An Open Letter to Horst Mahler

Dear Mr. Horst Mahler,

Having watched almost all of your video:

Horst Mahler Outlines Jewish Plot Against White Race in Final Public Speech

I write to inform you that you have it wrong but you are so close to the truth that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob directs me to address you publically and offer to explain the truth that is in the Bible to you.  If you can communicate freely with me, perhaps by Skype, and have a couple of translators handy, I will gladly tell you what I know.

I think you will be astounded to learn the truth that in actually in the Bible.

I wish you well and good health.  I hope and pray for your release.

For those unaware of you and your plight here is an embedded link to your video:

One thought on “An Open Letter to Horst Mahler

  1. admin Post author

    Mr. Mahler:

    You are going to be (sadly) surprised at how the enemy has used you! You are so close to the truth but you are wrong. Satan has deceived you and (even more sadly) turned you to his ends!


    Dr. Kent


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