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China Wins Biological War 2020

China won the war. China is the only nation in which the mRNA Bioweapon is not being administered. In every other nation the mRNA “vaccine” Bioweapon has been and continues to be administered.

If the mRNA “vaccine” is so good and so necessary, why are the Chinese not using it?

Folks, the facts are it is not a “vaccine” and it is a Bioweapon.

At this point get ready for widespread HIV testing as part of the HIV strand was spliced into this ChiCom Bioweapon.

We see the formation of pediatric stroke teams in hospitals yet we still have vaccine mandates?

The ChiComs and the (false) Jews that are in power in the USA could not ask for a better weapon. They could not ask for a better war. A war in which there is no radiation and no fallout. A war which allows the Chinese to occupy America with it’s false Jews at the helm driving our sinking ship under the water.

Israel’s Secret Role in the Ukraine

Bibi Netanayahu has been moving to recover the “Jews” REAL HOMELAND in the Ukraine which was the site of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria existed until approximately 1100 AD when the White Russians defeated the Khazars and ran them off. As a result the Khazars went west and became the Ashkenazi Jews!

Folks, they are NOT Jewish except by conversion. More importantly, a small number are descendants of Esau who was renamed Edom (red) and settled in Mount Seir in southern Israel.

So, what we are witnessing is the take over of the Ukraine by the descendants of the Khazars. The “Jews” are setting up their real homeland!

The occupants of Israel are at least 90% AshkeNAZI! They are not descendants of Judah or Israel, the man.

Even in the Bible John the Apostle on Patmos Island records Jesus as declaring twice (a double witness) in The Book of Revelations that ‘he knows they who say they are Jews and are not,’ but are of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9, 3:9). Read the Bible.

Moreover, the AshkeNAZI have usurped the government and institutions of America! Our State Department is communist. We (the USA) have become the stronghold of communism. The USA has spread communism world wide. The USA sentenced east Europe to communism before the end of World War II. The USA stopped Chiang Kai-shek from attacking China and hence causing mainland China to go communist.

Sanctions Designed to Destroy USA

Biden and Obama are intent upon destroying the USA with the help of Russia and China. In 2020 the ChiComs already defeated the USA and now control the entire government(s) of the USA.

Now, we see Joe Biden and Barack Obama delivering another blow to America. This time the so-called “sanctions” against Russia are going to backfire causing the Federal Reserve Note to cease being the World’s Reserve Currency.

We in America are going to see runaway hyper-inflation (which is just another word for “theft”) that is going to strip the USA of any and all remaining wealth.

What can we do about it? Restore the law and enforce the law. Natural law. God’s law, the law of Yahweh.

The Original 13th Amendment is the law of the land. It was the last amendment properly ratified. It must be enforced to the hilt. It puts attorneys in their place. It strips all BAR association members of any and any citizenship in these States. It maintains the “separation of powers.”

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.

Joe Biden wants to destroy America and he has done an excellent job for his ChiCom masters!

Central Bankers Invade Ukraine & Europe

Central bankers also known as international bankers have ordered Putin to invade the Ukraine and ordered Biden to stand down. If this incursion does not prop up the central banks adequately to satisfy the “money changers,” then this war may expand into Europe!

Stop thinking this due to Putin or that this is due to Biden. It is all due to the central banksters who are predominantly described in the Bible as Edomites (Aramaic) also known as Idumeans (Greek) furthermore there is a “double witness” in the Bible:

Wherein Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 the evil ones are described as ‘those who say they are Jews and are not;’ more importantly, they are ‘the synagogue of Satan!’

Here’s the end game. The Middle Class will disappear as the central banks inflate all currencies and destroy the wealth of the Middle Class.

Get ready for a False Flag to get the World into War! Europe may fall. The USA may fall!

The point of my title is that Putin did nothing–without the orders of the Elite New World Order! Putin’s actions upon behalf of the central banks have granted the central banks the green light to inflate all they want!

God’s Time Clock

This is as close as it gets to understanding Creator Father YHVH’s time.

We are on the line of the Sun going micro-nova at approximately 6:30.


I firmly believe that if the “real Jews,” the Israelites [the real descendants of Israel the man also known as Jacob] read the Bible as a history law book and abide by its laws, YHVH Creator Father may intervene and heal.