Monthly Archives: April 2020

The Left Launches First Phase of their Revolution and Wins!

While we’ve been arguing “if the COVID is real” we’ve missed the point! The Left decided to destroy our economies so that the Left can remake the world in their “GREEN IMAGE” which means that “green horse” in Revelations has finally taken meaning. Berle was the Muslim color but more importantly it is the “green revolution.”

My question is: What are we going to do about it?

We can’t fire the return shot. To resort to firearms only plays into the NWO Evil Ones who want to cull the herd.

Don’t tell me Tom Hanks and his wife are being truthful when they claim they have the Covid! The pedophiles have locked ranks with the rest of the “Left” in order to beat the rest of us who have been on the heels of getting justice for the 800,000 children who go missing annually in the USA!


Truth about this Corona Pandemic and COVID-19 is it doesn’t exist!

It’s a hoax!

This is the attempt at take down for the entire world by the Edomites, the international banksters, the false Jews and all of their secret societies and all of the dominions of evil!

The lungs and deaths look like severe altitude sickness and are what would be expected should a person be suddenly abruptly dropped at the top of Mount Everest or lose all ability to oxygenate!

What else interferes with breathing and the transfer of oxygen into the body? That’s right. My money is on 5G.

If people don’t wake up and start burning the 5G towers, big and small, it’s over. Their weaponization of the earth’s surface and low earth orbit will be complete.

The Earth groans for her saviors!