What’s Your Price

Having been on What’s Your Price dating sight for a long time my experiences have been varied. I don’t know that I can recommend “Whats Your Price” but the web sight has improved. Still, there are few protections for those paying members.

I mention my membership and participation and my current profile upon “WhatsYourPrice” because my goals and purpose have changed. WhatsYourPrice is OK but I really want a partner, a helpmate, and I seek a young intelligent woman of child bearing age.

You can reach via my profile on WYP under the handle Hummingbird88 or reach out to me here via my blog and my website DrKentShow.com

Until that time I hear from you, I remain humbly . . . yours . . . sincerely . . . Giving Psychology Away.

BTW, my retirements are enough to support you and a modest family. Besides, I can be a stay at home father and I can return to work again inspired.

At your service,


Dr. Kent

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