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The Death of the MSM (and America)

I don’t know exactly when the Main Stream Media died but I think I speak for the vast majority of Americans when I write that none of us would shed a tear if these famous talking heads were suddenly to all die.  Seriously, the average American is tired of the MSM and we know, with the exception of many of the Democrats and the left, that the MSM would rather destroy America than see Americans proper and enjoy life without their “guidance” and domination.

The MSM is totally foreign owned.  The MSM does not represent Americans and could care less about America.  Most Americans look forward to the day the MSM dies.  We are tired of their games, their lies, their deceiving.  We all know the MSM works for the elite who are busy poisoning us and degrading our lives.  We can not wait for relief from the MSM and we are ready to take any relief we can get–even if it means every big city in America burns!  WE ARE TIRED OF IT!

This is the summer of our discontent and all it would take is President Trump appealing directly to the people and reading from the FBI dossiers on each and every member of the legislature to get us to swarm DC armed, locked and loaded.  The military would have a hard time putting down two million armed citizens who were there in DC to enforce the laws which law enforcement will not uphold.

There is no rule of law in America!  There is no justice in America!  We, the people, are going to get justice and the elite may flee America for their foreign estates but they will never come back again.  I look forward to the day that “Big Game Hunting” means one has properly killed a Congressman or a Senator or a Supreme Court Justice for bad Behavior!

This what the democratic party gave us with Kenyan Barack Obama and those murderous Clintons and the killers of Presidents called the Bushes!  America has the blood of all of those people murdered in the last century on its hands.

You may not understand me but the fact is we in America have allowed the enemies of mankind to reside in America and to plot and plan their murderous wars from our own shores.  Hence, we are responsible.  As a result God is judging US and we will be on the receiving end of numerous weapons, including Israel’s nukes.

Why has Comey NOT been Charged with Obstruction of Justice?

I mean, is Jeff Sessions asleep at the wheel?  It seems our Attorney General should have arrested former FBI Director Comey and hand cuffed him and charged Comey with Obstruction of Justice if there was a failure on Comey’s part to report to the Justice Department as required by law.

The lack of an arrest indicates that there is no justice in America!  NONE!

If Trump Calls Upon the People . . .

If Trump calls the people out and tells the people non-stop about the crimes of the Senators and Congressman, then DC will come to a stop while we try them all for their treason and there will be public hangings as required by the US Constitution.

Every government institution and all of their laws and regulations are unconstitutional at the federal level.  Once the States take power back then we have a chance to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC and that is THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Then, the world will be a better placer.  The planet will be safer.

Call the people to arms and shut down DC until we charge and try and hang all legislators and then we seat a Constitutional Congress (no pay only a simple per diem, no benefits) and a Constitutional Senate (sent from their State legislatures and not directly elected by the people and compensated by their own States).

REPEAL THE 17th AMENDMENT!  NEGATE ALL PAY AND BENFITS FOR CONGRESS!  Congressman give their time and when they can no longer afford to support themselves, they go home!

Conklin Fuel Mate Plus & Catalytic Converters

When my friend wanted me to use his Conklin products in my Porsche Cayenne I was wary but I did look at the Conklin products.  I dared not touch their lubricants and especially their gear grease and transmission fluid, but I thought I had found a gasoline treatment that might help my engine run cleaner.  I certainly did but at a price.

Their 4-Power G Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner also seemed innocuous enough, so I tried them both.  Now, my car requires premium fuel but getting that is not a problem.  And my car does not have readily replaceable fuel filters.  Couple that with the fact I drive it rather sedately so that when I do have to hit the gas and make an emergency move it gets rather embarrassing to see that cloud of crap dumped out the back of my car as the spark plugs clean off their deposits!

Conklin’s 4-Power G does not seem to be the problem but Conklin’s Fuel Mate Plus appears to have caused so much damage in my car that when it came time to return it, I did just that (no refund).  Certainly, I owned the case and had half of it left.  I could have given it away or even resold it, but neither route seemed right.

