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US Department of Defense Unleashes Bioweapons Upon the American Public!

My hunch that our very own DoD manufactured these vaccines in their many Bioweapons Labs in the Ukraine then handed them to the big vaccine manufacturers to disperse appears more correct every day. This means our own government is committing genocide, democide.

Just because you are still alive does not mean the DoD and their Big Pharma has not killed you. These are timed delayed weapons designed to go off over long periods of time at variable times in order to avoid public detection.

Some die with the band-aids still on their shoulders. Some die within two years and most will have expired from the clot shot within 10 years.

If you have accepted their lies and their fraud and have taken their “vaccines” there are things you can do to preserve and protect your life. Look those up on the internet and take action.

By the way, since the government could not get many of us to take their “vaccine” they have decided to spread their death and destruction by other means, by aerial spraying and in meats and in vegetables. There is no escaping them! Unless we repent and take out the trash (Washington DC and all) there is little hope for the future.


Act quickly. Write your congressmen and senators demanding the impeachment and removal of Biden-Harris and their Administration. Even that is not going to stop them but it is a good start.

Write letters to your congressmen, senators and the speaker of the house demanding IMPEACHMENT & REMOVAL!