I Can NOT Recommend WhatsYourPrice dating & hustling website and Here’s Why

WhatsYourPrice is a terrible website that is bad for men & women alike. I shall go into great details in the next few days and weeks as to my experiences and my warnings about WYP.

In a nutshell, the site discriminates against men and it makes the women look terrible. Every participant is degraded and the only party benefiting is the website and the owner Brandon.

Recently, WhatsYourPrice sent me notice that they were deleting my essay section about me without cause. WhatsYourPrice hides behind the internet and website and there is no one to talk to and there are no reasons for much of their decisions and actions.

Indeed, I have asked for a refund and I provided all my contact information but they are mute. I can not and I do not recommend WhatsYourPrice (WYP) because of the vague manner in which they operate.

One woman I met off WhatsYourPirce in Texas figured she could build a better website offering better service. She wanted to to put WhatsYourPrice out of business.

As far a professionals, sex workers and prostitutes, WhatsYourPrice features many prostitutes. When one complains about such the presence of a professional sex worker and complains, all WhatsYourPrice does is block them from their complainants–they allow the proven prostitute to remain on WhatsYourPrice.

At any one time there are at minimum 5% profiles of prostitutes. They can be easily proven to be Call Girls by Google searching their phone numbers or their photos. Also, the pros will “upsell” or demand far more money than the agreement.

Hustler’s are another matter and there at minimum 50% profiles of hustlers. It takes a lot more to ferret them out and their game is far worse than the prostitutes. At least the professional makes an honest offer while the hustler tends to assume the role, lie, decieve and manipulate. It takes a bit to detect the con artist but they show their colors rather easily and their effects can be far more devastating.

I suggest avoiding WhatsYourPrice site altogether. Where can you go? No where that I know. Craigslist has been shut down due to our government’s war on “child sex trafficking” which is as ignoble as our government’s “war on drugs” while the CIA and “false Jews” and their minions rule the drug trafficking world–our illustrious States’ “Child Protective Services” are nothing more than organized crime directly involved in kidnapping & selling children into the sex slave trade and the flesh and blood and adrenachrome markets.

#WhatsYourPrice #WYP

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