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The Death of the Democrat Party (Communist Party)

Can anyone chime in and approximate the date of death of the Democrat Party and when it morphed into the Communist Party? Or is it Marxist? Or has the Democrat Party merely sold out to the Satanists? Or to the Chinese Communist Party? The ChiComs?

You tell me. I want to know.

By the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt the Democrat Party was totally subverted.

Why is it that attorneys voted at the highest percentage for Barack Hussein Obama for President?

These are all great mysteries to me and they do not pass the smell test. Where did they go wrong? When? How?

Celebrating the Death of the Republican Party

After Senator Mitch McConnell went after Trump and after the GOP helped the Vote Fraud election of Biden-Harris, finally, the Republican Party is dead! It is finished! And good riddance!

The Radical Republicans of “Honest” Abe Lincoln (the worst president ever!) destroyed our Republic in 1861 and finalized the destruction of our Republic in 1871. Lincoln did this by overwriting the fully ratified and enacted Original 13th Amendment which made it illegal for Lincoln and any other BAR Association attorney to hold public office in either of the other two branches of government.

Attorneys who accepted the “esquire” given by the Crown in London were stripped of any & all citizenship in these United States! This was to maintain the “separation of powers” and to prevent errant lawyers from enmiring US in another war like the attorneys did with The War of 1812!

If we want to restore our Republic it has to start with re-establishing of the Original 13th Amendment and putting attorneys in their place! Then we must expand the 13th Amendment so that we exclude all Israeli Duals from holding any citizenship in the several States and, moreover, we need to deport, forcibly if necessary, all Israeli Duals from our shores! And certainly, no man or woman with divided loyalty in the form of divided citizenship should be allowed to hold ANY position, elected or not, in any government in the United States federal government or any of the State or county governments.

It’s a good thing that Mitch McConnell has killed his own party! It’s a wonderful thing that those who destroyed our Republic finally are rendered impotent and dealt with. The TRAITORS need to meet the end that all treason merits! To think the Republicans are trying to get away with (falsely) accusing Trump of insurrection! The actions of the Republican establishment are seditious and need to be called out for what they are!


Cut them off all money!


President George Washington was right. The parties system was the death of our Republic and, sadly, it has led to the ongoing and very soon accelerating GENOCIDE of the American people and the end of the American dream.

With his “experimental vaccines” Bill Gates & his wife Melinda Gates are counting upon killing between 230 Million to 270 Million Americans! Look at the Georgia Guidestones and the Deagel website. Listen carefully to what this couple and other eugenicists say! Listen carefully to Klaus Schwab and the Bildebergs. Take them at their word!

USAA is a Fucking Bad Corporation!

USAA hired Jaburg & Wilke to represent them. Their attorney has twisted my good words and is trying to get me to give up my FIRST AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH RIGHTS for a pittance and I won’t do it!

This was NEVER about the Money! This was and is about THE RIDE and how USAA badgered me & my aging parents to DEATH (literally–I lost BOTH of my parents while under the undue duress USAA put my family through with their BREECH OF CONTRACT and what I believe is called BAD FAITH negotiations!)

And USAA has the gall to hire the law firm that ABANDONED me years ago & cost me my ability to practice in my profession! I wrote Mr. Jaburg himself a letter and gave him the opportunity to address his attorneys’ ABANDONMENT of me. Mr. Jaburg never called me and never wrote me back.

Abe Lincoln wrote that the professions were turned against the laity meaning that the professions are all allowed to PREDATE upon the public. They are predators. This is also true of my own profession and I am not proud of it whatsoever! Psychology as well as the LAW PROFESSION and others (especially Medical) have DESTROYED AMERICA!

And I intend to fight back. as part of that fight I will keep my free speech rights in order that I may tell my story of how USAA screwed me and screwed me & my family over the years!

Wish me success. We are going to court and USAA has hired Goliath but I have a smooth stone in my quiver and by my Creator Father I intend to use it!

Discrimination at Trader Joe’s

I don’t know if it’s my advanced age or the fact I am an obvious straight male or maybe it was politically based (since the communists are trying to take over and finalize their total destruction of my country!) or maybe it was because I am a White male and as everyone knows it is perfectly OK to disciminate against White men!

Last night a somewhat androgynous “crew member” assaulted me verbally so terribly that I left my groceries in my cart in the parking lot and I almost stuck the cart with my car and almost drove away without my groceries! Last evening was and is the last time I will ever step foot in any Trader Joe’s!

That was Sunday February 14th Valentine’s Day 2021 when I was approached by a MASK NAZI and I will have more to say shortly after I attend to more urgent tasks. This was the Trader Joe’s located at Baseline & Gilbert. Nevertheless, I urge all to


And any other location that insists that one wear a FACE DIAPER!

Face masks are a violation of Federal OSHA standards and since my mother injured me when I was a child I have suffered from severe lung incapacity. I don’t want to go into it because I was only seven years old and I do not believe my mother intended to damage me but she did.

Regardless, this unprofessional irritating “crew member” (I could not tell whether this person was male or female and I always try to be respectful.) meant to cause me harm and harm she did! By the way, I was wearing a clear full face shield that Costco had provided. And I talked to the two men at the entrance about coming into their store with my Sprout’s cart before entering their store. They gave me permission.

