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Will “Ike the Kike” Make it on Rumble?

I don’t know. I have been waiting for Rumble to either publish my D-Day vid or give me notice that it is in violation. The problem is Eisenhower was a MASS MURDERER and needs to be exposed!

Ike stood by with advance knowledge and allowed JFK to be assassinated.

Ike murdered more Germans AFTER the war than during the war with his Rhineland Meadows open air “concentration camps!”

Ike allowed himself to be honey-potted by the Rothschild bitch who was “handling” Ike and trained in the ‘art of non-stop sex.’ As a direct result “Ike the Kike” sent our boys to be slaughtered on the beaches of Normandy when it should have been the British whose troops should have been committed to that suicidal assault because it was their war!

The British started WWII as they did WWI and now WWIII! I say we stand back and let China nuke MYSTERY BABYLON and their King Charles!

Great Britain


With their king’s BAR Association Attorneys!!!

Let Great Britain be destroyed!