Beating WhatsYourPrice

First, there is no beating WhatsYourPrice and there is no way to game the system unless one does not participate. So, that is my recommendation. There is no way to beat WhatsYourPrice. There are no appeals. You can not talk to anyone. And they dictate everything.

If you are on their system the thing to keep in mind is that the minimum bid is $5. That generally is taken one of two ways: It means either I really am interested in getting to know you. On the other hand it may be taken as an insult that someone is not worth much.

Here are the WhatsYourPrice fees to keep in mind: for men you are paying in “credits” which is their system to keep you involved in their system. It obscures what you are really paying and it encourages one to spend more and to keep it going–just like in gambling.

The WhatsYourPrice fee for dates up to but not including $50 is 10 credits. So, as $49 and under the WhatsYourPrice fee is 10 credits. Between $50 and $99 dates WhatsYourPrice takes 15 credits. These are flat fees.

At an even $100, which is what most women offer and ask for because they are either acting on their egos or their ignorance, WhatsYourPrice fee jumps to 20 credits. Anything over $100 requires a 20% commission. For example, a $120 date is costing you 24 credits. And the maximum date possible on the system at $500 is going to cost 100 credits.

If you are a woman trying to succeed in getting your offers met, keep in mind the breaking points of $49 and $99. These are going to cost your man a tad less and a demonstration in frugality is appealing.

Now, that is playing fairly provided all parties, especially the woman, are honest and above board. But that is rarely the case! Often the women do not look like their photos but that is minor. Many are just plain scammers and the odds are great that a man is not going to meet anyone. Certainly not anyone great.

Remember, these are for “first dates” and quite often that is all a man is going to get. A large portion of these women are using WhatsYourPrice for second incomes. I have found a few who meet only once for a free dinner and the money. They never intend to meet again at least not the same guy. Unless they are getting paid they are just here for a free meal and the money then on to the next sucker.

The real problems are so involved that I can’t cover them in one post. In a nutshell there are a lot of old profiles and those women are inactive. WhatsYourPrice has had problems keeping people on their website. It got to the point WhatsYourPrice was accused of fabricating profiles in order to attract men to participate. I suspect this has been true.

Even when there is an agreement, the odds of really meeting and having a date are extremely low. In fact WhatsYourPrice used to guarantee a successful date and had to stop that practice! Mind you, that was only for the 1,000 credit package purchasers. I was one of those who got suckered into that and WhatsYourPrice issued me a second 1,000 credits under their policy which they have changed. Why did WhatsYourPrice change their policy?

My guess is because they had to give more credits than they expected.

What are the odds you are going to actually meet for a real date in person? They are very low. If I had to guess it is well under 5%. That means at most one out of every 20 agreements in which the man pays to unlock communications results in a meeting.

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