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When Will America be Honest about Russia?

Will America ever be honest about Russia? We owe our existence to Russia. Not the USSR but to the Russian Czar. Moreover, the USA never “bought” Alaska. Alaska should be an independent nation.

Alaska must become an independent nation.

Alaska needs to assume its role as a peacekeeper. We need Alaska to bridge the ground between our White Russian brothers, Americans and those who descended from Europe and the 10 tribes that were The House of Israel.

This will become critical in our quest to save our planet from those who are destroying the Earth.

The Earth groans for her saviors!

My Phone Call to Dr. Woodcock head of the FDA

Janet Woodcock, MD is actually the Acting Commissioner of the FDA. As such she is responsible for the ongoing genocide via the fraudulent “vaccines” for COVID. She may be reached at (301) 796-5400.

My complaint is why has she not stopped these genocidal fraudulent “vaccines” and this is in light of the fact that their “vaccines” have harmed my family members. In particular my elderly aunt who recently turned 90 developed congestive heart failure subsequent to receiving their “vaccinations.”

Furthermore, I never could quite understand why in nations that were taken over by the communists they killed their entire physician class! Now, I understand why. The physician class is the number one class of the oppressors. Physicians support and oppress the lower classes, for lack of a better term since physicians insist that they get paid three and a half times the amount of the next highest profession (attorneys), and in this case physicians are aiding & abetting an errant government of questionable legality in the genocide of our people!

When this civilization stops being so “civil” do not expect any quarter for those who have oppressed and murdered so many Americans! I am not looking forward to a “reign of terror” inside the United States of America but we are coming awfully close to that as the mercantilists and our own government continue to undermine the rule of law and deny the common man justice.

Folks, this isn’t going to end well.

Nevertheless, we have all the tools we need to restore our Republic without firing a shot–provided people will wake up and do the work necessary. We need to replace all of these “corporate” governments with “organic” governments and shun those corporations which Rome created. They were created under cannon law not under our Constitution.

Folks, there is only one corporation and all other corporations are under it. Its location is in Rome and the Pope claims he owns it all! Including your souls!


I urge you to call and email Dr. Janet Woodcock. Her office number is

(301) 796-5400

and her email address is

Ask Dr. Woodcock why her FDA continues this VACCINE FRAUD and oversees this genocide. We need her to put an end to this madness before they kill millions of Americans.

n fact, there is a good chance they have already killed 3 Million Americans with their Bioweapons (spike protein) they (wrongly) call “vaccines.” The stranglehold the elite have on all of our media & communications makes it impossible for us to get good information and to know how many have died subsequent to “vaccination.”

By the way, since the vaccine manufacturers have committed crimes there is full liability on these “gene therapy” experimental treatments! Let them know by filing lawsuit for damages whenever one deems lawsuit pertinent.

Make Big Pharma pay for their crimes against humanity!

What’s Your Price Dating Website & Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

WYP dating site has done a marvelous job at improving its support for men, but they still can’t weed out the catfish. All I can do is offer a measly $30 for a lunch date and try and weed them out for myself.

The problem is I am too respectful. Mom reared me to always give a woman a compliment. As Mom ordered, “even if you have to make one up!” Indeed, towards the end of her life Mom chided me for being a male chauvinist. I listened to Mom attentively then when she was done I merely replied, “Mom, you reared me this way.”

That shut Mom up good because she was guilty. I almost regret my answer but it was totally true. Mom raised me roughly and I was to open doors, offer my seat and all even though I was so small that I could barely push the door open! Mother insisted I treat her like a queen.

WYP has finally started backing the men, a little bit. And it amazes me how much they come through upon my behalf. WYP is taking care of ghosting and abuse much better than in the past. And well they should since we men are paying for it all.

Nevertheless, I tire of dating and mating. These days there are few women who appeal to me. Most are cheap & low life–seeking instant gratification and having failed to develop a sense of delayed gratification and failing to mature.

So, if you get a $30 offer from me it is for a brief 30 minute screening interview because so many of you lie and take photos heavily made up, filtered and post photos from 40-50 pounds ago! I don’t even want to have sex with you. Many of you are so butt ugly that I would not even notice you in the wild.

Today, it is all about the exchange of resources. Females have reduced “love” to a transaction and no one is getting what they bargained for! No one has any values or sense of purpose or even mental stability when it comes to females.