Fuel Mate Plus had already cost me in repairs and was on the verge of costing me thousands in replacing my catalytic converters but I think I stopped using it in time.  I really am not sure and only time will tell.  But since I stopped using Fuel Mate Plus my check engine light has not come on.  I am hoping that I stopped in time to save the catalytic converter.

Last fall with only 28,000 miles on a new set of ignition coils, three of them went out at once!  Now, one or two I understand but three means there is something seriously wrong.  I replaced my plugs at the same time and those were in good shape.  But plugs are relatively cheap whereas each ignition coil is $80.  I suspect the ignition coils went bad working to compensate for the thrown off timing caused by using Fuel Mate Plus.

I never did notice a verifiable increase in mileage across the time I used half a case of Fuel Mate Plus.  I even tried using less than the amount recommended and that actually seemed beneficial.  My engine makes slightly less power when using Fuel Mate Plus.

Conklin claims that Fuel Mate Plus is safe for catalytic converters and they even claimed in email that it would make catalytic converters last longer!  Really?

When Fuel Mate Plus first came out the packaging said it was safe for catalytic converters but it no longer says that.

When my check engine light came on I was using Shell V-Power.  Shell was about the last company to put ethanol in their premium and once Shell did that my car stopped liking Shell.  It appears that Shell uses a much higher carbon content in their particular ethanol because I notice more soot on my exhaust pipes using Shell V-Power.  Even Costco burns cleaner than Shell V-Power.

Point of Information: My Turbo seems to like Quick Trip better and it burns cleaner.  I was on the road and Shell was all that was available when I needed fuel.

Point of Information: I have been using ethanol free 91 octane lately and my car really likes it.  Country Mark 91PLUS is the best gas I can find in Fort Wayne.  If anyone knows of a better gas in the area, such as an ethanol free 93 octane, please let me know.

Conklin says that Fuel Mate Plus “lengthens” the burn time thereby giving more mpg, but as far as I can tell what Fuel Mate Plus really does is “retard” the timing and reduces power.  My V8 runs better without Fuel Mate Plus.  I think that Fuel Mate Plus by retarding the timing is also putting more pressure on my car’s catalytic converters.  I suspect Conklin Fuel Mate Plus does this on other car’s catalytic converters.

Certainly, there are many variables.  For one we have an EPA that lies to us about catalytic converters and fuel.  We have auto manufacturers who are happily making money replacing parts.  No one appears truthful.

What is the cost on my Porsche?  First, my diagnosis and computer reset cost me almost $155 after PCA discounts.  Without the discounts their labor approaches $180 an hour!

Second, Porsche of Albuquerque was insistent the catalytic converter on the passenger side would require replacing.  The cost of the part was almost $2,000 and the estimate was five hours labor.  Now, that’s for just one side.  Double that for both catalytic converters.  For comparison, the cost of the entire catalytic system on my Toyota Avalon was $300 including labor.

There really are a lot of variables but the fact is even when I am running the standard 91 octane with ethanol my engine light remains off.  Whether or not it will stay that way I do not know but I am going to find out.  I am not using Conklin.

No more additives for me.  I can’t wait until America can have real gasoline again, ethanol free.  That 50 cents more per gallon for engine destroying corn syrup is going to our totally corrupt politicians!  Pull the plug on corn and drain the swamp.

O’Daniel Automotive Group and Porsche of Fort Wayne

Right now I am not very happy with my auto insurance company, USAA.  They are no better than any other insurance company but USAA was once one of the best.  Not any more.  But I want to get back on track.

Porsche of Fort Wayne gave me good service a few years back but that did not last long.  My problems started with their body shop.  O’Daniel Motor Sales Body Shop does shoddy workmanship and does NOT stand behind their work.  They have only a 90 day warranty policy!

Let’s start with their first mistake.  I told them explicitly not to install the front plate on my new front end for my Porsche Cayenne Turbo.  One would think they would listen to me since I am the owner of the car and the replacement cost on one of these cars optioned similarly to mine exceeded $160,000 four years ago.  But, no, they did not do as I instructed.

