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Lessons From Minnesota

Do not be deceived.

Do not take sides.

It’s another lie. We are not violent enough for the elite so they decided to start the Civil War with or without us.

I suggest you lay back and make no judgment(s). Why? Because the White police violence upon a supposed Black victim was a hoax.

Why did they do this? To start massive civil unrest and if possible a Race War. Why? So they have an excuse to crack down on us and disarm us.

Why? What is behind this?

This is Edomite George Soros’ last attempt to Destroy America! By backing all of these well orchestrated, well organized “protests” (which are really riots featuring looters) Soros is hoping to avoid charges for himself and againt Obama for High Treason!

Tighten down the hatches. Do not protest or even do to look at the damages. Don’t play into their hands!

This is another massive public PsyOp manipulation. Just like the (fake) COVID-19 “plandemic!”

President Obama has been running an illegal operation right along side the legitimate Trump Administration. Obama committed high Treason and I hope he hangs!

The problem is none of us knows which side President Trump is really on. Right now Trump looks like he is an “Israel Firster.” Trump appears to be a Trojan Horse for the NWO!

If President Trump does not reveal “COVID-19” for what it really is and investigate the “pandemic” hoax fully, then he is not “America First!” There is no way out of this! Either Trump does what is right and proves he is for America or else he is just another puppet for Israel and we all about to be genocided. G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E-D!

We are about to be killed en masse and reduced to merely 69 million as foretold by the Degal website until those two pages were taken down last winter. As foretold by the Georgia Guidestones!

Let me make this clear, Degal for years said that the USA with 326 Million people would be reduced to merely 69 Million survivors by 2025. And the Georgia Guidestones advocate for reducing the earth’s population to merely 500 Million! We are almost 7.8 Billion people. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates want to reduce our population with their vaccines!

Again, my advice: Don’t take sides. Do not let them start a Civil War or a Race War. Stay law abiding. Pray and read your Bibles. Bible readers know that the times are evil and the deception is great. Jesus the Messiah warned us clearly and often: