange

I hope I am wrong about Julian Assange being dead. It is an error I will readily accept and be relieved. I must admit I got a hunch just before the election and the sudden change in character on Wikileaks has had me convinced that they killed Assange. Perhaps President Trump may bring Julian to the states and grant him the asylum Assange merits.

As far as the recent interview by Sean Hannity, the forces who rule over us and Hollywood have all the technology to fake such life like events. They are good enough to fool anyone–even the heads of state that they have been kidnapped by aliens! I don’t trust those who rule over us who are in control of the Deep State.

2016 We Lost Julian Assange

Julian L. Assange was our greatest loss in 2016. Julian was last seen in the latter part of October 2016. This was after Hillary Clinton and many in the Obama Administration made public utterances that they wish Assange would be killed.

Secretary of State John Kerry delivered ultimatums to Ecuador which resulted in the Ecuadorian Embassy cutting off Julian’s internet feed. While there was a work around so that Assange could keep Wikileaks functioning it was shortly thereafter that the CIA was able to Jerry Hoffa Assange!

And like the old union boss Hoffa, Assange’s body will never be found!

Moreover, the CIA and our “intelligence agencies” have taken over Wikileaks.

Julian Assange was about to release hard evidence that would have required the imprisonment of approximately 70% of sitting Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen for pedophilia, child pornography and quite possibly the murder and cannibalism of adults and children.

Truly, our government is dirty and it is corrupt beyond repair.

Julian L. Assange revealed our government for what it is, what our leaders do and how terrible they are. There is no justice in the USA. We have been taken over from within and there will be no relief. There is no justice.

There is no protection for whistleblowers and Assange showed us the Democratic Part for what it is and the Republican Party is just as bad.

Sadly, we will never see or hear Julian Assange again. His killers had to make sure that Assange would appear to disappear so that their crime would not be discovered for a long time. The CIA wanted it to appear Julian has run away. But we know better. And know you know better. The CIA killed Assange after he revealed Hillary Clinton and the Deomcrats for what they really are. George Soros and the Rothschilds were certainly involved.

Who killed Julian Assange? Look at who benefits.