Bringing the murderers of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia to justice is crucial to restoring our Republic!

Why has President Donald John Trump failed to investigate this murder committed under Obama that leads directly to John Podesta and Chelsea Clinton and hence to her mother Hillary Rodham Clinton?

1 thought on “JUSTICE FOR SCALIA!

  1. Janice

    The psychopaths are running the world while the same psychopaths undermined the brain and morality of the billions inhabiting this earth. They control the masses through sin as Balak and Baalim were trying to do to the Israelites in the book of Numbers. However, because people don’t investigate history and biblical truth on their own, they have allowed themselves to become in bondage to sin. They don’t believe God. Mankind has become a cesspool of debauchery. Now they are bound by political correctness and a revised vocabulary and because of this fakery called racism will not be able to identify his fake Jew enemy.


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