Moreover, they used the broken front license plate mount!  O’Daniel drilled into the new front end and ruined its aesthetics!  You might think this makes no difference but it does.  For one, the increased air flow allows me to tow up hills at approximately 5 mph faster than with the air obstructed.  It allows the transmission to stay cooler.

O’Daniel ultimately wanted $900 more from me to repair the damage they had done.  But, we are just getting started.

In short, their body shop really sucks.  They botched up their paint job by splattering something on the front end and onto my hood which was not involved in the accident.  There was some sort of acid or liquid which resulted in a spray droplet pattern that resulted in losing the paint and the clear coat in those contaminated areas.

There is more to this and I will detail it soon.  Just do not buy a car from them and don’t bother with their auto body shop.  Certainly, do not take your Porsche there for service and never expect that you are going to buy and own a Porsche in Fort Wayne and be able to get it serviced properly.

I am bringing this to the attention of Porsche Cars of North America, the Porsche Club of America and to the Porsche family members themselves. #PCA, #PCNA

Overall, I would have to say that Porsche is no longer a brand that is worth buying in America.  Certainly, Porsche, especially the new ones, are not very road worthy.  Nor are the new Porsche cars reliable.

There are a few, a very few good dealerships across North America and you can’t drive a Porsche freely and in security across America.  From the lack of spare tires to the variability in technical expertise, I’d say Porsche has done themselves in!

The new cars are three times more complex than my own original version Cayenne.  New Porsches are nothing more than time bombs . . . waiting to go off.

To my fellow PCA members in Alaska, I assure you there is no reliable service anywhere.  When you get a good technician or a great dealership, stick with them and do not go too far away.  Because your Porsche will strand you.

Church of Israel


What fate should befall the man who rejects God’s messenger unceremoniously?  Who sends away the one bringing an important Israelite message and a precious first church lesson?

What fate should befall the pastors who lie, deceive, and partake in character assassination?

I saw the bird of prey, massive, overhead at mid day.  It soared south, high on the winds, wings set.  It made no sense.  A great horned owl mid day.

Then the Lord showed me the trees on fire about a mile and a half ahead.  Dark thick smoke billowing upward with the wind.  It made no sense.  Dark smoke from the trees.

The Lord showed me His judgment; it is against the Church of Israel.

To fail to act in an orderly and responsible manner is not fitting for the lead Pastor.  To conduct one’s self in a manner with complete disregard for the life of another is negligence.  To rile up and to kindle within the man of low intelligence hatred and vitriol.  To pump him up and wind him up and send him (wrongly) on a false mission.  To use his emotions and manipulate an old man causing that sort of trouble is evidence of a lack of intelligence and an impoverished understanding of the Bible.

You have sealed your fates.  Those adults have failed their children and their grandchildren.

The LORD directs me not to pray for you.

Woe to you who conduct yourself in a manner to attempt to cause harm to the LORD’s man!  Judgment is against the body of your church.

What should be the fate of the Pastor who rejects God’s messenger?

Avoid O’Daniel Auto Group

For quite some time I have been meaning to warn the public about Porsche of Fort Wayne and O’Daniel Motor Group in general.  It is best to avoid them at all of their locations and in all of their services.

Forget about owning a Porsche and getting service in Fort Wayne and their auto body shop is staffed with crooks!  I will be getting into all of the details but first allow me to say:

Porsche no longer makes reliable roadworthy vehicles.  The Porsche warranty, whether it is factory CPO or Porsche dealership service is worthless.

Porsche does NOT stand behind their warranty service policies and the new Porsches are nothing less than time bombs waiting to go off.  I will have a lot to say, but Porsche of Fort Wayne can not be trusted and their service is sloppy, shoddy and incompetent.  Porsche of Fort Wayne can not even give a decent alignment.

Never buy a Porsche from O’Daniel.  IN fact, it would serve you better not to buy a new Porsche at all.  Why?  They are overly complicated.  Dealership technicians differ on their diagnoses and recommendations and parts and repairs are always through the roof.

My car?  A first version Cayenne Turbo.  I have 216,000 miles, a lot of experience and have been to many Porsche dealerships across the nation.  I am going to report upon it all, in detail.

