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President Pelosi Unites America!

Everybody, including the extreme left and the right will be united in hating President Nancy Pelosi–the 46th President of the United States and our first female president! She’ll likely be president for only six to seven weeks at the most but imagine the damage a Pelosi Adminstration could cause!

Stolen Election

By now it should be obvious to all that the evil one and his children have managed to steal this election. The emigrants from countries that turned communist while they resided there all report a similar experience:

They went to sleep with one man or party winning then they woke up to massive voter fraud that occurred during the night. The news media talked about nothing but unequivocal support for their communist victory.

Sadly, this appears to be what the USA did to other countries whenever we wanted a change in their government. Our government planned and plotted and pulled off regime change whenever we wanted! By interfering in the governments of other nations we have brought home that curse upon ourselves!

I hope and pray we learn from this. I hope and pray we can recover from this blatant theft of our election but I do not think people are going to wake up in time to stop this Marxist revolution in America!

What’s next? Quite clearly gun confiscation followed by extreme oppression as “truth & reconciliation” boards are set up like happened in South Africa and pogroms begin to “purge” Trump supporters.

You think the Left is not capable of this? Think again! They’ve already had Zoom meetings discussing and planning these matters in great detail.

Biden promised us a “dark winter” and it is upon us!

What do I suggest? #StopTheTheft and demand only legitimate votes be counted and all voter fraud be prosecuted, or have another well organized fair election.

Otherwise, we are going to see some serious civil disobedience.

I am too old for this crap. Nevertheless, I have to tell you what happened:

There are two warring factions upon the earth: the sons of Satan and the sons of Adam. Eve was the mother of both Cain and Abel. The sons of Cain became the Canaanites and today they are the Edomites also called the Idumeans who were forced into the main stream of Judeans in approximately 143 BC. So, they hide behind and among the Jews.

We in America allowed the Edomites to take over our nation. The Edomites pretend they are Jews and they are really the synagogue of Satan. They illegally occupy the USA today and the USA has been communist for a long time–at least since WWII more likely since WWI.

So either Americans wake up and kick the so-called Israeli Dual Citizens out of power and preferably out of our country or we are heading for civil war and genocide!

This is a Jewish problem and this is their problem. Either the Jews help us and clean up their ranks or people are not going to give a rat’s ass whether it’s a good Jew or a bad Jew. As Jeremiah said there are good figs and there are bad figs. It’s time the Jews decide!

It’s not hard to track them down. They are mostly mixed and hiding among the Ashkenazi. For the most part the Edomites migrated from Mt. Seir which is also known as Mount Edom from the southern mountains of Israel to Khazaria in approximately 700-800 AD where they remained until they were pushed west into primarily Poland and other smaller countries north of Poland.

Today the Edomites are primarily in banking. Rothschilds and Rockefellers are probably the most famous of the Edomites. However, there are many Edomite families in banking today.

By the way the sons of Adam became known as the Caucasians when they migrated across the Caucas Mountains after the captivity and release of the Northern House of Israel in approximately 700 BC. These United States of America were prophesized by the man Israel as it is written towards the end of Genesis. We are the “great nation” that was spoken of as Israel adopted his grandsons from his son Joseph.

So, what are you going to do about it?

I suggest you read the Bible and ignore all that you think you know that you have heard in church. Why? Because they lied to us. It was all part of their great plan to rule the world.

I urge you to pray for guidance and enlightenment.

Let’s save our once great nation and return to the original framework our Founders provided for us as best we can. Learn about Jeffersonian Republicanism and how the South improved upon our Constitution.

Let me give you a hint: Repeal all Amendments after the “Original” 13th Amendment which kicked the attorneys out of the two other branches of government since the attorneys as officers of the court were already members of the Judicial branch. Besides, the attorneys had gotten us in the War of 1812! Moreover, the attorneys have given us another jurisdiction and destroyed the common law pleadings of our Constitution!

PS The Zionists must be kicked out of America! Zionism is the modern political form for the Edomites!

#stopthetheft #stopthesteal

Grateful for the Trump Years

I am grateful for President Trump and for the four years he has given us. Certainly, I would prefer four more years but the fact remains Trump gave us four years before the destruction. Trump interrupted the total destruction of America that Hillary would have given us!

Please join me is giving gratitude and thanking creator Father YHVH for giving us President Donald John Trump. This is what I am giving thanks for this Thanksgiving.