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Diesel’s Last Full Day

Diesel’s last full day with me was very enjoyable. Diesel laid down at the foot of the bed and he would look back at me. There was a single plaintive bark for attention. I looked at him and he would get up and come place his head in my hands and let me rub on him.

Diesel would do this as long as he wanted. Then he would go back and lay down. Then with the only warning a plaintive bark of loneliness. I would look at him and he would come to me. He placed his head in my hands to rub him. We must have done this 10 times!

Diesel had been showing some signs of dementia and I decided to stay with him rather than make him go through the aggravation of being tied up. He relaxed and stayed within the bounds of the yards.

Diesel was telling me good bye and he took all afternoon. It reminded me of when Curley was bugging me as I was driving to Edmonton in the dark getting ready for another dangerous winter run! Curley had a heart condition and he did not live very long.

Curley kept attacking me with his face into my face as I tried to navigate in the dark. He loved me and was saying good bye. I miss that little family we had in Chander. I had a terrible premonition that I was going to lose my cat. I tried to fly Curley up separately but Mom would have nothing to do with it.

Indeed, Curly died behind my power seat. I put his body in the back of my frozen U-Haul trailer and buried him in Anchorage in 2009. The three of us had almost three years together. In my dream Diesel was on the bed. He did not have bed privileges yet but the ominous part was Curley was not in the picture! That’s how we started at Dawson Creek. Diesel comforted me. We comforted each other. Diesel howled and I cried when we discovered Curley expired and lifeless.

But I had to swop out to full winter tires and wheels. This was another of those dangerous winter runs up the Alcan! I found a couple with a one ton four wheel drive van. They had made the run many times in the past. He was a FedEx pilot. DAMN WE WENT FAST!

He would check back on me to make sure I did not go off the road. I was the only one with trailer that did no run off the road. Even the Canadian snow plow drivers would hold both hands up and yank then down quickly to indicate BOTH HANDS on the steering wheel.

If it wasn’t for the FedEx pilot urging me on I don’t know I would have made it. After my last winter run in May, I am not letting anybody talk me into a risky run on the Alcan again.

By helping Diesel relax, having made the decision that he can not continue to suffer like he was, Diesel was most present. He was sweet and we enjoyed our last days together even more.

COVID 19 is a Banking PsyOp to Cover Up the End of the Life Span of Fiat Currencies

That is all COVID or COVID 19 or any of its “variants” is! It is one giant PsyOp to keep the people in place and even further divide & conquer the people while they shuffle the upper power structures making ready for the ultimate enslavement of humanity.

All previous dictators will be jealous at the lock step controls they put in place. Even the gate keepers are going to hate their new prisons.

It has nothing to do with science or saving even one life!

Why I HATE Toyotathon and Will NEVER BUY a TOYOTA!

It is really simple. For more than two decades Toyota has been marketing its cars and truck with ANTI-MALE advertising. I tired of the “stupid man” ad campaign years ago. And it really gotten old and rotten since the 1990’s.

As a result, I will never buy a Toyota and I think you, too, should avoid the ANTI-MALE marketing PsyOp that undermines the American family and the American society.


Joe Biden hates White People

As nonsensical as it appears on face value our President by Fraud hates White people! How can Joe Biden hate White people when he himself is White?

It’s very simple. Joe was hired to genocide America but not just Whites. He’s been place in office by the devil’s children in order to genocide ALL of America!

This may appear insane until one realizes what the Biden family has been engaged in from their island with a submarine base next to Jeffrey Eppstein’s Pedo Island with its helicopter pad. Gee, who was licensed to operate submarines and helicopters? Giselle Maxwell whose father was also CIA or was it MI6? It’s hard to keep all of this straight.

Joe hates America and he is acting as fast as he can to destroy America. People need to wake up and hem Joe in before he really hurts our nation.

It’s time to hunker down and read you Bibles and clean your guns. Stand your ground. Do not be deceived.

Yes, I have Five Formal Degrees and This is how I Feel about “Education”

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The years in public education were tantamount to being in prison. We had the best education system in the world prior to WWI and unfortunately we adopted the worst model based upon the worst philosophy possible.

Rather than mainstream students in one large room where students of different ages and levels could help each other, we mainstreamed into cohorts. Rather than giving tests of mastery and advancing a student when ready, we held them back and made them wait for their cohorts to catch up–if they could.

You did not graduate high school. You were graduated. Your teachers graduated you; you did not graduate yourself.

If you were ready for college at age 14 which was the norm before WWI, you took the entrance exam which was extremely robust and you were admitted. An example of such an exam was to translate the Bible from English in Hebrew then translate the same passage into Greek!

Thus, the truly intelligent and gifted would rise to the top and those who were of average intelligence found other ways to earn a living. Often, well before finishing the sixth grade.