Truly, I can say females have driven themselves “crazy.” They are deluded. Still, I hope for a well grounded one with intelligence and values. At most that is 1 out of 10,000!

The pickings are slim and pitiful. Women should be ashamed of themselves. They have destroyed their own homes. They have betrayed their Creator Father and they undermine their purpose, their well-being and even violated their own sacred nature as the “giver of life!”

Females pride themselves upon their ability to kill their own children! But they destroy themselves as the abortions they have return to haunt them in the form of breast cancer!

The “rite” of abortion is Satanic.

It is only fitting that Creator Father YHVH designed the human species to extinguish itself when it aborts the very children Creator Father YHVH gave them, entrusted to them! They are a gift from YHVH and they are the ultimate economic stimulus program–all are naturally motivated to protect and rear the young.

In closing, that’s right. Breast cancer is often caused by abortion! The later in the term the abortion, the higher the risk of breast cancer until it reaches almost 100%. See my archived blog and the Indian physician who published his research on ABORTION CORRELATING WITH BREAST CANCER.

Abortion causes breast cancer!


If you have read this far and you are a female who has had an abortion, I have a tip for you so that you may minimize your risk of developing breast cancer.

This is my hunch.

If you go on to having a child to full term and after giving birth to that baby you suckle your child, it is my sincere belief that such a completion of your natural ability and your natural nature will greatly reduce the likelihood of you suffering from breast cancer.

We have the studies proving the increased risk of breast cancer depending upon how late it is performed in the gestation period but we have no studies upon my tip contained herein. Such scientific studies are suppressed because they do not fit the agenda of the elite.

Nevertheless, you have committed murder. Do not do it again.

War with the Elites and the CCP

There is no doubt there is a strange war going on. It is atypical warfare. It is mostly psychological and biological in nature. The character of this war is that it is UNLIMITED and it is TO THE DEATH, i.e. genocidal.

Those targeted do not know a damn thing! They do not know who they themselves are. Nor do they recognize their enemy.

Right now every nation is targeted in order to disguise their true objective. This is the objective of the elite and of the ChiComs!


are under full assault and the enemy is best called “Edom” or the Devil & the Devil’s children.

This is the battle that started in Genesis 3:14–the beginning of time as calculated by Bishop Ussher–and before.*

The enemy has taken over all of the positions of power inside the USA and every other nation on the earth. Thus, our very own government has become the enemy!

This is why the CDC, FDA and all of the rotten corrupt political class are shoving their Death Jab upon a very naïve public! At this point their Mainstream Media, Big Tech and Social Websites will no longer be able to hide the casualties. The deaths are becoming obvious.

Do not take their “gene therapy” injections because those are BIOWEAPONS. Their “vaccines” are killing at a rate of at least 900% (9x’s) what their protein spike virus (mad cow disease, prion disease) BIOWEAPON was able to deliver.

Just wait this one out IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE. Do not take their “BOOSTER” clot shots if you want to avoid diagnoses such as congestive heart failure and blood clots. Those are all reactions that were engineered into this series of “vaccines!”

Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada was instrumental in bringing these gene therapy protein spike inducing BIOWEAPONS to the World and he needs to pay for his crimes against humanity!


*James Ussher was mistaken when he dated the “creation” world October 23, 4004 BC. What he dated was the Original Sin wherein Gadreel beguiled (seduced) Eve who as a result of this illicit union gave birth to Cain. Our enemy, the enemy of the Israelites is the offspring of this illicit union between a fallen angel and Eve.

For millennia women have blamed Adam and men have blamed Eve for the fall of mankind when the full responsibility lies with the fallen angels as documented in books, including The Book of Enoch, which were subsequently removed by the evil ones from our Bible.

*Before the beginning of time as calculated by Ussher puts us approximately 70,000 years ago when Michael knocked their three massive spacecraft to the Earth in a giant battle in space. That was well before the last three “Earth Ages” when the Earth recycled its surface as YHVH designed it to do.

See the clock. See The Book of Daniel in the Bible and 1 Esdras & 2 Esdras in the Apocrypha.

The Beasts of the Earth

The beasts of the earth shall rise according to the Bible.

