What’s Your Price Bidding

When I make a low offer it means I really want to get to know you. If I see that you have children I typically double that so you can take care of a couple of hours of child care. Baby sitting has gone up just like everything else.

When you make me a high offer it means that ‘you don’t value me’ and that ‘you are only interested in my money’ or ‘resources’ and it indicates that one is more interested in a “lifestyle” than in “love.” When we men hear that love is going to the spa or beauty parlor or to the botox clinic once a week, we know we are dealing with a shallow, self-centered, narcissistic individual.

What we would prefer to hear is about love, family and children and sacrifice for our family. In my case when I get a flagrant offer it means ‘I have no value as a person’ to you. Sad, when one realizes that folks have typically paid more that $100 an hour for my time and the going rate in my profession has gone up from there substantially–yet you place little value upon my time or my person.

I get a lot of offers with a lot of promises and almost no deliveries. Occasionally, I get a date with a reasonable mature woman of character.

I used to and I still can value a woman upon her physique. Then I am judged poorly. I try to judge a woman based upon what kind of mother would she make for our children. Is she intelligent? Will our children have a chance to be intelligent? Is she health conscious? Is she awake?

In order to reach my goal, and it is lofty, I have changed my attitude and my approach. Certainly, I want romantic love with strong chemistry. But more than that I want something that lasts. Someone who wants what I want. A woman who understands my faith and accepts the same value system.

Please keep in mind that I am wanting to take you on a great date with better than average fare (cuisine). Please be equitable and thoughtful. Those are becoming characteristics for a noble wife.

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