We need to ditch this communistic cohort system that dumbs down our children and holds them back. We need to go back to the little red school house model in which students helped each other and they flourished. None of this brick in the wall, slavery model from our current miserable demise.

Public Education Must Cease

There is no right to an education. Why are we forced to fund something that has been destroying our nation? Something that continues to attack and destroy our nation?

In short, we have created a “Golden Calf” and we worship “education.” While education can be freeing, it is even more enslaving. Education is the tool of our enslavement. No one is going to provide you are education that helps you break free from their rule over you!

Rather than fight this out in the schools, we need to cease all support and allow parents to take the responsibility for their children. No longer should we force this burden on others. It’s not fair and we are never going to agree on what a good education is. Therefore, let’s cease property taxation to fund this monster we have created.

Let parents pull together and determine how they want their children educated and if they do not want their children educated, so be it. Imagine if we no longer had “school zones” to worry about. There was a time when there were schools with no school traffic zones and we all did fine.

It’s time. Way past time. To put this monster to rest. It’s time to allow people to keep their hard earned money and avoid the wasteful beast we’ve created.

The 15th Century

Was perhaps the most important century in understanding our present. Why is this?

For one this was the age of the Elizabethan Era. The Rothschilds wrote up “The Protocols” or at least part of them. The KJV of the Bible was published. The Shakespearean plays were published. The Society of Jesus was formed. In short, a lot of major things happened in one short century.

Moreover, we still do not understand what actually occurred back in the 15th Century. With such shaky foundations how can we expect anything but the uncertainty we are experiencing today?

Regardless, I am going to try to explain it all.

The New World was discovered. Or was it re-discovered? Why was there a map of ice-free Antarctica?

Duty to Candor

Both of Michael Hubbard’s have violated their duty to candor. As a matter of fact I think each knowingly lied. Melanie Bragg said they could prove I was going to sell my coins to Michael Hubbard. Really? Then why did Michael Hubbard have me ship them at my own expense?

Mrs. Bragg also claimed in an email in June that Michael Hubbard had not opened the other boxes and bags, but only the one with the hole in it. Really? Then what was the big plastic bucket doing in the first photos from the storage room? Why did Michael Hubbard date his “inventory” in May?

Michael Hubbard’s second attorney claimed they would never return my coins to me unless I signed a release. OK? So, you are going to hold my property hostage until I sign my rights away? So many pounds of coins are missing that this certainly qualifies as theft or as they call it in Texas “malicious conversion.”

Attorneys have a Duty to Candor.

Tired of This Police Surveillance State?

For one I believe it is responsible for my inability to maintain an internet connection while I am working on line on sensitive government material. We need to get rid of the entire apparatchick apparatus.

Yes, the United States is communist. We’ve been communist for a long time. Perhaps even back to the time of Lincoln and Marx. Way back to our Civil War which was caused by the Black Nobility and the powers that own, run and operate the world.

Our State Department, the Deep State, has assured that all countries we’ve been involved in. Well, almost all have become communist in form and function. Here in America we are only communist in function but not form. Not yet.

We, the USA, has become the Beast System foretold in the Bible. Everything and everyone is suspect.

We need to come out of this soon or we will lose more people. It is important that we restore the original form of government our founders gave us but here is the problem. We can not vote ourselves out of communism.

Moreover, the elite behind the curtain want US divided and want to rile us into another Civil War. They have their FBI and their CIA on all sides, fomenting chaos and violence.

The government is too big. How can one tell the government is too big? When 12 out of the 16 “conspirators” to kidnap the Michigan Governor are FBI agents, your government has become far, far too big.

Let’s cut it down in size. The first thing we ought to go after is eliminating all public funding for “public education” which is nothing more than communist indoctrination and keeps us enslaved.

There is no “right” to an education. Certainly, there is no “right” to a “free” education. We need to cut all funding by the government for schools, be they elementary or high school or college! We must cease taxes upon property and give those citizens relief from unfair tax burdens to educate others’ children.

Unfortunately, we have made education into a “sacred cow.” We must nor gore the sacred cow. We are not allowed tom challenge it. We aren’t allowed to question it but we must save our children from those day time persons we (wrongly) call “schools” and begin educating them at home once again.

Home schooling produces better citizens. Home schooling is a superior education and with better outcomes. It’s time to pull the plug on all “public” education. Cease taxing people to pay for an inferior product. Fire them all. They have failed us and our children.

Then we can go after the TSA and Homeland Security. We ought to fire them all and we can dissemble them one at a time in the order they were created. Above all, we must dissolve the FBI and the CIA. They are not “our” FBI or “our” CIA. They wholly owned and beholding to those who hate us, those who hater America and Americans.

