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Special Thanks to Special Ops

I want to thank all young men (and women) who are operational and taking down the bad guys inside our nation! Taking down our enemies within! Taking out our enemies foreign & especially domestic!

If you young warriors get low on ammo, I know several men who will contribute whatever you want. Anything and everything we have is yours.

Let us know. Let me know if there is anything I can do.


Dr. Kent

News Black Out

Folks, the media in the USA has been controlled and practically Blacked Out for decades–at least since the time of Woodrow Wilson. Today, however, we are in an almost Total News Black Out!

There are reports of isolated shootings and shoot outs that are not making the news. It appears there are fights and skirmishes around the country as the Deep State and their politicians fight President Trump and his supporters as they defend the largest voter turn out in American history. Almost 80 MILLION AMERICANS VOTED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!

The word is that President Trump signed the order invoking the Insurrection Act on Saturday. We are also hearing of the inauguration on January 20th of our 19th President. Let that sink in! And be joyful!

Hang on and hang on tight. Keep your defenses ready. We may have a rougher period to go through. Then, there is June even once President Trump is in office according to the will of the people. This money system will be exposed and come down for the house of cards and fraud and ponzi scheme and enslavement it is.

My Original 13th Amendment Strategic Intervention

I am praying President Trump applies my strategic intervention in restoring our Republic. Our Jeffersonian Republic!

Quite simply by restoring the Original 13th Amendment and then stripping all BAR Esquires and Israeli Dual Citizens of any & all citizenship in these United States, we restore much of our Rule by the People under our Constitution. We DEPORT all of them! And ban them forever from re-entry into our borders!

AlI Israeli Dual Citizens go directly to Israel, fake Israel, that tiny postage stamp of a nation in the Mideast. The BAR association attorneys can suffer the fate recommended by their Queen’s Attorney Sir Francis Bacon aka William Shakespeare–that is death or deportation as each merits according to their crimes and sentencing.

Thus, we restore the Separation of Powers by banning all lawyers, as officers of the court, the Judiciary, from holding elected office to either of the other two branches of our government–not to the Legislature (the Congress, the Senate) nor to the Executive (President or Vice President).

Then our new Supreme Court rules that the 14th & 15th Amendments are ruled null & void because the South was not properly represented and did not vote or consent to the 14th & 15th Amendments! Furthermore, the subsequent Amendments are made null & void because they are out of order! (Eustace Mullins)

This eliminates the Income Tax and the IRS and the direct election of Senators. It restores State’s Rights and returns representation to the States’ Legislatures. And there is so much more this simple strategic intervention accomplishes. Many are going to have to join in and help restore self-rule and restore our States’ militias and our independent militias!

We can have Constitutional currency, real money, honest money, coined silver & gold. There is so much more I want to write but here is where we start!

Sir Francis Bacon was sired (fathered) by a Kent as was his brother whom he prosecuted for high treason against their mother the Queen! He got his brother executed!

The Kent’s played major roles in England and in the founding of the American Colonies. I look forward to sharing that with you as I discover more myself!


In His Service: Yahshua, the Messiah!

–Dr. Kent


American Might Misused to ENSLAVE THE WORLD

No, it would not be right for the USA to bomb China but if the Chinese are not willing stop their BIOLOGICAL TERRORISM then we should at least take out their big dam. Sadly, the fact is that we, the USA, are responsible for putting that Chinese Jew Mao in power and turning the Chinese mainland over to the communists!

By harboring the Rockefellers and other crypto-Jews who are really FALSE JEWS (Rev 2:9, 3:9) we allowed the Rothschilds to take over America and misuse our power around the World! We allowed these (false) Jews to wage war around the planet! And they led the Bolshevik Revolution from Manhattan! From our shores!

What price we have paid! What price all of mankind has paid! It’s time we Americans took back our country and restored the Republic that Jefferson gave us. (And, yes, Abraham Lincoln was our first Jewish President! And he was DISHONEST and lied about the Civil War!)

Do you want to know who “Israel” is today?

Look in the mirror. The odds are if you are reading this you are either of Israelite descent or part Israelite.

