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My organization is lacking. It is preferable to message me by email and to keep the comments to submissions that I can post. When you tell me not to post or it is for my information only, I sometimes make the mistake of approving those and posting them!

I don’t know how to handle this. I am working on my systems getting ready to broadcast, upload shows. However, if you know a real radio station that might invite me on, let me know. I would rather broadcast live and record shows for posting.

Also, I am going to need some help getting word out on my return to broadcasting. Any ideas, suggestions will be appreciated.

I have a sponsor lined up and the product is singularly excellent! A new Bible–the best available!

Prostitution the New Normal?

The tremendous influx of young women into soft prostitution (sugar dating) and women of all ages posting profiles seeking sugar daddies is disturbing. Is the figure of more than 30% accurate? Where does it come from?

As our culture and society deteriorate this is becoming the new norm. The estimate of 1,000,000 prostitutes appears low as the lines get blurred between dating, sugar dating, prostitution and modern marriage. The estimate of 6,000,000 sugar babies offering themselves up for sex for money seems low, very low. Yet, combined these don’t come close to 30%.

I think the fellows on the MGTOW fronts, the experts and Dr. Savage are onto something. There is a lot more prostitution going on than anyone realizes! As a matter of fact when one looks at marriage and how unfair the laws and family courts are to men, and the attitude of women about the purpose of marriage (To take everything a man has.), the current status quo is worse than mere prostitution!

Men are enslaved to their wives and their children! Men are ruled by women and children and that is what the Bible says twice in Isaiah.

Our masters have effectively made men, especially “White” men the slaves. Should we fail to provide for any reason we are divorced. Should we succeed and generate tremendous wealth we are divorced. Should a husband fail to meet the demands of his wife and fail to give his wife what she wants, she will leave him. In many ways our laws and the practices of the family courts are unfair to men.

So, men are leaving the game. Women who are age 32 and over think they are going to do better but since men cannot trust them and with many having had hundreds and even thousands of sex partners, men have lost interest.

Who wants a woman who has damaged another man through our courts? Who wants a woman who has had a handful or more sex partners? Who wants to raise another man’s child? And become cuckhold? Who wants to engage in a contract in which the State is involved? Who wants to assume the risk in a contract in which one party is richly rewarded for breeching that contract?

It’s not fair and women are only starting to feel the fall out. Men have been dealing with this for decades! We have entered a vicious cycle in which there is no exit except one and that is so disturbing that I dare not mention it.

If we double the sum of estimates for prostitutes and for soft prostitute sugar babies, we are approaching that 30% figure. The problem is how long is this sustainable? And the effects on maintaining our nation?

Since women received the vote, things have only gotten worse. Women want “feel good” laws. Women have empowered this central government to the point most Americans realize our government is THE problem. But how do we throttle it back? How do we restore support for families? How do we restore fairness?

I think things are going to break before change will occur. Families are broken. Men are broken. Women are broken. Children are broken.

Prostitution is not called “the oldest profession in the world” for no reason. But I wish people would realize how much more elevated having intact and healthy families is to maintaining our nation and that having the nuclear family requires a higher level of civilization.

Indeed, I fear we are losing our civility. When things get bad and the violence grips certain areas we are all going to be astounded!

Who is going to bother defending women when they’ve destroyed this nation? They’ve destroyed their own homes. Women have torn down their own houses with their own hands.

Prostitution Rate Exceeds 30%

According to Dr. Michael Savage and all of the MGTOW channels on YouTube the number of women offering sexual favors in exchange for money exceeds 30%. I recommend investing in stocks associated with cats and boxed wine because there are going to a lot of lonely women, a lot more than what we have now!

So, fellows, the odds are that the woman you are dating and considering marrying and having children has prostituted herself at least part time in the past. But the fact is that the money is so addicting as is the power that she is still selling herself and may be sleeping with more than one guy a day. She could be making more money than you!

So, it you are wondering why you can’t get any traction on dating, there is a reason. The women are busy selling themselves to the highest bidder and the percentage of women doing this is only going to go higher.

Thus there will be fewer families. Families are important because they are the glue that holds America together. I guess I should write that in the past tense. America has fallen. We are merely waiting for her to hit the ground. It’s not the fall that kills you but the hard stop at the bottom.

