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1,070,000,000 COVID-19 Deaths to Date

And untold numbers of non-lethal casualties and counting!

Sadly, from Fleming;s book “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?: A Scientific and Forensic Investigation” published in 2021 by Skyhorse Publishing, New York we know a lot more.

First, it was released by the CCP.

Second, it was made in several laboratories across the world.

Third, the United Nation’s World Health Organization (WHO) and its communist leader were behind it and remain behind it.

Fourth, it was funded by various agencies of the federal government of the United States of America and the American taxpayer.

Fifth, every aspect of COVID-19 has a Revelations 2:9 & 3:9 FALSE JEW at the head of it! Everyone of them is an atheistic Jew! All the men and women. Including those heading High Tech Social Media censoring the rest of us and those in charge of the FDA and those at the very heads of corporations such as Black Rock!

Revelations 2:9, 3:9

Now, why are they all Jewish? Or am I deluded?

This, these people or hybrids or whatever they are (the Synagogue of Satan according to the Bible), is MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT today. Read 2 Esdras 11 in the old Bibles. You will see the symbol for this Beast system.

2 Esdras 11

Mystery Babylon the Great

A three headed eagle. The center head is Rome, the Vatican. The Left head is The City of London INSIDE of London. And the third head is Washington DC.

The Three Headed Eagle

The Vatican, The City of London & Washington DC

This is the culmination of the Beast system first described by Daniel. This proves how right and accurate the Bible really is!

Buy the best Bible available today in five different formats at the lowest prices anywhere:

According to Revelations this first wave would kill one-third of the world’s population and the next wave will kill another third of the world’s population!

One-Third of the World’s Population

Sixth, we know from the brave heroine Chinese physician who blew the whistle and now resides in New York that the CCP has a “hidden payload” in their CV-19 Bioweapon that has yet to deploy and/or be revealed.

Two-Thirds of the World’s Population

Have you had enough yet!? I certainly have! These people or hybrids (or Satan’s) rule by deceit. That is why Babylon the Great is such a mystery.

They utilize sorcery (Galatians 5:20 pharmakeia, Revelations 18:23 sorceries) . Sorcery in the form of psychological warfare (their mainstream media including Hollywood and their CIA & CAA and almost all of the publishers!) and in their drugs, street drugs AND pharmaceuticals. Not to mention their control of the internet, the World Wide Web!


Isn’t it time we wrested control from them and stopped the suffering? This Hell on earth they have given us?

Hell on Earth

Let us all work together to overcome these monsters, these demons and these devils! Please READ YOUR BIBLE and abide by the 10 Commandments. Press in and earn the Holy Spirit. Then, you shall know what to do.

Let’s bring all mankind together against these devils.

The Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth is established one soul at a time. Let’s bring all mankind together against these devils. The devils who bring us incessant wars. The devils who put us at each other’s throats. The devils who divide families and man & wife since Adam and Eve. The devils who are destroying the earth!

The Earth Groans for Her Saviors!

What You Can Do About Spike Protein

One commenter @tjango20 in particular was able to succinctly summarize these recommendations as follows from Dr. Been’s lecture:

What helps covid long term in the studies cited are (sic):


Autophagy (fasting)

Coffee (caffiene) increases autophagoso mes

Dandelion (leaf) extract

Methylene Blue

Nattokinase (bacteria from fermented soybean)

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Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation of Roy E. Kent (ongoing)

While many would jump with joy upon receiving such a letter acknowledging the ongoing abuse and exploitation of My Uncle Roy Kent, I find it somewhat disheartening as this is an admission by the Strafford County Attorney that his office intends to neglect to do his duty. To me, this letter represents the epitome of dereliction of duty.

See for yourself. Read this letter and decide whether the man intends to uphold his duty or if he has found an excuse to pass the buck:

The Kidnapping of Roy E. Kent by the Day’s

This is for immediate public release. Both documents attached have been sent to news media in the area of Dover, New Hampshire.

While the Strafford County Attorney has responded his response is substandard and demonstrates his office’s willingness TO TAKE NO ACTION in hopes that that lame answering machine service in Concord to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office might take action.

The Attorney General’s Office handles all capital offenses. Offenses punishable by capital punishment (condemned to death). Murder is the Attorney General’s Offices purview, prosecuting homicide.

This is no homicide case. It is not punishable by capital punishment.

Therefore, the Strafford County Attorney has demonstrated his unwillingness to do his duty. He has chosen to be negligent, derelict in his duty. When I am able I will publish his one page response for all to see.

Because of this I make these two pertinent documents and three photographs public and I appeal wholeheartedly to any concerned party to champion my cause and give My Uncle Roy a safe and secure environment.

TWO Word Docs and THREE color photos attached.

An Emergency Act to Reduce Shooting Shootings and SSRI Abuse

Anyone on SSRI’s long term, we professional mental heath professions have observed, loses their ability to love. So called anti-depressant SSRI medication use for any length of time over a year negate a person’s ability to love. They are no longer able to attach positively to another human being.

Negates a Person’s Ability to Love.

Furthermore, there are many cases in which a patient with suicidal ideation has resorted to an SSRI, such as Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft, only to get just enough lift out of their doldrums (just enough energy) to commit suicide! When Prozac first came out 90% of the nation was on it! And I stopped counting in about 1998 with the 554th “Prozac-assisted suicide!”

Prozac assisted suicide

The problem is we don’t merely commit suicide at a higher rate under the influence of SSRI’s, we also commit homicide at a much higher rate! The vast majority of “Mass Shooters” were on an SSRI and virtually all of the “School Shooters” were taking an SSRI at the time of their killing spree!

Mass Shooters on SSRI’s

Therefore, it is proposed we enact emergency legislation that prohibits anyone taking an SSRI class of medication from possessing a firearm. Furthermore, when they cease SSRI treatment it should be required that two mental health professionals (a psychiatrist and a psychologist) independently clear such individuals so that they might once again possess a firearm.

Virtually All School Shooters were on SSRI’s.

With the passage of such an act we should see “Mass Shootings” be reduced significantly–at least cut in half. And we should see “School Shootings” come to a virtual halt.

Mass Shootings would be cut in half at the very least.

Will any of our Big-Pharma-bought-off-politicians dare go against the hand that feeds them?!

How many times have we heard: “If it saves just one life it will be worth it?”

In contrast and comparison, such an act would save many lives and many of those are children!

School Shootings would come to a halt.

Please join me. Write your Senators and Representatives demanding we take action now! Let’s save some lives together. Let’s save some lives!