Donald Trump’s Life & Death Depicted in Denver Murals

The Denver murals have been slowly being painted over. As each scene comes to fruition it is painted over. At first I thought the patrons were fearful that the content might be too revealing or that the depictions were too disturbing. Now, I realize the Denver Air Port murals are pictoral prophecies!

The current ongoing exhibit features a blond haired blue eyed German boy who becomes the center of attention and children everywhere turn in their swords and assault rifles to the new leader who beats the arms with a big hammer.

This appears to be a swords into plowshares moment.

But then we see the German boy dead in a casket in another mural. Might the New World Order be announcing the coming of Donald Trump upon the world scene? And might the New World Order be depicting his mission and his fate?

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Life & Death Depicted in Denver Murals

  1. Marge

    I was sitting here, pondering all of the happenings, when for some reason the Denver Murals popped into my head, I remember there being a blue eyed german boy … at the center, and then in a casket.. I googled “Denver Mural. Donald Trump” and came to your site. My stomach knotted and I felt nauseated- as it seems more and more like prophecy.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, that scared me as well. I have never seen the Denver murals in person. Still, the elite who own the world tell us in advance their plans through art.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks TCM. I never been there and I hate passing on bad information. So, corrections and comments such as yours are appreciated. I think I may make a trip there personally this summer. At the moment I am in South Dakota and wanting to get to the cool mountains.

      I have to admit I accept all too easily the reports of others and I need to investigate things more for myself. Again, thank you!

      1. LLL

        I was there before it was open and there alot!!! there were 4, and 2 are gone. i have a pic of all 4

        1. admin Post author

          If you could be so kind as to forward high quality pictures I will post them.

          Thank you,

          Dr. Kent

  2. admin Post author

    My take on these murals is somewhat strident. This is art work and symbolic. As I reflect upon this matter. These might be merely themes. I certainly do not hope for these tragedies or any other. These evoke strong emotion. There are a lot of symbols and these may be manipulative.


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