For some reason as a child in Sunday school I always thought this referred to the dinosaurs and behemoths, but today I realize that the phrase “beasts of the earth” refers to the tiny parasites and infinitesimal bugs and now a particle which we never knew existed called a nano particle.

Does this fulfill the scriptures?


They don’t even meet (fulfill) the legal definition of “vaccines.” Hence, their new RNA treatments do not merit protection from lawsuit for damages under that horrid legislation signed by “Red Ronnie” when he was playing his greatest role–President Reagan of the United States!


This legislation was given to us by Senator Henry Waxman (D) California. It was a part of the elite international bankers’ Long Range Planning purposely designed targeting our children and the American family! It gave rise to many autoimmune disorders, allergies, cancers, autistic spectral disorders and bipolar disorders!

Louisiana Vs Texas Corruption

In answer to the question of which State is more corrupt I can say that Texas being larger and with a far larger Communist Central State “Corporate” Government is the more corrupt. However, the State of Louisiana has seen fit to expunge the records of its criminals who accept the “clot shot,” “the jab.”

These are convicted felons but they weren’t sentenced to “death!” Therefore, the State of Louisiana is proportionately and qualitatively the more corrupt of the two!

Certainly, Louisiana’s long standing reputation for railroading men, unfairly convicting them and ENSLAVING them is something Louisiana will never be able to live down. And we thought “Truth Commissions” of South Africa are not needed here!

We will have Truth Commissions and a lot of trials and convictions when we return to self rule and restore our Republic.


because the day of reckoning shall surely come. Justice demands it.


One thing I must point out is that these are all “incorporated” State Governments and not organic State governments. When we return to the Constitution all of the “corporate” governments will go by the wayside while the people institute real organic Constitutional governments.

Texas is not a Safe Place

The people I have met from Texas always brag about their State but the fact is Texas is bigger in several ways–all undesirable. First, Texas has a HUGE State government and folks here don’t realize how centralized and controlled things are for them.

Second, next to Louisiana Texas is the most corrupt State in the union. In fact, it so corrupt that the political predator class legislators have crafted and put into place laws that enable and protect their criminality and their criminals.

Third, forget about Texas being big on law and order! That is a myth perpetuated in Hollywood and on the television.

Fourth, Texas harbors war criminals & assassins. Only in the Great State of Texas could President John F. Kennedy be assassinated. And that’s for a reason: The people are so corrupt.

Don’t believe me. Don’t take my word for it. Go and watch the B&W interview of their Governor John Connally in the hospital. Do you think Connally was being truthful? I certainly don’t! Moreover, I suspect he was in on that murder either before the fact or after the fact. Connally has been preserved in video and you can judge for yourself.

In our once stable culture in the USA we ran at approximately 4% sociopathy. However, that was almost two decades ago and as our culture has deteriorated I estimated we exceed 7%. The rate of sociopathy is only going to increase as we allow our political predators to import all sorts of people unvetted.

Between 2000 and 2020 the percentage of sociopaths in the population of the United States of America has increased from 4% to more than 7.1%

For comparison consider a very stable culture and relatively homogeneous population in Japan. Their rate of sociopathy is merely 1.7%. It is stable and there is a lot less crime in Japan. And I dare say there is far less corruption in Japan particularly among the elite political class.

Contrary to popular belief most sociopaths are NOT in prison but roam the streets freely. The vast majority are in politics and on corporate boards. Many are lobbyists and many have professional licenses. Most pass for esteemed citizens.

The ones in our penitentiaries represent a small fraction of sociopaths. Those are the less intelligent ones who get caught.

The best sociopaths pass themselves off as “philanthropists!” And we are even dealing with sociopathic cultures. These tend to portray themselves as “victims” and the tell tale signs of a sociopath are the “pity party” and “projection.” Just like the Left today “projects” the crimes it is actually committing upon the other party.

This was particularly true in the case of President Donald J. Trump. When it came to pinning Russia on Trump the real truth was the Democrats were in collusion with the Russians. Just as the Democrat Party is in collusion with the ChiComs and Big Tech. And the Mainstream Media is covering this all up.

Do you still believe the Mainstream Media? The MSM was lying when they interviewed Connally and gave us a twisted view of the massive CIA operations (There were two.) which were used to assassinate President Kennedy. The cover up of the JFK Assassination was even larger than the crime!

It took six (6) Presidents to kill one!

