The $5 Date on WhatsYourPrice

One of my dates on WYP explained to me that this is the offer one makes when one is sincerely interested in getting to know the other person. That was a while back when WhatsYourPrice utilized the dating categories terms “NSA” and “Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy.” Today, the “sanitized” and “politically correct” euphemisms for those are now “casual dating” and “discrete affair.”

This change in terms probably allows WhatsYourPrice to operate when other dating sites on Craigslist and Backpage and others were taken down under the police state guise of President Trump combating “child sex trafficking” aka “human sex trafficking” when the Biggest Organized criminal enterprises engaged in these sordid crimes, kidnapping and murder of children in the United States are our State’s “Child Protective Services” and our corrupt judges and our CIA and very likely our FBI.

Back to our subject, if you are interested in getting to know someone on WhatsYourPrice a $5 offer means just that. It is not an insult. It means the person is sincere and respectful. It is merely a way to open up communication to explore the possibilities, the commonalities and values and possible foundation for a serious relationship.

Now, the $6 offer. That is something else.

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