I estimate the cost to run to be between $2-$3 per mile.


Trey Gowdy for FBI Director or the Supreme Court? THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN AMERICA

Representative Trey Gowdy certainly knows how to ask questions and garner attention, but the problem is he never got to the bottom of anything. Now, was that because it was all merely theater or was that because the Democrats succeeded in obstructing justice?

I think it was BOTH.

While I respect the man immensely I really think his efforts to date take him out of the Directorship of the FBI. That said, I want Trump to appoint Trey Gowdy to the Supreme Court as fast as possible.

We had FIVE justices that needed to be replaced. The first was assassinated and until Trump declares a proper investigation into Anton Scalia’s apparent murder, this errant central federal communist government will have NO CREDIBILITY! NONE!

The last justice we need to replace is Clarence Thomas. Why? Because he has ruled in favor of his former employer Monsanto thereby enabling Mosanto’s killing of the planet. It is obvious to anybody that Monsanto was commissioned to depopulate the earth and now they are taking trees and forests and all animal life with human life!

The first one that has to be fired for bad Behavior according to the Constitution is that drunk un-American bitch who has violated her oath of office since her first ruling. Ginsberg has to go. If for nothing less than being drunk publically and falling asleep during Obama’s re-coronation!

The second one to go is Elena Kagan. That fat cunt failed to recuse herself completely from ObamaCare when she was the federal government’s attorney representing ObamaCare. That Jewish lesbian voted in a direct conflict of interest that would get any junior attorney disbarred. That’s exactly what should happen to Ms. Kagan. She should be disbarred.

The third one to go is Kennedy. Why? Read his one page opinion on ObamaCare. In about the middle paragraph Kennedy says that the he and the Supreme Court are unable to judge! If he’s unable to judge, then why have we hired him? Why are we paying him? He is an embarrassment and needs to step down. I don’t care that his entire family was threatened by the Deep State, Anthony Kennedy signed his own letter of resignation when he issued that opinion and salvaged an obviously unconstitutional act.

The fourth one is already gone and his murder goes unanswered. Why? Because THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN AMERICA! NOT EVEN FOR A SITTING SUPREME COURT JUSTICE!

Call Jeff Sessions at 202-514-2000 or the comment line of the AG at 202-353-1555 and



It may seem like I am ambivalent about Mr. Gowdy.  I have little faith in man and men.  Without God we are truly lost.  The system is so corrupt and murder and the shedding of innocent blood so PROFOUND that Americans do not realize that our own CIA runs around killing our own citizens inside of our borders all the time and they get away with murder because all of our institutions are centrally controlled.  The sooner we turn to God and the sooner we de-centralize, the better it will be for everyone.

FBI Director James Comey was Dirty as Hell

The real question is why FBI Director James Comey is not in prison? Did his wife not accept huge bribes upon his behalf while he obstructed justice and protected Hillary?

Comey’s probe into the Russian influences in the election was a demonstration of Comey’s extremely poor judgment. I doubt the FBI will ever recover it’s prestige from Comey’s obvious corruption.

Couple that with J. Edger Hoover literally murdering all of the witnesses to the JFK assassination and one begins to understand why “policing” was reserved by the Constitution to the States!

All the FBI does is babysit perverted politicians and try to keep them out of trouble. We really need to restore the Republic.

That would require killing all of Senate. Sadly, the bastards in office would never allow the people to have a peaceful return, a “revolution,” to self rule. And it may take nothing less than outright violence to remove Israeli Duals from the Senate like Chuck Schumer and outright traitors like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Truly, these men have violated their oaths of office in so may ways that proper investigation and prosecution will be impossible. God needs to step in and sort this out. We need to act before these Bastards completely destroy the earth’s capacity to support life!


Bringing the murderers of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia to justice is crucial to restoring our Republic!

Why has President Donald John Trump failed to investigate this murder committed under Obama that leads directly to John Podesta and Chelsea Clinton and hence to her mother Hillary Rodham Clinton?