RV Armor does an RV Roof Good

When I needed to stop my roof from leaking I first went to the most recognized name in the industry–Camping World. And once again Camping World let me down. Not only did Camping World of Mesa fail to stop my motor home roof from leaking in November when I went back in January Camping World of Mesa failed to inspect my roof. Instead, Camping World sold me a contract to repair it at a cost of $7,000 with a paltry one year warranty.

Then of all things, the representative at Camping World suggested I change insurance companies then come back with a tree branch on my roof in six months! In short, Camping World of Mesa was directing me to commit INSURANCE FRAUD!

I did sign the contract but it didn’t feel right. For so many reasons it just did not seem right. Then my RV seasoned neighbor told me Camping World was the worst and he told me about a new outfit who repaired his relative’s roof and charged half or less than Camping World and provided a warranty for life on the roof. I was also worried Camping World of Mesa was going to charge me far more than even $8,000 mentioned in November and I was going to have to rent a hotel room for more than a week. I did a little research and discovered RV Armor.

I must say I am impressed with these guys. They are honest and stand behind their work. It was indeed half or less than the cost for having Camping World of Mesa replace the membrane, and RV Armor’s warranty is head and heels over the old rubber roof standard of 10 years material and one year labor!

And I got to stay in my RV in my spot inside my RV Park saving more in hotel lodging that Camping World of Mesa would have required. Even RV Renovators across the street allows full timers to remain in their units plugged in on their lot while repairs are underway. I heard Camping World charging $12,000 and $15,000 for new roof membranes and taking half a month–a hotel expense which I could not afford while paying RV Park space rent at the same time.

It was not completely without a hitch but the RV Armor installer was honest where others would likely not be so forthcoming and RV Armor did a stand up job and exceeded my expectations. Because I am full time and comfort as well as energy expenses are important to me, I went with a white roof and I think I am getting an extra 5 degrees Fahrenheit heat rejection which means less need to run my air conditioner.

Would I do it again? Do I recommend RV Armor? Heck yeah! Don’t hesitate. I misplaced my RV Armor badge but it’s around here somewhere and when I find it it’s going on the outside above the other certifications next to my door.

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