Want to know which nation or nations are “Israel” these days? Look towards the Great Nation mentioned towards the end of Genesis. Would that not be America today?

How about Europe? Scandanavia? New Zealand? South Africa? Canada? Australia? Or Great Britain? All are Great Israelite nations! ALL! Everyone of them!

Why do you think the Enemy attacked Germany?

So, that the Enemy could usurp the throne given to Judah! Germany means “genuine” and 1/3 of the German language comes from Hebrew!

Henry Ford said, “History is bunk!” Because it is all built on lies.

For 3,000 years according the author Eustace Mullins the enemy has been censoring all written records hiding their tracks but I tell you that for more than 6,400 years the Devil & his children have been altering the records, lying and deceiving. Satan and his real DNA offspring and their spiritual followers are responsible for all the death and war since Cain murdered Abel!

Chinese Jews

Good Morning!
Which ever way this goes we are in trouble. Why? Because either man is controlled by the (fake) jews aka Edom.
Joe the Pervert proclaimed, “I am a Zionist,” And FAKE Israel named the stolen Golan Heights “Trump Heights!”
Would you rather have an obvious fight and have it Right Now -or- would you prefer to have a slower take down with the possibility of FIGHTING TO RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC under the lesser, the far lesser of Two Evils?
With jews you lose!
To Jews: I tell you that you Jews have a problem and it is YOUR Problem. You have been harboring the enemy and they were called Idumeans at the time of Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Will you Jews clean your own ranks of these Bad Figs as Jeremiah called them?
Dr. Kent

Is it Time to Bomb China?

Yes, it is!

The ChiComs have assaulted and waged war. The Chinese Communist Party has been waging BIOLOGICAL WARFARE and Unlimited Warfare by meddling in our elections AND undermining our nation ever since Nixon & Kissinger opened the doors to trading with the enemy!

Should we fail to respond soon and fully, we run the risk of CIVIL WAR and a SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Perhaps those are good ideas. For more than a century the electorate has NOT been in control of this errant government. This errant illegal government by the (false) Jews has been misusing American might & power to wage illegal wars across the world!

It really it time to pull the plug on all of the Israeli Dual Citizens stripping them of any & all citizenship in these United States of America and deporting them immediately to that illegal nation they created after stealing it from the Arabs! Send them home to “Israel” which really should be called “Rothschildland” or the “New Khazaria” or, what it really is, “Edom!”

Edom has infiltrated all western & eastern governments and holds the power across the entire globe! Edom is the “New World Order” which is not “new” at all! It is the Old World Order owned and run by the Devil & his children! It’s time to declare the Kingdom of Heaven of Creator Father YHVH Upon the Earth!


The Demise of Donald Trump?

From second hand reports based upon direct observation I am sad to report that President Donald J. Trump is not what any of us expected him to be! He is not the harsh man who acted on “The Apprentice” TV show. Rather, President Trump’s main flaw is he is “TOO NICE!”

He should have been firing his staff as soon as they compromised him and/or acted contrary to his policies and directives but he did not. He is too nice a guy!

This election was stolen and Trump is right. Americans need to rise up in every State and take back their State governments! State governments have been usurped by “corporations” just like our central Federal Communist government! None of these governments, State or federal, are legitimate!

We are in the middle of a hybrid war in which the twin Evil forces of the Zionist Internationale AND the Communist World Revolution are destroying America–they are coming in for the DEATH BLOW!

This war is being waged by the Israeli Mossad and every other intelligence agency with the Swiss who have NEVER BEEN NEUTRAL coordinating everything as Pharoah behind the scenes.

The Jesuits educated me and I was educated in Europe. Rome, the City of London and Washington DC are all criminal enterprises! Washington represents nothing less than the illegal occupation of America and AMERICANS SHOULD BURN THE CAPITAL WITH ALL OF THE LEGISLATORS, JUSTICES, FEDERAL RESERVE AGENTS INSIDE!

Washington DC does not represent US! Washington “District of Criminals” needs to be walled off with nothing going in or out and no one leaving! Until we process the TRAITORS and hang them high!