Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D.’s “Quantum Nutrition Labs” (QNL) is Substandard!

While I have the utmost respect for Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D. and I followed his show for years until his death last year, his nutritional laboratories has deteriorated and is now substandard. This never would have happened if he was alive today.

For many years I have been a regular customer of QNL and I spent more than $1,000 annually on their supplements, primarily digestive aids, but I never again will buy from Quantum Nutrition Labs and you shouldn’t either. I found a better place with better service and better products.

In the Phoenix area Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D. was on the same radio station that I am on episodically. In fact, I think he started on KFNX 1100 Independent Talk as we had the same announcer who had me introduce myself as did Dr. Marshall–as “doctor” followed by the credential “Ph.D.” which is a little overkill and not necessary but the station program manager thought it was important.

Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D.’s expertise was phenomenal! And his depth of knowledge was profound. I do not think I have ever met anybody as brilliant as him except for Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD.

Why am I leaving Quantum Nutritional Labs? Because of extremely poor treatment and over the years they have made some mistakes. Furthermore, they are poorly manned, barely staffed and no one answers the phone. One has to leave messages on their website and wait for answers. Likewise, one must leave a voice message and wait for a call back. That can take days.

This time their salesman refused to return my calls and insisted I email him my credit card number ! Moreover, because Quantum Nutritional Labs does not ship to the whole country and will not ship to Alaska, their salesman set my account online and pulled some shenanigans tricking their website into taking my payment which is based in Alaska even though we have been shipping to me in the lower 48 for many years since they stopped shipping to Alaska years ago.

That salesman told me not to use the website and to always call to place my orders, but he changed. He must have forgotten his instruction to me. This time he insisted I place my order on line. He had my address entered correctly except he used “Indiana” for my State instead of “Alaska.”

i had some trouble with the website but still QNL’s salesman with whom I have been working for several years, refused to call me back. In an email he said ‘he wished I would value his time.’ As a result of his settings on my account my shipment went through and was (wrongly) directed to Alaska.

Rather than work with me to retrieve the package and redirect it to the actual address which is the same address for my five previous orders, their salesman called me and yelled: “John, I don’t know why you are acting like a jackass . . .” I did not need to hear more. He left a phone message that began: “If you are operating under the delusion that we are here to take care of you . . .” Well, you get the idea.

So, I can no longer recommend Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL). Since the founder Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D. has died, I suggest you avoid QNL and allow it to die. However, there are supplements that are excellent at Tennant Products.

Dr. Tennant’s Digestive Enzyme Formula is superior and cheaper since the bottle with 200 capsules is much larger than QNL’s 60 capsules. Moreover, Tennant’s Digestive Enzyme Formula has more ingredients and one does not need any more digestive aids. I also take Tennant’s RESTORE and Tennant’s RAW MATERIALS and other supplements.

Someone always picks up the phone at Tennant Products unlike the wait required by the QNL folks. The people who staff Tennant Products and Clinic are there to help people and they really want to help. Tennant Products ships to all of the United States and internationally, world wide. I highly recommend them.

Here is their link:


2 thoughts on “Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D.’s “Quantum Nutrition Labs” (QNL) is Substandard!

  1. Steve Brow

    You are too kind to Dr. Marshall. He performed Quantum Reflex Analysis on my wife and I in his Torrance office and I discovered his trick. He was a fraud. I wrote an expose and sent it to him and our local station. He threatened to sue me for defamation, but did not after I responded to his lawyer. Fraud and a coward. I would be happy to send you a copy of my expose.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, please send me a copy. With your permission I may consider posting it.

      Thank you,

      Dr. Kent

      PS From time to tim I get fooled but typically over time I sort things out and sometimes someone else helps me by bringing things to my attention.


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