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Joe Biden’s Dark Winter

After Hillary was surprised with her loss she and her husband donned bright purple and appeared in public. What the dynamic duo were announcing was the “purple revolution” which was started abroad in other countries by George Soros and they were bringing it here. They (the Evil Ones) always try their programs on minorities then eventually when they have fine tuned their methods they bring their madness to the public at large.

The Evil Ones seem to have a rule whereby they announce or publicize their diabolical plans in art or the media, especially movies, then they do it. It seems as those the Evil Ones believe that this covers them and gives them license to do their dastardly deeds against the innocents.

So, what exactly is Joe referring when he threatens US or promises US a “dark winter?” The evil bastards communicate on several levels and I am confident saying that Joe Biden means several things. Ultimately Biden and the Marxist Democrats are fear mongering.

I suspect Joe Biden is announcing George Soros’ next program. I do have (some) fear but I am confident when I say that the Evil Ones are going to immerse US into the dark age and 2021 is the year. From the get go in January I am expecting them to crash the economy and set the dollar (fake as it is) for a decline, probably after June. But my biggest concern is the Evil Ones attacking our electrical grid and putting US in sheer chaos & fear.

This is the Evil Ones’ last chance to take US down and they know it. They are all in. Our only hope is in the re-election of our President and his willingness to invoke the Insurrection Act and put down these “protestors.” If Trump has the balls to have key people arrested publicly and hauled off to Gitmo the people are going to cheer. For the most part. And those who riot will need to be put down and put down hard!

No rubber bullets. Either total incapacitation and taken into custody by the means the government has or real bullets.

“Dark Winter” may just be a threat but the Evil Ones know their time is short. We need something that I do not think Donald J. Trump is ready to give US. In fact, I think President Trump is clueless! Trump demonstrates no knowledge of the differences between Jeffersonian Republicanism and Lincolnian Republicanism and we need to return to SELF RULE as it was BEFORE the Revolutionary War which was merely a war of self defense and not a bloody rebellion like the French Revolution.

Until 1861 our nation was under Jeffersonian Republicanism and the South provided most of the nation’s statesmen and leadership. The South was right! And we need to turn to the South for leadership! Perhaps we even need to SURRENDER TO THE SOUTH!

Certainly, we need to acknowledge the errors of Lincoln and the North and we owe the South. We need to rebuild the South and make good on the evil we have done against our better half!

I am grateful to Dr. Livingston of the Abbeville Institute for teaching me about our real history and our true government. “Honest Abe” was anything but honest. He, in my honest opinion, was our worst president!

Lincolnian Republicanism was always destined to fail and fail it should. When the South seceded it did so legally under Jeffersonian Republicanism. Moreover, the South took our Constitution and improved it. They made several changes beneficial to proper representation. One thing they did is change the presidency to one term of six years. Another thing they did was limit the number of people in a state so that the congressmen could actually be responsive to his constituents. They also arranged to so that when three States proposed a Constitutional Amendment the other States were required to vote upon it.

My suggestion is to restore the Original 13th Amendment since it was properly ratified by one more State than required. Virginia and New Hampshire were the 9th and 10th States. And we make null and void the 14th and 15th Amendments since the South was NOT represented when Lincoln’s “Radical Republicans” shoved those down our throats. And all subsequent Amendments are null and void because they are out of order! This was suggested by author Eustace Mullins.

I could go into this more but I think the only way to restore Self Rule and return to the framework our Founding Fathers (so wisely) gave US is to confess our past sins and repent. We have violated the laws of Creator Father which are the laws of nature. We have fallen short. We have missed the mark.