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The End of the Democrat Party

How I wish we could end the Democrat Party AND the Republican Party! We need a complete reset and there is only one route for America to go. I am speaking successively.

The only thing we can do is DESTROY the current federal government and return to the structure the Founders gave us. We have no choice. We will never agree on anything else other than this return to self rule and a complete overhaul of the legislative branch.

What form this takes is simple: Either we return to the Original 13th Amendment for The Separations of Powers and eliminate all the subsequent amendments. There is more to it than that but without my strategic intervention which was inspired by author Eustace Mullins from Virginia I predict the following:

The Republican Party will absolutely fail the country. The Republicans will do this by failing to enforce the laws equally. Without the rule of law America will devolve to an anarchistic animal state in which receiving nukes would be merciful.

Both parties, actually ALL PARTIES in America are guilty of this: None prioritizes America first! All are Israel first! It’s time we realize that Israel controls our nation and has been in control before Israel was founded!

With the creation of the Federal Reserve the fate of our nation was sealed and we became a vassal state beholding to outside interests. Beholding to the money changers.

These bastards have been undermining America since before our inception. What we need is honesty. The Bible commands one to love truth and justice, in that order. Why in that order? Because without truth there can be no justice.

We have no truthful history. We have been enslaved by a minority which has worked manifold schemes to bind the giant and capture the giant.

We don’t even have a truthful Bible! Our churches were used to take us hostage. The only freedom will come at out own hands–by sitting on our derrieres and ready the Bible to full comprehension.

Our pastors lie! Isaiah foretold of this almost three millennia ago. The corporate churches have all been marginalized. The seminaries have taught a political agenda for eons. Even major figures were enemies in seats of power and influence who have misguided huge numbers.

What can you do? What each of us must do is read the Bible for ourselves and understand what it says. And what it does not say.

For the best copy of the Bible to date in the English language I recommend following this link and acquiring a copy as soon as possible before prices go up. My fans get the “Proper Name Version of the King James Bible” at half the costs of the competitors but this is only for a short time as these were published in Belarus.

As you know the Biden Administration has sanctioned Belarus along with Russia. We will never produce and print Bibles this cheap again. Under current circumstances I expect prices to be increased immediately.

All my preferred prices end in $.77. So, look for prices ending in $XX.77 and order knowing you have gotten the lowest price,

More Earth Cycles Discovered & Health Warnings

This morning Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObsevers on YT brought our attention to a study which showed a 700,000 year cycle with a 23,000 year cycle contained therein. Truly, our Earth vibrates and there are many many more cycles to be discovered.

While the Earth’s magnetic field wanes there is concern for heart health. If you have any sort of heart condition be gentler upon yourself. The largest & most intense magnetic field emanating from a human body is from the human heart!

So, as the magnetic field of the Earth declines be careful. Be cautious. Be gentler on yourself and on others. In the Bible this is the End Time (of just another Earth cycle and not the end of the Earth!) and the Bible says men’s hearts will fail them.

This is the end of an Earth Age and not the End of the Earth.

Does this mean utterly fail and men die or does it mean that men’s feelings will fail them? What does it mean?

Clearly, the Bible forewarned us and hopefully we are forearmed enough to pull through and survive this transition. Certainly, man has survived many such Earth Ages in the past.

Read the Bible. It’s all in there.

The Success of the Elite (and the Walking Dead)

I have been trying to figure out in short order a catchy and accurate title for this post but I am unable to do it. In a nutshell last evening I figured out that the elite have succeeded in reaching their goal of reducing the population of the USA to its original projection of merely 69 Million in 2025.

Deagel, the website, originally had a projection of 69 Million in approximately 2010 then took those projections down. Later, Deagel changed it to 99 Million. Perhaps that was to hide their genocidal intentions or to confuse people. However, last night I heard that approximately 260 Million Americans have taken the “clot shot.” That leaves approximately 69 Million of US who have not taken it.

One of the elite in Europe when asked about the inside dope said, ‘It’s simple. Within 10 years they will all be dead. If you want to know how much time a man has left merely take a blood smear on a slide and look at it under a microscope. Then count the percentage of anomalies (blood clotting and deformations) and estimate the percentage of those defects observed. If the defect rate is 50% then he has only 50% of the 10 years remaining. Deduct 5 years. If there are only 20% malfunctioning then deduct 2 years and within 8 years he’ll be dead.’

There are treatments to counteract the horrid kill shots. I don’t know what they are but some people are going to make a lot of money off helping people overcome and reverse the mistake they made.

So, if 260 Million are walking dead then that leaves approximately 69 Million remaining (alive) a decade later (after the shots) out of 339 Million people. Thus, we have been defeated in a bio-war waged by the elites and the ChiComs and the communists and all. That includes the communists and the Zionists who who reside among us. It involves both Democrat and Republican leadership. All of the Media and Big Tech.