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Common Cold and Flu are Bioweapons

Decades ago I declared the common cold and the flu bioweapons and it appears my declaration was right on the money. If you think our central federal government would never wage biological warfare against our own people, I want to remind you of several historical facts.

Biologically infected blankets “given” to the American Indians during the 1800’s in order to cause disease and death.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 which began at Fort Riley, Kansas. Patient one was an Army soldier who was working in the Army’s bioweapons program.

Ever since then every flu and even the common cold have been successive attempts in bioengineering to create a genodical doom’s device.

Plus we have more than four decades, perhaps every bit of the history of vaccines has all been vaccine fraud.

Do not forget the Tuskegee Experiment in Macon, Georgia done to unsuspecting Blacks. That “experiment” never ended! The government morphed it into infecting tics with Lyme’s Disease and other ailments.

Now, the CDC and the medical licensing boards are dictating the practices of medicine so that the vast majority of Lyme’s Disease goes undiagnosed and results in Dementia!

We are all targeted for extermination. Read the Bible. We are approximately one-third of the way through the first pestilence in which a full third of humanity perishes. That is followed by another pestilence again taking a full third of humanity.

Depending upon how one reads it, this could mean the elimination of 2/3 of the world’s population or merely 48% if this is to be viewed using compounding principles.

The word is the elite have fully dispatched one billion of us to date with their bioweapons.

Before the onset of this open warfare using biologicals the elite targeted and neutralized those health practitioners that focused on building the immune system. The best herbalist was getting remissions on brain cancers in six weeks!

My advice: Eat for health. Focus in your immune system and in particular gut health. Death starts in the colon and by building the intestinal flora in the colon one can become practically invincible.

Our government and the elite have been using the common cold and these variants of flu to diminish our lives and our numbers. Don’t give them the satisfaction!

PS Recently it was reported to me that when agricultural students went to a seminar training their Chinese compatriots were astounded to see Caucasians still here. Still alive. Apparently, the Chinese biowarfar program is so well known along with its aspirations, that they average Chinese student in America knows it and expects us to have succumbed fully from the biowarfare!

Only Americans are so stupid and full of themselves (narcissistic) that they can’t see the truth before their eyes. The CCP has taken over the USA. We have full “elite capture” and we can thank those parasites we took in during the last century and a half.

Tuskegee Project Never Ended — Morphed into Dementia Caused by Lyme’s Disease!

What more can I say? What more need be said?

The CDC deleted certain blood assays from their protocols purposely so that Lyme’s Disease is not diagnosed when it should be readily detected in simple blood tests. Our own government took the syphilis spirochete and integrated it into the tic borne illness man made on Plum Island off the New York coast.

So most of the Dementia is caused and undetected until it is too late. Moreover, the infection rate for Americans is a whopping 90%!

One out of every 10 if US citizens does not have Lyme’s Disease!

That’s nine out of every 10 Americans is positive for Lyme’s Disease and the vas majority have no idea that they are likely infected with this spirochete that originated from the Tuskegee Experiment which never ended!

90% of Americans have Lyme’s Disease.

The principle long observed is the government brings in new technologies, slow kill technologies, and employs them first on unsuspecting minorities on the fringes of society, then mainstreams them on the public at large. Everything from welfare to their biological warfare and their new police state surveillance systems and weapons system is done this way.

Ending Breast Cancer: Stop Donating to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Quite simply the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s “race for the cure” is a fraud! It is a waste of time, money, resources and even hope!

The Susan G. Komen foundation controls all breast cancer research and the Susan G. Komen Foundation requires all money spent on Breast Cancer Research be directed solely at the GENETIC CAUSES OF BREAST CANCER.

Why is this wrong?

Because we have known for more than 30 years that genetic causes account for only 6% of the total variance meaning that the vast majority of the causes of breast cancer go unresearched, unfunded. That means the vast majority of the causes of Breast Cancer (almost 94%) are ignored.

What kind of sense does that make?

None. Unless you want to kill American women!

The remaining 94% of causes is approximately equally divided between “Life Style” contributors [including abortion] and “Environmental Factors” [including toxins and poisons].

So, for decades the Susan G. Komen Foundation has misdirected all research and wasted money and time! It’s time to STOP FUNDING THE SUSAN G. KOMEN FOUNDATION and cease their non-profit status. Their “race for the cure” is nothing but a fraud intended to keep on killing American women.

We Americans are ruled by those who hate us–just like the Bolsheviks genocided between 66 and 100 Million Russian Christians during Stalin’s reign. And today the Bolshevik communist Jews rule America like they did Russia during Stalin’s reign.

Have you ever wondered about the similarities between the certain photos of Obama featuring a jutting out chin in classic photographs of Lenin and Obama? It is a classic posture of an oppositional defiant child!

I have to thank the nurse who educated me about this on the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP) listserv discussion in approximately 1998. It was she who gave me the statistics which I quickly calculated and realized that this Susan G. Komen Foundation is nothing like it purports to be–the Susan G. Komen Foundation consists of a bunch of liars and thieves! Murderers! FRAUDS!

Preventing Breast Cancer

Twice YouTube has removed my content and twice YouTube has given strikes over this content. My idea is novel and merits consideration and even formal research. But the powers that be hate us and want us dead. So, they will not allow any discussion about the matter–even it will save millions of women’s lives!

In a nutshell, ABORTION CAUSES BREAST CANCER. That is my assertion. Years ago the correlation was established the rate of increase of breast cancer and death of the women is described in my previous and archived blog. The later in the term of the pregnancy the greater the increase in breast cancer.

Is it causal? We don’t know. But the powers that be dictate that we not consider it. We not research the possibility.

If you are a woman who has had an abortion, in order to PREVENT BREAST CANCER I recommend you consider having a baby to full term, delivering that child and nursing it.

It is really quite simple and it makes sense. Your abortion interrupted a natural process and by completing that process in a new pregnancy with delivery of the child, your body may heal itself naturally.

I do not know for sure but it is an idea that merits serious consideration in the fight against breast cancer in order to save women’s lives. Nevertheless, YoutTube is run by those who hate us just like the Bolsheviks who hated ethnic Russians as Alexander Solzhenitsyn has written.