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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s Sedition Caused the George Floyd Riots & Murders!

Attorney General Keith Ellison is responsible for the 30 plus deaths and the riots which continue to this day. AG Keith Ellison’s decision to withhold the first eight minutes of police video resulted in and CAUSED these 30 plus murders and all of this damage which continues to this day!

Keith Ellison is a devout Muslim extremist and needs to be charged and taken into custody immediately! This sedition is purposed to destroy America from within and I would say this Muslim Attorney General has done an excellent job and his crime merits the full remedy under law–death by a public hanging!

I call upon President Trump and Attorney General Barr to take action immediately! We need to arrest Keith Ellison and make an example of him. Plus we need to quell these riots as fast as possible! We need to QUELL THIS INSURRECTION!

Would we really had a Second Amendment which holds or held that the many Militia’s of the States were tasked with quelling insurrections and defending our borders, but this errant Beast of a Central Government which passes for a legitimate “federal government,” which it is not! Denied US our well organized militias with the passage of The Militia Efficiency Act of 1902 otherwise known as The Dick Act!

It was misnamed “Militia Efficiency” and was in reality the DESTRUCTION OF OUR SECOND AMENDMENT as one step along the long road to conquering America! That act was and is unconstitutional–which is what most of the actions that occur in Washington the “District of Criminals” are!

We have a central communist government and it is actuality working with all of our enemies to make America formally a communist country! Our governments support BLM and the Antifa otherwise those criminal organizations would never exist.

Still, the task remains at hand to bring AG Keith Ellison’s sedition to the public and to try his ass as fast as we can. And we need to quell this insurrection. And I don’t think Trump is going to do it because he’s become another worthless politician! He’s no statesman and I am tired of merely electing “the lessor of two evils.”

Joe Biden needs to be handed over to the Ukraine for prosecution for his crimes and AG Barr is a lousy Attorney General for failing to prosecute Biden and his son for their high treason with the Chinese Communist Party.