Conversation with Michael Hubbard Cont’d

Michael Hubbard and I talked about a lot of things. It seemed our conversation slipped easly and quickly into various subjects. Key among those was Mr. Hubbard’s observations, keen observations of “accidents” and “insanity” in those who have accepted THE JAB.

Hubbard has superior observation skills. Way above normal and I appreciate him sharing his observations with me. He is young, sharp, intelligent and see things most miss. More importantly, he recognized this COVID vaccine and all as a genocidal plot. He said that he and his family were not taking the Vax. I applaud him. I wish my family had not succumbed and taken that Vax.

This COVID vaccine and all as a genocidal plot.

Hubbard was very engaging and likeable. He readily established a rapport and led me towards disposing of what remained of my coins with his help and he redirected me towards blaming FedEx and suing FedEx.

Hubbard wanted to know if I know anyone in power, any politicians. I told him the story of the most powerful person I had ever met. That was a woman dressed impeccably in Scottsdale who was about my age. She is the granddaughter of Walt Disney and we talked about the Black Nobility which is the real power behind the scenes and the Black Pope. Those folks are the real bosses of the kings and queens and of the Pope himself.

There was a problem with this meeting. For one within 20 minutes the Houston Police Detective called me and he took Mr. Hubbard’s position. I was stopped in Houston traffic and could only talk briefly. It’s obvious to me that Mr. Hubbard had convinced the HPD that he was “the victim.” Moreover, Hubbard stole so much from me that he could afford two attorneys and to pay off the police and everybody including my CPA whom pushed me into this errant deal.

Hubbard and both his attorneys took so much money from me that it is impossible to estimate how much! For one, he took the Holy Grail of Coins. One the value of which could only be established in a public auction. It was worth millions, perhaps even tens of millions!

The Holy Grail of coins.

Both of Hubbard’s attorneys’ wittingly participated in his grand theft and perhaps the perfect crime.

The Bible says “love truth and justice” in that order. Why? Because without the truth there can be no justice–just like America is suffering today.

Love truth and justice.

Hubbard was not to open the boxes and suitcases until I arrived and I was present. His first attorney lied and said that Hubbard did not go through them except for the one box that had been damaged. That was not true. Hubbard sent me pictures with the large gray tub right away which indicated to me that Hubbard went through all of my coins the moment they arrived.

America is suffering today.

Melanie Bragg’s email was composed with a date AFTER the date Hubbard placed on his “inventory” which was May 25th. So, his first attorney’s statement was not correct. Did she wittingly lie?

His second attorney wrote that all of the coins were there but that was certainly not true! Hubbard and both of this attorneys said I never sent him an inventory. So, how can his attorneys claim that all of my coins were still there?

In truth and actuality Hubbard had the full inventories just like FedEx Claims and CPA John Wardlaw had them via email in May. Hubbard combined the contents of three separate boxes in that large plastic tub and I found a coin from one of the suit cases in the bottom of that huge plastic tub. That indicated to me that Hubbard combined my coins in a malicious manner to make inventorying what remained of my coins hard as hell. Almost impossible.

In a nutshell, Hubbard and his attorneys are all liars and thieves! That includes his latest barrister jackass at The Weaver Law Firm and his first attorney Melanie Bragg. Read Hubbard’s attorney’s letter and judge for yourselves.

I speak and write the truth. His last attorney did not!

Read Hubbard’s attorney’s letter and judge for yourselves.

Had Hubbard been honest and had he waited. Would we have discovered my Dad’s rarest coin. I would have sold it at auction and paid Michael Hubbard handsomely. It takes as much energy to be good as it does to be bad.

Thus, Hubbard could have earned an honest fee and had the world-wide fame in the numismatic world of having identified the rarest coin or at least one of the rarest coins in the world. The only one is on display in the Smithsonian as “the only one of its kind.” My father had the other one!

The only one is on display in the Smithsonian as “the only one of its kind.”

The entire would could have enjoyed that coin and its discovery but now it appears it has been lost forever to a thief!

It takes as much energy to be good as it does to be bad.

In closing I will say that my lesson from this entire matter is not to deny the Holy Spirit. When John Wardlaw, CPA pushed Michael Hubbard and D of J Coins and Collectibles on me, I should have told Wardlaw off and followed my “gut feeling.”

“Gut feelings” are what sociopaths lack. They are not wired up normally and as a result this gives them the advantage. This gives them the upper hand. Why? Perhaps “how” is the better question.

By not having a conscience they are better able to take advantage of the rest of us. They walk freely among us and predate upon us. They understand the rules of social interaction better than we do and they use them against us! They are likable, engaging.

The Holy Spirit is a connection to the enteric nervous system–which our keepers deleted from the psychology text books in 1948! The Soul is electrical which is why all of the RFI pollution is so dangerous.

The Soul is electrical.