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Partner Wanted

At the behest of a dear friend of mine and a recent acquaintance as well as other true friends, I am posting this announcement.  It seems wise.  It appears to be good advice.  I am tired of dating sites and their limitations as well as their fees and I have been alone for a long time.

What I am looking for is extremely rare.  I want a help mate.  Someone to build an estate with and to help me accomplish my life goals.  I am an older man yet I have no children.  I have been very careful and perhaps too careful but I have failed to abide by God’s prime directive.  To fill the earth and multiply.

Many might argue it is too late to do this.  They could arguably cite my age and they could make a darn convincing argument that the world is not a safe place.  But that is the way people have felt ever since who knows when!

My preference is a woman much younger than I who is of child bearing years.  On the other hand I really enjoy the conversation with a woman of my own age.  With similar experiences to draw upon the conversations can get really deep and I enjoy that.  But I don’t see a way around having children unless the woman is much younger than myself.

I have no bottom limit on age but 30 seems like a good number.  I do have a limit on philosophy and religion and I want a woman who agrees with and preferably shares my faith.  What am I?  Labeling my faith is a problem.  I am a Bible reading man.  I practice what is best called The Faith of Our Fathers.

My life’s goal is to publish books, get back on the radio, offer my psychological expertise as a consultant and do my best to save my nation and restore the earth’s capacities to sustain life.  With that in mind, I seek a major contributor.  One without whom I can not accomplish my lofty tasks and goals.  One whom would carry on the message and faith after I am gone.

I am not a perfect man and I am not seeking the perfect woman.  I am just seeking the one perfect for me.

Feel free to contact me.

Violence from the Left Liberals

More than a decade ago I predicted people would be shooting their senators and congressmen due to treason and the public’s impossible attempts to regain control of this errant government but never did I see the violence and the shooting coming strictly from the left.  We have a democrat problem and those retards on the left are totally kontrolled by our foreign owned media.

Certainly, the Edomites have taken over America from within and the Edomite dominates all life inside America and for the most part the rest of the world.  Ezra Pound was right.  He called them Jews and failed to distinguish them from the Edomites mentioned in the Bible.

It really is time to dissolve these corporations which our founders never would have allowed and it is way past time to purge our nation of the Israeli Dual Citizens who say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan!  The Bible is relevant.  Read Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 and the book of Obadiah.  Realize who the enemy is from Genesis 3:14-15 and this is the battle–for the survival of the earth!

The shooting of Republicans in Alexandria at the baseball practice is only the beginning.  More democrats and extreme leftists are going to follow their brainwashing.  They are going to disrupt and destroy America and the USA.