South Africa Today, America Tomorrow!

I am borrowing this from a friend from South Africa.  I am only going to give it paragraphs and spacing.  I will not edit it nor will I even correct spellings.  This is copied ‘n pasted to get the word out and to get the bad news out of South Africa.

Why?  Because I want to save South Africa!  I have been given 30 days on FacistBook aka KikeBook which many call Facebook.  Folks, the Jews are The Problem and it is not all the Jews but a peculiar subset called “Edomites” in the Bible.

We in America allowed this to happen on our watch and this is merely a preview to exactly what will happen to America if we do not get the rule of law back.  Which means if Hillary and Comey and the errant FBI and DOJ are not charged with their crimes and high treason, America is going to become a shit hole–just like South Africa today.  In many ways America is already a shithole compared to what it was when I was growing up!

Dear World.

This is South Africa. A beautiful place where firestations, schools, buildings, vehicles and busses are set a light. Where service delivery is poor because of a lack of proper knowledge. Where our government is corrupt and pushes taxes up so we pay the money which was stolen by our president.

The only country in the world where the big guys at the head of the table want to close police stations at 6pm because it isn’t safe and where protesting destroys everything in its path. Then tomorrow comes and the same protesters want to take a bus they can’t because some busses were burned… or go to a mall or clinic they can’t it was destroyed, or have to travel an hour longer because of detours due to damages to roads which was caused by protestors … They will complain about poor service delivery yet protesters were the ones causing the damages. Protests left right and centre about anything and everything. Petrol going up (example pic of such a protest), food going up, everything going up. Yes people have had enough… Cost are rising. But must everything be destroyed? Like me, lots of people Love this country and do not want to immigrate. I am not being negative… Not am I a hater… This is facts. This IS happening.

We just want to law and order. Proper systems in place and procedures where if questions are raised they are answered. Where you can provide for your family properly. Where a farmer can farm without fear. Where kids can go to school with all the needed equipment. Where a man and woman can go to work without worrying about a road being blocked. Regardless if you are purple, brown, pink, black, white, green, blue or Grey….

You do not need to destroy roads, buildings and other people’s property when or during protesting. You do not have to destroy firestations, emergency vehicles and burn trucks and busses etc. You do not need to destroy roads and prevent other people from going to work. That is spiteful and you are robbing someone else of putting food on the table for their family. So world here is our beloved country… This is happening and you probably won’t see this on your news. Burning what can be burned, people being killed, murdered. Property, buildings and vehicles destroyed…. Families living in fear… And farmers being exterminated one by one. Food and petrol prices sky high.

Welcome to South Africa. Our once free country now being shackled by waves of crimes and mountains of corruption. This is intensely saddening. Hoping the right people sees this

One may see the entire post with video and pictures at

#presidentTrump #farmmurders #enough #helpus

South Africa Today, America Tomorrow!

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