Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag

Within 90 minutes of the bombing today I perceived the Boston Marathon Bombing as a False Flag event designed to help bring further forward the American Police State heading US towards Marshall Law.  How could I discern this?  Simply, the broadcasters on FOX News, which I affectionately call “FAUX News,” brought forward the hype that we in America had better get used to it (bombing) because ‘we are going see more bombings from this moment forward.  We are going to see more bombings in the next few days.’

Now, what expertise and intelligence does FOX’s Shepard Smith have that he can proffer such an ominous prediction?  None!  This “terror speech” was obviously from on top at FOX from the head honchos who determine the verbiage of the outgoing messages to the public.  So, we are told that this is a new phase in American life.

There has been no pattern of bombing, so FOX News can NOT make such a broad sweeping prediction–unless the public let’s FOX News get away with it!  There are no reasons and there is no reason for Americans to expect more bombings–unless this is how our would-be keepers are announcing their new campaign of terror upon the America people!

I call FOUL!  This smacks of manipulation of the masses and I wish others would pick up on these things, not just me.  Listen carefully to the words they employ and ask yourself upon what basis can the news broadcasters make such an ominous claim?  

This also proof that all of our precious news inside America is controlled by our would-be masters.  It’s time to pull back the curtain and expose these bastards for what they are!  Shut off your televisions and radios if these broadcasts bother you.  There is no sense allowing them to manipulate you and cause Acute Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This is exactly what these broadcasts are intended to do–keep the American public stressed, terrorized!

It figures such a heinous deed would be committed on Patriot’s Day, also Tax Day, the Ides of April, April 15th.  I smell something foul in the state of America!

2 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag

  1. Rudy Dent

    I absolutely agree that this is a false flag attack, I also came to the conclusion that the biggest and most effective lie that must be publically debunked is the Holocaust, which I know by available empirical evidence is the world’s greatest Holohoax. The powerful and total control of the Rothschild Zionist Main Stream Media, (MSM), is and has been their most effective weapon of Mass Deception and Public Manipulation.

    Here in America we have been subjected to 24/7 lifelong brain washing propaganda with this MSM weapon and its army of skillful trusted Celebrity Presstitutes who come into our homes each day via TV, News Papers, Magazine, Radio and even Internet.

    The Holohoax is the Zionist lynchpin that can bring down their house of cards and give the world a second chance to get things right. We are capable of so much creative beauty, love and art and have so much to share. What a waste of our precious short lives!

    The Criminal Federal Reserve has benefitted from their use and control of the MSM to cover their operations and false image. They are not part of the Government; they are a cabal of private Banksters who run the world. They will cheerfully kill as many of us as they deem necessary to achieve their New World Order. Their 100 year old Charter is over on Dec.23,2013! Will we let Obama sign it again!?

    The patient but focused agenda of these Rothschild Zionist has succeeded in buying the majority of our Politicians and have transformed the dream of the Founding Fathers, from the Home of the “Brave and land of the free” to the now JewNited States of Israel, the “Home of the Slave and Land of the Fee.”

    Who dares to stand up to a life time of deeply programed taboo words and issues designed to get a sadly predictable knee jerk reactionary response of guilt and fear of being called an anti-Semite, which by the way is an Orwellian misnomer or a self-hating Jew.

    Corporate America is now under the NDAA’s new policy where we are Guilty till proven dead!

    1. admin Post author

      All of this was prophesized in the blessing Esau received from his father. We are in the times of “Jacob’s Trouble” in which Esau-Edom has thrown off the yoke, has stolen this inheritance (for a time) and is “living off the fat of the land.!” I wish people would read their Bibles because this truth is all spelled out for the reader.

      The evil ones have even infiltrated our churches, seminaries and Bible translators. Folks need to really read the Bible for themselves and figure out the truth before those Bastards do to US what they did to Nazi Germany. The only victors of World War II were the Zionist (false) Jews!


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