The wages of prostitution are way up. Maybe two to two and a half times what they were only two to three years ago. Even the ugliest and fattest women are online hawking their wares.

Women think they have tremendous value. The facts are the dollar is losing value fast and women are losing value as well. That is why no man dates a woman who is over age 32.

We live in an age in which women have so many sex partners that they nullify their ability to bond. We live in an age in which women drive themselves nuts by being seductive manipulators and deceivers!

Ladies, it really does matter how many sex partners you have had. You are selling yourselves short and losing your value. You are being sold a bill of bad goods. Rather than investing in family and children and companionship into old age, you are destined to be alone except for your cats and your boxed wine.

Christmas Blues

This is the loneliest Christmas ever! Having lost my parents then my dog last month then catching COVID really has taken the wind out of my sails.

Of course, this time of year is rough on people and when I used to work as a psychologist I was very aware of this and pro-active. I never lost a patient to suicide. We came very close but I was very good at preventing suicides. And I am certain my work stopped a few homicides.

THANK ALL OF YOU who have been writing to help me and to inspire me. I appreciate your efforts and your tips. I have not been taking good care of myself but I started walking this morning. Since the car accident (2017) and the back surgery I have been limited.

The settlement was a big screw job and between the attorneys and the doctors I don’t know which I am more upset with. Why? Because between them and especially the terrible record keeping of the doctors who think they are “god,” and my first two attorneys, I conservatively estimate I got $95,000 less than I should have.

This morning during my walk I felt I am ready to broadcast. Not that my computers and gear are set, but I feel I am ready to tell the public what it needs to know. I feel the Spirit is still there and I must get on top of things. Get things done and get organized.


Having lost my Mom then the next year my Dad and last month having to put my own dog of more than 15 years down, I am not doing very well. I am getting a good breakfast and when I am hungry I am eating as much as I can. But nothing is giving me joy–I miss my puppy dog.

Also I am behind on my projects and important matters. Getting the flu right after my dog passed did not help. I still need rest but staying in is depressing me. If I don’t get enough rest the sneezing starts again. And my hiccups which interfered with my breathing for a week or so, return occasionally. I can’t tell if they are started by carbonized beverages, spicey food or what.

And the shock of food prices every time I go out shopping really astounds me. Still, the economy has come in many ways to a standstill. Perhaps we can get a return to self-rule and restore much of the original structure or our government and civilization that our founders gave us.

We were bestowed with the best government in history. Yes, even better than ancient Israel. And we did well until about 1813.

FWIW, I tried to broadcast live on Facebook but between my old computers and my newer computer and my not-so-great hot spot from T-Mobile I have not been able to figure it out. I also checked on YouTube and see that I have a channel registered in my name. I am not sure how that is going to interfere with the two new channels I want to start.

So, I am depressing and grieving over my losses. Never have I felt so alone and with only three family members or so, I know that loneliness is only going to get worse from here. Unless, Creator Father Yahweh steps in a blesses me.

At my advancing age that is possible yet unlikely. In this deteriorating culture that is damn near impossible. I don’t know whether I am just becoming aware of how bad things have always been or if things are just getting worse.

My Bible reading is fair. I am actually starting to understand Paul. From what I read we are supposed to take this kingdom, the Earth, and we are supposed to give it to Yahweh. No one is coming to rescue us.

Also, there are three major sins or errors in the Bible. While those have evaded me I sense that I will soon understand the latter two. The first one is easy. It is sexual and was given to us by Balaam. The second two have something to do with gain saying and challenging authority. I am teasing those out.

Right now, it is obvious that our government system and the structure of our society cannot be corrected. Certainly, we cannot take it back at the ballot box. There is no political process available to us to reconcile things even one step at a time.

So, if our economy completely fails it might be a blessing in disguise. If we could throw out the money changers and those of the synagogue of Satan out of their positions of power, we would be far better off.

However, me must return to honest money as expressed in our Constitution. We must never allow our political class to sell us out like they have done. In case you are wondering, Pharaoh rules over US to this day!

Between the BAR and the Swiss who are not neutral and have never been neutral, and the banking fiat money monopoly, we are nothing more than mere bondservants. We are all bond slaves!