Alexandria Cecil-Fiene Update

Alex Cecil goes by a new name on Facebook.  Here are several photos and active links to some of her recent and present prostitution.

All of you Johns who have engaged her bareback services might want to get tested.  In June Alex complained about her “hip” and displayed a possible syphilis chancre.  It was sickening to see that open wound in her crotch.  That open wound was almost the same size as her vagina and just to her left of her private area.  It was sickening!   I almost lost it!  It rendered me speechless and avoidant.

She said it had scabbed over and was beginning to heal but someone told her to put Vaseline on it.  Since then it would not scab over.  I don’t know if that was possibly going into Stage Two of the disease.

When asked about the possibility of syphilis, she denied it.  Then she claimed she had had a blood test for syphilis and it was negative but she could not provide a date for that lab test.  She claimed she had only had sex in April with an old boy friend from high school and she hated sex but her recent reviews in April belie her.

She is a star provider in Indianapolis.  She is a compulsive liar and con artist.

From Explore Talent

For more than two years I was hoping for Alex to come around and love me as she claimed.   I gave her every benefit of the doubt but she finally proved to be a professional provider and a compulsive liar.

“You don’t get to touch it unless you pay for it.”

Since meeting her June 19, 2015 I resolved not to touch her again unless we had a clear understanding; however, since then she must have been with so many men that I can not possibly take her back.  I can not even guess how many.  Hundreds?  Over a thousand?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

The Erotic Review (TER) is the largest escort review site in the world.  Alex’s TER number is 313002.

She also has three reviews on the Erotic Monkey.  The most recent review on the EM was also April.  Her reviews are truly disgusting!  You need to read them for yourself.

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And Alexandria has a review on ECCIE.

Good bye!

Good riddance!



2 thoughts on “Alexandria Cecil-Fiene Update

    1. admin Post author

      If you are referring to Alex, in any way whatsoever, no. I gave up on her. After she said in the spring of 2018 that she was coming to Phoenix to help me and never did, that was it. Alexandria is never going to change. She is rotten to the core. You can have her! I will not let her near me again.


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