What’s Your Price Improves Customer Service

WhatsYourPrice WYP has constantly sought to improve its service over the years. I think What’s You Price web site has been up eight or more years. The staff at WYP have gotten better at supporting fee paying members.

There are a lot women available on WYP and that includes the “obnoxiously beautiful” as well some dowdy types and everything in between. More people are using WYP for meeting people and friendship than hook ups these days.

As far as the “obnoxiously beautiful” when I see them I might give them a try but experience tells me that one might as well block them when they come in at $400 or $500 for first dates! Sure, they are gorgeous but they are also shallow and poor candidates for anything except predating on others for resources.

As far as the men I have never browsed the site from the female perspective. Actually, I have long ago and I found some intimidating competition but that was only the appearance. Women tell me that the average date is an overweight Jewish male who has never married.

Now, that is not a scientific study or a poll of any sort and may reflect on the view of one female I met who was very nice. However, WYP may not be the best site for looking for a mate. The females seem too exploitative and the site is geared to support a passing phenomenon in our culture.

As mores and morals have loosened up, the need for a Sugar Baby is diminishing. As a result there is a tremendous amount of competition for the elusive Sugar Daddy. I can guarantee there were from my estimation at least eight Sugar Babies for each Sugar Daddy four years ago and this gap has only gotten larger.

Gentlemen, the odds are in our favor, but both genders need to learn how to get along better and treat each other far nicer. We need more stability in our society and less loneliness.

Ladies, you are in more competition than ever. You are forced to compete with one another. I suggest you try and make peace among yourselves and start to actually love your men again instead of exploiting them for all the judges are willing to steal from the men to give to you.

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