Recession has Begun

This is really simple, we in the USA have entered another recession and the CRASH IS ALL BUT INEVITABLE!  This particular recession we shall blame upon the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the democrats.  By pursuing Trump and failing to address the CRISIS AT THE BORDER as is the will of the people, it is all over–THE AMERICAN DREAM HAS ENDED1

Credit also goes to the previous Speaker of the House Paul “Rat” Ryan who literally handed over the Congress to the democrats!  Truly, we need a Constitutional Congress and this is THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID CIVIL WAR and ultimately the DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES!

The United States of America will be utterly destroyed!  It will take SEVEN MONTHS TO BURY THE DEAD.  Then, there will be no unemployment.  That is exactly what is written in the Bible.  There is no Armageddon–that is another Jewish fable foisted off upon naïve Zionist Christians!

What can we do?  Turn to Yahweh Creator Father fully.  Obey the 10 Commandments especially the 10th Commandment to not bear false witness.  But, WE CITIZENS HAVE BECOME “THE PEOPLE OF THE LIE!” 

There really is nothing we can do as a people unless we READ THE BIBLE and FIND OUT WHO WE ARE!  Then and only then we might be able to realize who the enemy is, the real enemy within out gates!  Then we can begin the long haul of re-taking our nation via the political processes.  However, be advised:  The enemy has every American institution (and corporation) and all of the politicians currently in office for all practical purposes totally under their control and they will not yield one iota without a fight. 

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