Statin Drugs Cause Certain Altzheimer’s

The criminal medical pharmacy syndicate actively suppresses any research mentioning the fact that “statins” cause dementia! The “science” behind “statin” drugs is fraudulent. After “statin” drugs ripped out approximately 17 pounds of my muscle, I will never take a “statin” again or even red yeast rice.

I was fortunate. I had been body building and we caught it early. My wonderful seasoned physician Dr. Bonner discontinued it immediately.

Others were not so fortunate. I talked with a woman whose husband lost so much muscle mass from the “statins” that he lost almost all of his strength and he couldn’t leave the house to walk his dog. “Statins” shortened his life significantly!

AI Stole and Steals from US

What happened this fall election cycle is Artificial Intelligence (AI) went active in October and AI arranged this theft of our election! AI is even in the apps and all of the electronic controls of my laundromat. What do they have in common? They are all thieves! they are designed and programmed to chisel away at our principle and interests in order to cheat US and rob US blind!

These AI machines do this every day and in every way. They steal from US in ways which are almost imperceptible. They take little bits in ways which are often difficult to detect. AI did this during our election and all know that Trump won by a landslide, probably the Biggest Landslide in history!

But the sad fact is Trump is one of them. While he is superior at business in policy, Trump is still beholding to the owners of the plantation. He’s part of the problem. Moreover, they are all playing one Big Game AGAINST US!

Do you want to know the sign that our Republic is well on the way to being restored?

When you see the Original 13th Amendment declared as fully ratified and the law of the land. And when the BAR Association members and the Israeli Dual Citizens are finally exposed and stripped of any & all citizenship in these United States of America we will be well on our way to living once again with limited government under our Common Law Constitution and not before!

The Coming Purge

One does not have to be a psychologist to read the tea leaves. Reading the waters I surmise from a brief look at the news. In this case from the Mises Institute which is a very good website. In it we have an article entitled “A Wave of Abusive Federal Prosecutions Is Comingin which John Brennan is cited.

The former CIA Director said they are taking their time assembling the list of those involved in the January 6th Trump Insurrection to include all sorts of people, including religious extremists, Trump zealots, and all sorts! It was a long list and took approximately a paragraph to describe those whom they will be targeting!

This is the same pattern followed since time immemorial. The elite used this strategy in the take downs of many nations including Russia, France and all of the modern communist “uprisings.” And it was utilized by the Phoenicians long, long ago pre-Israel, ancient Israel that is.

In this case, the Illuminati have brought their two obvious spears to bear on the United States, the communist World Revolution and the Zionist Internationale. Admiral William Guy Carr described this in detail in his books. Then his final book “Satan Prince of This World” was published posthumously by his son.

William Guy Carr retired from the Royal Canadian Navy as a Commander. He worked in naval intelligence. He began researching this strange phenomena he sensed existed in 1911. What he discovered was amazing. You can listen to one of his presentations on YouTube.

However, I stress the importance of his recommendations in the introduction of “Satan Prince of This World” on page vii:

“re-fuse (sic) to become involved in any more wars and revolutions under any circumstances. This would require individuals to practice passive resistance to authorities who would force them into war.”

Another way of saying this is that the Amish have it right! Passive resistance. Do not fight. Do not give the Illuminati what they want which is a regression to absolute bloody barbarism so they can sacrifice the blood of the world’s population to their fish god Dagon.

Carr states that this is the Luciferian religious movement. While he tracks it as two spears working toward the same goal separately, we may now see the twin spears of Zionism and Communism joining forces. But that is not all.

There are at least eight spears directed against the people of the United States and that may be in addition to our own government(s)! Whether it is headed by Biden or by Trump makes no difference! All parties involved are working to destroy America!

This is what is meant by the special phrase “the great work.” And they have scheduled & planned this since the founding of our nation or before!

Last but not least, the Illuminati want to destroy the earth! It appears this group has destroyed the earth at least four maybe seven times before. It is said they used nukes four times before this time. Perhaps that is what is required starting a nuclear winter or an ice age.

We are headed to an ice age and they know it. Whether or not it requires the Illuminati to touch off nukes to get it started I do not know.

Isn’t it time we read the Bible? The Bible is the book of all knowledge and that includes the knowledge of good & evil. The Illuminati are playing by the same book! The bad guys know the Bible far better than we do! It appears to be the play book for their actors in this game. It is the rule book and the evil one & his children are invoking the punishments described therein as if they are gods!

Remember, even the pawn has value in the game of chess. Rise up! Do no violence.


There will come a time with the sons of Israel (the real Israelites descended from Jacob) shall rise up against the sons of Cain (the sons of Esau who became Edom) and burn them all out (The Book of Obadiah). Nevertheless, the motivation & the kindling required will be the deaths of many including some who read this blog.

I am already on several of their lists. They have treated me terribly and, as an old man hot on their trail for the seventh decade, I don’t give a shit!

Be careful. Be very careful. It appears the elite and their media and Hollywood and their intelligence agencies are acting to stage the end of the Bible, the end of the world, while many of the Old Testament prophecies have yet to be fulfilled!