RV Industry is Very Shady

For the past year and a half I have been indisposed.  I had been planning to post about several sordid sides about the RV Industry but I was involved in a terrible accident that took me out of commission.  In fact, I am still recovering.

There are a lot of shady characters in the RV industry and there are a few bright spots.  I shall tell you the problems I have experienced as well as the good experiences I have had.

You might not think this is pertinent to you–at least not yet.  But the fact is more people are turning to living in RV’s full time as a more affordable means to live.

Less than 10 years ago only 20% of new RV sales were to full timers such as myself.  The average RV buyer, the 80% were buying RV’s for part time use.  Today, those figures have swapped places!  Now, 80% of RV purchases are by full time users who live their RV’s and only 20% are bought by the traditional RV user who uses their RV’s minimally for an occasional trip.

What this means is:  Prices are up and my are they expensive!  Because of a couple of giants buying up their smaller competitors and swallowing them it also means that build qualities are down.  So are engineering designs.  While they look nicer and have many more features, they leave the factories with all kinds of problems.  The most common problem and the most serous problem is a leaky roof!

Now on a new motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer or toy hauler one would expect a solid roof from the start but even the major brands with long standing good reputations are making junk!  In my estimation from my review of on line reviews it appears RV’s made before 2010 have superior build quality.

Last summer my friends bought a brand new toy hauler.  They found 19 problems right away.  As I said, build quality is dismal.  Be advised.

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