Warning to Facebook

Now we live under the First Amendment for many reasons. One of which is to be able to tell the truth. Another is to have and maintain a good conscience. These serve our health, our sanity & well-being.

Review my report. Are you going to tell me I am not allowed to defend myself and my service animal? The woman practically attacked me! And you are going to (wrongly) rule my post as a Hate Crime? All you have given me are 30 days, no notice, no warning(s) & no discussion. I believe you have identified and targeted me. I can not wait for the law suits against FB.

The first person who successfully commits suicide because FB blocked me will have my services, expertise and testimony in pursuing FB for contributing to wrongful death. This is no joke!

I attempted to send Facebook this message through its appeal window when a mistake has been made.  I do not think this was a mistake; I think it is purposeful willful harassment and it must stop!  Facebook must provide a proper method for communication and appeals.   Whenever I attempt to contact FB during these episodes (three so far in the last six months) FB allows me to type in my response then blocks my submission!

So much for April Fool’s Day.  I think everyone has had it with FacistBook and Facebook’s lack of community standards.  You are on American soil and you are providing service as a public utility.  I look forward to the day of your ruin.  –Dr. Kent

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