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Infrasonic Weapons LRAD Violence

Many of us are still wondering why the government failed to deploy LRAD devices and bring the rioting in Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and other States to a halt. I am going to fathom a guess. Our government is saving those weapons to use upon US!

Since we are not fomenting a Second Civil War fast enough to satisfy the “banksters,” I suspect they are withholding the LRAD to deploy secretly and use those to drive us to violence. Therefore, if you are in an urban area and you start to feel edgy or like you want to commit a violent act or violent acts which are uncharacteristic of you, leave that area immediately. GET OUT before all hell breaks loose.

The best thing a man can do is leave that scene rather than fight. As Dad told me: “It takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight.” And by this I think he means it takes a man of far stronger character and greater self control to realize that it’s not in his his best interests to participate in “bad scenes.”

Likewise, if your mate or partner or wife drives to nuts and to the edge of violence I urge you to turn your back on the situation and walk away and perhaps even to not look back. Don’t give them a chance to drag you down and set you up. Especially walk away or run away from any female who wants to fight.

Remember, women do not fight fair. They don’t even play fair. Females are NOT the “fairer” sex. They are the real predators. We men are their prey. Make sure you are doing what is in your best interest.

Take the time. Step back and ask yourself “What is in my best interests?”

Always look out for your interests. Principles are great but your interests and your fate are in the moment, the moment of decision. Make the right choice.

Leave any bad scene. Head away from population centers at any inkling your gut tells you that may go violent. Be on guard. Watch your six.

The Treachery of Alexander Hamilton (Levine)

Alexander Hamilton’s real last name was “Levine” and he was a Rothschild agent who gave us the first central bank and our stock market and attempted to allow the central government to create corporations which our Founders would never tolerate otherwise.

All three of these were engineered and guided by the Rothschild family and all three were deigned to subjugate our people. and subjugate the people they did!

Today, the Federal Reserve Bank owns everything and everyone through an elaborate system of corporations and frauds. The most direct way out of this is to crashed the Federal Reserve Note mistakenly called “the dollar” and start anew with the only currency authorized by the Constitution.

Do not worry. There is plenty to go around. All we have to do is follow Dr. Ron Paul’s advice: Tax the Federal Reserve System at 105% of its profits retroactively since that debauchery was founded in 1913.

Do not worry about assets as we will require those to be turned in to cover their debt. They’ve made debt slave of US all and now it’s time to return the favor!

Think about all the land and the patents the central Federal Government owns and holds illegally. We can do it. We just need a master of business with integrity. I assure you Trump is not it, since he backed their genocidal inoculation fraud!

We the people and the individual sovereign States are going t have to do it and it starts with reinstating the full Original 13th Amendment and negating all subsequent amendments as null and void, out of order.

Do Not Commit Adultery

‘Do not take the daughters of the people of the land for wives for your sons and do not give your daughters to the sons of the people of the land for wives’ was a command oft repeated in the Bible because the people of the land, the Canaanites were the children of Cain!

Do not intermarry with the Devil’s children because you are the sons & daughters of the everlasting Creator Father Yahweh! Do not adulterate our seed.

The Great Command to Love Truth & Justice

The Ten Commandments are only on the Bible twice which is a “double witness” and that means YHVH God wants us to pay attention to it. Other than that they are mentioned and referred to throughout the prophets and especially by Esdras and David. However, they are not spelled out anywhere except in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

The foundation for Western Civilization is this part of the Bible in particular. All of the laws for the Original 13 Colonies came from the Bible. Then, the citizens of Pennsylvania thought they could “improve” the natural law given us by Moses and changed the penalty on adultery from death to 10 years imprisonment.

Nevertheless, there are other dictates and commands mentioned over and over throughout the Bible. These have more than merely a “double witness” and I believe these to be more important. Yes, more important than The Ten Commands or The Law of Life as Esdras called them which is how I prefer to call them: “The Law of Life” or “Natural Law.” As David wrote, I love your law because it gives me life!

One of those multi-witness phrases is the repeated command throughout the Old Testament to “love truth and justice” in that order.

Why is that order important? Because without truth there is no justice. Without truth there can be no justice. Therefore, we are to always seek and love the truth. Without truth we can not render good judgement and have justice.

What Michael Hubbard has taught me is to love the truth and that is the only way we in America and even the World today may begin to crawl out of our deprecation today. Therefore, I will be writing truth here on my blog and I will be declaring truth on air in my broadcasts.

Love truth and justice.

If it doesn’t show up in your version of the Bible over and over, time and time again, try another version. All versions of the Bible have something to offer. I prefer the NIV, KJV, the PNV of the KJV and the NRSV. I learn from all of these versions and I compare and contrast them regularly as they sharpen one another so to speak.

These days I am reading the extra large printed leatherette version of “The Proper Name Version of the King James Version” of the Bible.

Call up Kerby at Name Publishing and tell him “Dr. Kent is paying for shipping” (limitations apply). You’re going to love this Bible.

The New Lepers

Sadly, we have a new class of people destined for isolation. Leprosy may have been cured and recently at that. So much so that the leper’s colony in Hawaii was no longer necessary, but the new lepers need to be identified & isolated as fast as possible.

Those who took Fauci’s & Gate’s Jab need to do a specific Vitamin C flush and maintain high doses of high doses of a specific type of Vitamin C for the remainder of their lives. Also, I suggest The New Leper’s Colony be 5G free in order to minimize the effects of The Jab with it’s nanobotic technology.

Cody Anderson

I met bicyclist and world record setter Cody Anderson today at the rest stop in Arizona. He is quite a character. Talk about colorful and somewhat of a self promoter.

His bike is set up rather well with a lot of lights on the rear. Still people do not see him, even truck drivers. He has some stories to tell.

Thanks to Inspiration from Michael Hubbard

I am returning to the air sooner rather than later. Look for my new YouTube channels. We’ll be covering psychology and studying the Bible together.

Currently, I am enroute to get medications and supplements for my dog and medical care for myself. I will be attending to details getting computers set up and reloading my rig for summer travels.

What Michael Hubbard of Houston Rare Coins has done is shown me the error of my ways and what is important. As a result I am scrambling to get my messages out.

Mom told me when I was a little boy to “stop trying to save the World” and having just attended to family matters and closing their house, I am about My Father’s Business, My Heavenly Father.

And you should be about His business, too. Why? Because as Yahshua Jesus the Messiah Christ said all who do His Father’s Will are his brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.

CV-19 “Protein Spike” Prions and Mad Cow Disease

Word is Fauci’s “Protein Spike” causes the body to develop “prions” which cause Mad Cow diseases, Kuru or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Imagine a world in which 1/3 of all the people you know and don’t know are dead? Imagine what the world will look like in two years when all those people are gone?

Plus, if the governors of 20 States have their way they are going to salt the earth with their bodies which will mean that soil produces prions forever! That means


37,000 Dead From “COVID Vaccination” in the USA

And we don’t hear a word about 37,000 deaths associated with the experimental COVID innoculations because the “totalitarian Judeopathy” controls all media in the USA! Plus, we now know that Masonic control of the World is complete.

Who do we blame? How can we get the CDC and the FDA or anyone to stop this insane policy and policies responsible for 37,000 American deaths and counting?