Monthly Archives: May 2024

Mystery Babylon Rears its Ugly Head

By now all must see that the central banks with Big Pharma over them are destroying all world governments in order to own and rule it all! This is totally in the Bible and, more importantly, the “chosensites” are NOT who or what they say they are! They are, as the Bible declares, the Synagogue of Satan!

400% Inflation This Time Next Year

Due to the EU banks agreeing to rob Russia and give it to the Ukraine. expect inflation to not merely DOUBLE but too QUADRUPLE over this next year.


The only cure for this disease is to willingly crash they system ourselves. Take ourselves out of their* money system. And return to real coined currency accepting two years minimum of austerity.

Otherwise, the Evil One and his children nuke all of western civilization!

Arrest the Federal Reserve System!

Arrest all stock holders and their families and extended families as soon as possible! Seize all assets. Place each in solitary confinement.

Save America! Stop the Federal Reserve Monopolists! They have stolen it all! And they are waging unlimited atypical warfare upon America!!!