Eisenhower had advanced knowledge. Nixon was instrumental and he referred to the Kennedy Assassination euphemistically as “the Bay of Pigs” on the White House tapes because Nixon was deathly afraid of the public learning that he had put together the hit team while he was Vice President.

President Johnson was a key planner and actor in the assassination of his own President. President Bush, BOTH OF THEM, were present in Dallas for the Big Event. President George Herbert Walker Bush was the CIA supervisor on the scene coordinating the “fake assassination” that E. Howard Hunt and his team staged.

It was father taking son to work. By the way, the Bush’s real last name is “Scherf.” And President Ford was the last survivor of that great cover up known as “The Warren Commission.”

The (False Flag) CIA Operation was to fake an assassination attempt upon Kennedy. It was designed to render an excuse for a full military invasion of Cuba. But it was upstaged by the real murder coordinated by James Jesus Angleton on the CIA’s Israeli Desk. It had been ordered by the Prime Minister of Israel David ben Gurion after Kennedy said that ‘“The only way Israel will receive approval for their nuclear programme from USA is over my dead body” (sic)

Folks, we are run by murderers & thieves. You can expect to become a victim of crime as our society continues to deteriorate. This was all planned, engineered. This is the result of Long Range planning by the elite families and their “banksters,” the international bankers.

All wars are banker’s wars and we will continue to suffer until we wake up and return to self rule and restore our Republic. Barack Obama was right when he declared that middle America clings to its guns and its Bibles. He spoke the truth.

We have our guns but do you have your Bibles? No, you don’t. You’ve been misled from the pulpits and our lying pastors. The prophets wrote about them long, long ago.

Read the Bible. Stay tuned for my forthcoming internet radio shows. Free your minds and give yourself a fighting chance by reading your Bibles for yourselves. I will be there soon to guide you out of the lies that come from the Main Stream churches.

End all contracts as possible. As best you can cease doing business with corrupt corporations. Stop using the big banks and start working with smaller local credit unions who do not undermine you and your nation. Come out of her. Come out of this Beast System. Do not take “the jab.” Do not take “the mark!”

Is it Biblical? State of California DESTROYING AMERICA!

This just might be Biblical. If it is it’s in The Book of Revelations

It’s quite simple. The communists in California have engineered this SUPPLY CRISIS in order to take down America. This is a direct result of the California Green New Deal and there is a wonderful and brief article explaining the details here.

The California Version of The Green New Deal and an October 16, 2020, EPA Settlement With Transportation is What’s Creating The Container Shipping Backlog – Working CA Ports 24/7 Will Not Help, Here’s Why – The Last Refuge (

For Bible readers this is in fulfillment of the Berle Horse in Revelations which has often been mistranslated as the “pale horse” or a “white horse.” When we go back to the original language we find the Greek root word chloros which means “green” or “pale green.”

As the Bible is written at many levels and with more the just one meaning, the color “green” is also the color of one of the major invaders of Western Civilization–the Muslim Islamists which was created by the Roman Catholic Church and founded by “The White Prophet” who was Jewish and owned Black slaves. That is Muhammad.

Thus, the Bible warns about BOTH the “Green” revolution and the invasion by Islamists.

Failing to recall California Governor Gavin Newsome and replace him with Larry Elder was a terminal blow to our nation. Larry would have stopped this mess California has caused!


The elite evil ones utilize the Bible fully to control us. They believe that by mimicking the plot of the Bible they can terrorize us and legitimately do to us anything they and their father the devil want. He loves to play god.

However, I assure you that there is so much unfulfilled prophecy especially in the Old Testament that remains to be fulfilled that we are no where near “the end of the world.” For one, Isaiah’s prophecy concerning Damascus or Damesh or Dimesh (transliterations) as the locals know it remains to be fulfilled. Another is the “Exodus out of the North.” And a third is the time when ‘each person returns to their own land.’

Dr. Anthony Fauci Needs to be Taken into Custody

as soon as possible. Dr. Fauci is a mass murderer and he is one of the most evil men to have ever walked the earth.

And President Joe Biden who whole heartedly endorses Fauci and Fauci’s work and his clot shot and the elite’s plan to genocide 95% of the population of the world–Biden needs to leave the office he STOLE! Biden needs to take his Bitch Kamala (Che Male) with him!