My Advice to WhatsYourPrice WYP

My advice to WhatsYourPrice web site is to hold the women accountable. Whenever a woman sends an insulting message a man must report her message and disengage from any further contact. No ifs, and or buts!

WYP needs to inform that disrespectful woman of her error and refund the credits. Recently the staff at What’s Your Price closed the communications and refunded me my credits. I hope WYP informs the other party(ies) of the errors of their ways but I have no way of knowing that WYP is or is not doing this.

Regardless, I must acknowledge and heap accolades on customer service at WYP for backing me up recently on three or more occasions when I was treated in an abusive disrespectful fashion by female members.

Over all, my impressions of WYP are that the web site wants to be around for a while and their customer service wants to make sure paying participants are treated fairly and equitably. I have seen a lot of improvements in WhatsYourPrice over the years.

However, I do wish they still allowed streamlining searches according to ethnicity, race, religion, hair color and eye color. Because of religious reasons I do my best not to date outside of my kind. And if WYP permitted more data on accepted dates, in particular location, that would really help.

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